(Minghui.org) My mother-in-law is 83-years-old. She never went to school, but she has persisted in reading Zhuan Falun over the last few years. Her persistence has helped her get really healthy.

My mother-in-law and my family have lived together all these years. She used to suffer from eye disease and everything was blurry to her; eyedrops didn't help at all.

One day in September 2012, our landlady kicked us out because I practice Falun Dafa. My mother-in-law cried as we couldn't find a place to stay. So my father had her stay at his house. He played a Dafa truth clarification video for her and then he had to go somewhere.

After my mother-in-law finished watching it the first time, she wanted to watch it again. But she didn't know how to operate the player. So she touched the machine and the video miraculously played again. She was very excited. She ended up watching the same video over and over again from morning to evening. That was how her eye disease was cured; no more eye drops were needed! Watching the video the whole day didn't hurt her eyes; on the contrary, the eye disease disappeared.

My mother-in-law was illiterate. So when she obtained the Fa, I thought teaching her poems from Hong Yin would be appropriate. The poems were short, and the print was large. This is how she began to read word by word, sentence by sentence. She finished one page then moved on to the next. She liked reading, so she read all day long. Eventually, she could read and recite all three volumes of Hong Yin. (At the time there were only three volumes.)

I felt that she was ready for Zhuan Falun. But the print was very tiny and there were many pages in the book. So I manually copied a few pages in large print for her. When she managed to read them all, I tried giving her the book. She read slowly, a little bit at a time, every day. Now, other than a few words she can't recognize, she can basically read the whole book by herself. She read word by word, phrase by phrase, and slowly developed the ability to read a whole sentence. Now her reading speed is getting faster.

In the summer, my mother-in-law doesn't go out for fresh air or take walks; she just stays home to study the Fa.

Her persistent efforts in studying the Fa has helped her gain very good health. She doesn't feel tired when she walks. Before practicing Falun Dafa, she said her feet “rubbed on the ground” when walking because she couldn't lift them up. Now, she walks quickly and feels light. She totally recovered from chronic ear inflammation, which lasted for twenty years. No more medication!

She used to suffer from inflammation of the nose for the past forty years. But the illness is now gone.

The most devastating was uncontrollable skin disease. The more she scratched, the itchier it got. She often scratched until it bled, as she felt that it was easier to cope with the pain than the itchiness.

At night, she used to get up four, five or even six or seven times to go to the bathroom, so she didn't sleep well. But reading Dafa books helped her get rid of the problem. She now sleeps through the night without any accidents. She describes herself as “living like an immortal” now.

Dafa is indeed magical. My mother-in-law's life has changed dramatically ever since she started reading Dafa books. She is a testament to the extraordinariness and greatness of Dafa.

Thank you, Master!

Falun Dafa is good! Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good!