(Minghui.org) During a recent discussion with other practitioners, I came to a new understanding of some Fa principles. We need to look at things from the perspective of Fa-rectification, whether it is a physical tribulation or an arrest by police. Below are some examples of what I have experienced or witnessed.

My Son's Income

When I was sent to prison in 2005, my son was in 8th grade. Frustrated and depressed, he did not like school, and later went to a technical school to study computer skills. Two years later, he began to work with a low wage. I had to help him financially every month.

After some time, his pay increased and I no longer needed to support him. Busy with coordinating truth-clarification efforts in my area, I also took on the task of helping practitioners clarify the truth over the phone. More than 100 practitioners joined the effort, and every day I was busy with training, SIM cards, phone repair, and submitting the lists of people who quit the Communist Party.

One day, my son called me at around 11 P.M., saying that he could not sleep. He had recently resigned from work and had very little money left, but he had to pay tuition and the rent for next month. He knew that I did not have much money either – that was why he was worried. I assured him that things would be all right. I would help him when he needed it, and he would probably find a new job soon.

After putting down the phone, I thought about this again. If my son were to become financially unstable, I would have to help him as a mother. But if I went to work, I would not be able to coordinate truth-clarification work in the region and this appeared to be interference from the old forces. I decided to oppose such arrangements.

One week later, I called my son again. He had found a new job and had already worked there for three days. While his salary was 1,500 yuan per month at his previous job, this new employer paid him 2,500 yuan per month during the training period and 5,000 yuan per month afterwards. He no longer needs money from me.

I knew I had handled this situation in the right way. As along as we consider things from the perspective of Fa-rectification, we will be able to oppose arrangements from the old forces and turn things in the right direction.

Physical Pain

Four practitioners in a neighboring county were arrested for distributing Falun Gong materials. Through working together and their own righteous thoughts, two of them were able to get out of the detention center. We were very happy for them. However, since the Chinese New Year was approaching, we were not in a hurry to rescue the other two practitioners.

Once as we were discussing this with other practitioners, I realized that we could not neglect the two detained practitioners and decided to work on it right after the Chinese New Year. When I was getting up the next morning, however, I found that my lower back and left leg were very painful. I could not sit or cross my legs for the sitting meditation, and I had difficulty walking as well. I lay in bed for several days, looking within and sending forth righteous thoughts, but the situation did not improve.

One practitioner told me over the phone that this could be interference from the old forces for my plan to rescue detained practitioners. I sent forth strong righteous thoughts: I am a Dafa disciple and do not acknowledge any arrangements from the old forces. When I got up the next morning, all the pain had disappeared.

After a Practitioner's Arrest

In order to dispel the hateful propaganda from the Communist Party, some practitioners go out every day and talk with people. One day, a practitioner was reported to the police when doing so and he was arrested as a result. Practitioners who had heard about his situation passed on information to send forth righteous thoughts to negate the persecution.

As one practitioner continued clarifying the truth on the street, another practitioner told her to go back home to send righteous thoughts for safety reasons. But the practitioner said the recent arrest made her more determined to explain to people what Falun Gong is.

I agreed with the female practitioner since the purpose behind the arrest was to suppress and threaten practitioners. Had we been intimidated, wouldn't it mean the Communist Party had achieved the goal of persecution?

Removing Defamatory Posters

Two years ago when working in another city, one practitioner said that a nearby park in the residential area had posters that slandered Falun Gong. This practitioner had talked about it with the community administrator, who did not listen and even drove him out of the office. Many practitioners were aware of this, but they didn't dare to do anything about it.

One day, a few practitioners and I decided to remove the poster from inside its glass casing. Some other practitioners said it was wrong to do so. They said breaking the glass to remove the poster was damaging public property. They recommended that we continue clarifying the truth to the community administrator. I said that the slandering propaganda was poisoning people and since previous truth-clarification to the administrator did not work, we had to remove it. In the end, we removed the poster.

Two days later, another poster was put up and police had installed surveillance cameras around it. We removed it again and were able to safely get away. After a few days, however, another poster was put up. We clarified the truth to the community administrator, who removed the poster himself not long after that.

In summary, we need to collaborate well with each other. Even when seeing another practitioner's shortcomings, I would assume that they are not representative of his or her true self. Some of them could be human notions or from the old forces.

All in all, only by considering things from the perspective of Fa-rectification can we walk our paths well.