(Minghui.org) I was curious about everything and very competitive since my childhood. Therefore, I was always in a worrisome state from first grade onward. I worried about my family, especially my brother and sister.

After college graduation, I found a job in one of the Fortune 500 companies and moved to work in a European country. My salary was much higher than my classmates and friends. During the five years of my employment, my salary and savings were used to pay off my parents' debt. Many of my classmates and friends laughed and regarded me as stupid.

Facing Rare and Severe Illnesses

I returned to China when my contract in Europe ended. I got married and had a baby girl, then experienced misfortune.

My husband was spoiled and loved by his parents. He rarely did anything or took up any responsibility at home. Moreover, he owed tens of thousands of dollars to the bank after he lost all his money in the stock market. What made the matter even worse was that he had vasculitis six months before the birth of our child. There were festers on his ankle and the large polyps affected the bones. He limped to work every day so I was the spiritual pillar of the family.

My lovely girl was born on August 6, 2015. Her skin was pure and her eyes beautiful. Then, the nightmare began two weeks after the child's birth. The baby was lying in bed and suddenly she was having convulsions that did not ease. She was making squeaky, painful cries after the convulsions. Then she became tired and fell asleep, and then woke up with another convulsion and more cries. I cried and pleaded to God to save this new life.

The next day, magnetic resonance imaging scans were done on the baby and she was diagnosed with a giant congenital brain gyrus. 

I searched for brain specialists in the province and found a well-known neurology director in a private brain hospital. She said, “I don't want to deceive you. You don't have to spend money searching in every hospital. You can be humane and raise your child. You are still young, and can have a second child.” I was numb. 

After diagnosis by major hospital experts, it was determined to be infantile epilepsy. The baby's immune system was weak. She had a high fever of 42°C when she was three months old. The fever caused more severe convulsions which required intensive care in the hospital. A sedative was injected into her forehead to tranquilize her. It was to suppress the convulsions which cause irreversible damage to brain neurons. An oxygen tube was inserted into her nose, injection needle ports were on her forehead, palms, and on the back of her foot.

I heard about a prescription drug from the U.S. called Sabril to control infantile spasms. She became spasm-free immediately after taking the medicine. But she could not sit, keep her head up, crawl, or stand when she was two years old.

My shoulder inflammation became more serious while tending to my child at the hospital all day long after giving birth. I was unable to move my left hand when the pain was severe. My long-term depression led to breast hyperplasia cysts. I was often in tears because of the pain. I had to request a long leave from work.

Introduced to Falun Dafa

It was God's compassion to save me. I parked my car near the entrance of a shop stall due to tight parking space in the community. The next day I forgot to move the car. The security guard called me about the shop owner complaining that I had parked my car in front of his shop.

After I moved the car, the man invited me into his tea shop for some tea. I heard they were very nice to the neighbors. They donated their electric bicycle to the security guard for night patrol in the community.

For some reason, I would openly share my misfortune with them each time I came to the peaceful tea shop. I had not confided to my family, friends, and colleagues anything about my tribulations. 

“Sometimes, I feel living is more miserable than dying,” I suddenly said on my third visit to the tea shop. The husband looked at me for a moment, then called his wife to bring me a book.

“Go home and read it three times, then come back and we will talk,” the store owner said. It was the Falun Dafa book Zhuan Falun.

I read Zhuan Falun over the next two days. All the words in the book reached deep into my heart. I had read the Christian Bible when I lived and worked abroad. In the past, I read the Bible when I was not happy with my work or life. But only Zhuan Falun talks about the universe and touches the heart!

Everything had a karmic relationship. Reputation, interest, and feelings are just momentary. Returning to one's true self is the way to go home. All my pain and suffering were caused by my obsession with my daughter. I could not let go of how others viewed my daughter and me.

I felt excited and happy after I started practicing Dafa. I learned the truth about it and the persecution of Falun Dafa. I further understood the evilness of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and decided to quit the Party immediately.

Dafa Gives Me a Second Life

The tea shop owners began to teach me how to practice Falun Dafa. I insisted on reading and practicing every day during my leave from work. I stopped any treatment and medicine I took to alleviate my illnesses. Slowly, the symptoms of my illnesses disappeared. My doctor advised me on September 1, 2018, that I had fully recovered from my illnesses. Master [Li Hongzhi] gave me a second life.

I tried my best to follow the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance in treating my colleagues, family, and friends. I am humble at work, express my understanding and support for the extra work arranged by my supervisors, and try to be tolerant and encouraging to my subordinates who make mistakes.

A colleague of mine who had quarreled with her husband said that she was going to file for divorce.

“Do you have any responsibility in the conflict,” I asked. “Have you found anything that you did wrong in your relationship with your husband?” I shared with her according to my understanding of “looking inward.” After listening to me, she realized that she also was responsible for the problems in her marriage. A few days later, she was happy about not filing for a divorce. 

My daughter obtained Dafa as well. She listens to the Fa every day. There is progress in her rehabilitation each day. She loves to smile. She is eating well and sleeps soundly. Everyone who sees her likes her, and she is amused by her grandparents. Master has already arranged the best path for us.

My husband has temper tantrums and used to throw cups on the floor. Before I practiced Falun Gong, if he threw one cup, I would throw two. After I obtained Dafa, I stopped fighting with him. 

From my changes, he knows that Zhuan Falun is a good book that can really help people improve. Sometimes when there is friction between us, he reminds me with Master's words, “Did you follow Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance?” I know that he has accepted this book in his heart.