(Minghui.org) In the fall of 1997, my friend introduced me to Falun Dafa because he knew that I had tried to practice other qigong to improve my poor health. When I opened the book Zhuan Falun for the first time, every character in the book was shining. It was amazing. I was so excited that I made up my mind to practice Dafa.

Five days later, I started to have diarrhea and a high fever. I knew that Master Li was cleansing my body. Soon, my asthma, rheumatism, gastritis, and skin disease were all cured. Before I practiced Dafa, I had a bad temper. I often cursed at home and sometimes even fought with people physically. I drank and had other bad habits. After I practiced Dafa, I stopped doing all those things and completely changed.

My brother used to rent one of my houses. He once had a fight with my wife over the rent. Then he came to the construction site where I was working to argue with me. If I hadn't been a cultivator, I would have gotten into a big fight with him. But I maintained my composure and listened to him patiently until he got the anger out of his system. I explained the matter and calmed him down. My brother-in-law witnessed the whole thing and said, “You are really a different person now. The old you would definitely have had a big fight with him.”

I am so fortunate that I practice Falun Dafa. Master saved me. I truly changed physically and mentally.

I grew up in a poor rural area. My parents and grandparents were all farmers Sometimes, we did not have enough food or clothes. The Communist Party destroyed the true sense of right and wrong in China. With the huge gap between rich and poor, everyone pursued power and money. To improve my family's financial situation, I did the same.

After I grew up, I worked as an accountant in a construction company. I worked hard and was promoted to the position of manager. After that, I began to take a commission from the sub-contractors. I got over 300,000 yuan over the years before I started to practice Dafa. I was happy and took it for granted that it was just something everyone did.

But Master taught me:

“This characteristic, Zhen-Shan-Ren, is the criterion for measuring good and bad in the universe. What’s good or bad? It is judged by this.” (Lecture Four, Zhuan Falun)

“One practitioner in Beijing took his child to Qianmen for a walk after dinner and saw a commercial vehicle promoting lottery tickets. The child became interested and asked to play the lottery. He gave the child one yuan to play, and the child ended up with the second prize, a luxury junior bike. The child was overjoyed. At once an idea flashed into the father’s mind, “I’m a practitioner. How can I go for such a thing? How much de must I give away if I get something that isn’t paid for?” He said to the child, “Let’s not take it. We can buy one ourselves if you want it.” (Lecture Four, Zhuan Falun)

What I had taken I hadn't earned—the money wasn't clean. And it was much more than a bicycle. Master taught us to be better and more honest than ordinary people.

I gave the money back to my company. When I was promoted, the new accountant found it when he looked through the records and did not know where it came from. My former co-workers told him, “He was a true Falun Dafa practitioner and never took anything that he did not earn; he did it!”