(Minghui.org) Ever since the cultivation practice of Falun Dafa was introduced to the public in 1992 by Master Li Hongzhi, its founder, millions of people worldwide have benefited from it. There are over a hundred thousand Falun Dafa practitioners in Taiwan. One of them, Li-wei, an art teacher at a school in Yunlin, has experienced the power of Dafa more than once.

Li-wei has practiced Falun Dafa for more than a decade. The practice restored his health, saved his life in a major car accident, and saved his marriage.

Li-wei, an art teacher at Niao Song Junior High School and Art Experimental High School

Recovering from Chronic Type B Hepatitis

Li-wei grew up in a remote area in Yunlin County. When he was young, he tired easily, lacked energy, and couldn't concentrate on his studies. He never saw a doctor.

It surprised him to find out, after his first medical exam before entering high school, that he had type B hepatitis. However, he didn't consult a doctor.

Years passed and he was about to graduate from college. He prepared for his graduate school entrance test. At first he had insomnia. Then it developed into a depression that forced him to see a doctor.

When the doctor realized that he had ignored his health, he warned him, “You are still young. But your liver function test shows an index of above 700. That means there is a high probability that you will come down with a more severe liver disease. You have a wife and two children. You have to think about your future.”

Li-wei agreed to go for treatments but didn't see any improvement, which frustrated him. A friend them told him about Falun Dafa. He decided to read Zhuan Falun, the main book of this cultivation practice.

He read about why we get ill, why we suffer, and why we have tribulations. He understood and was moved by the author's compassion.

Soon after he started practicing Falun Dafa, his energy level and strength improved.

When he was working on his second master's degree, he was also teaching full time, but had a long commute to Taipei University of the Arts, increasing his commute by 10 hours. Although he got busier, he didn't feel tired because he continued to study Master's teachings diligently and did the exercises.

During his annual health exam, he no longer tested positive for type B hepatitis. He had recovered from what had troubled him for about 20 years without taking any medicine.

Surviving a Major Car Accident

Cultivation practice gave him a better understanding of his mission in this life. Li-wei transferred from a nearby public school to Niao Song High School in Yunlin County and his commute got longer.

His wife, also a teacher, and he took turns driving their children to and from school. When it was his turn to pick up the kids, he went to turn a corner when another car ran into the rear door of his car.

He passed out. When he came to, his forehead and right thumb hurt. “I asked Master to protect me,” he said. “I was calm and could move. I got out of my car to check on the other driver.” Although both drivers were safe, their cars were totaled.

When his students' parents heard about car accident and that no one was injured, they said, “Falun Dafa is good! Falun Dafa is great!”

Actually, Li-wei's younger brother was given a warning by three ancestors in a dream a few months before. “You older brother will die in a car accident soon,” they said to him in his dream.

He woke up and called his parents. His mother went to a fortuneteller for advice, then she called Li-wei and told him the bad news: “I've already asked a fortuneteller. It will be a deadly accident. However, it can be averted if you stop driving for a year and board at the school. We can take the children to visit you on weekends. Listen to me, just one year. Your fate will change next year.”

But Li-wei refused to accept her advice and said, “Please don't worry. I will be careful.” He wanted to complete his studies in Taipei, share the housework, and take care of his kids. But he also had an obligation to his students who performed in many cities and counties in Taiwan. This meant a great deal of driving.

He does not want to remember the accident. If his car had been hit three seconds earlier, it would have hit the driver's door. If the car had struck him three minutes later, his children would have been in the rear seats. “Master protected me and my family,” he concluded.

Dafa's Principles Saved His Marriage

When their first child was born, Li-wei was working on his second master's degree and also had a full-time job teaching. He had little time for his family. His wife had to call him to ask for a divorce.

He called his sister and asked her to visit his wife. When he returned home later, everything appeared normal. But a crisis was brewing. Although both of them are middle school teachers,  they had different ideologies and methods of teaching. The more they argued about that, the greater the division between them.

After a lot of back and forth in 2018, they agreed to have their son attend an art class at Niao Song High School. On the first day of school, the boy forgot to bring his musical instrument. So his parents agreed to meet at the mid-way point.

Along with the instrument, she also handed him a package to deliver to a student in their son's class. The student's father had given to her at an event they'd both attended.

On the way back to school, he started to feel jealous. Being a cultivator, Li-wei immediately realized that this was wrong.

A thought entered his mind, “My wife is valuable being. Cultivate your compassion so that she can see the merits of Falun Dafa. That way she might even have an opportunity to practice Falun Dafa herself.”

In a split second, his mind was cleared of anything negative. He remembered that she was an excellent teacher, a department director, and a deputy schoolmaster. Compassion, serenity, and happiness filled his heart.

Li-wei said to Master in his heart, “I understand now! All the arrangements in our lives are for the purpose of cultivation and to return to one's original home.”

After that, the invisible barrier, the doubt, and the tension between them disappeared.