(Minghui.org) I have noticed some unhealthy phenomena among practitioners, which I would like to discuss here. I only talk about the problems as a reminder and have no intention of reflecting on any particular practitioners.

Respecting Master and Dafa with Our Hearts

Some practitioners are very grateful to Master and Dafa, and get really emotional when they talk about Master's grace and compassion, sometimes even with tears streaming down their face. They seem to be very respectful to Dafa and get agitated upon hearing non-practitioners say anything unpleasant about Dafa, even when it was only a joke. They feel that those people are damaging Dafa. Their reaction may be a little over the top, but we cannot say they are wrong.

However, as Dafa disciples, we must not show our respect for Dafa only on the superficial level. We must respect Master and Dafa from our hearts.

If someone knows what the most important thing is in his heart, he will think about how to do truly well all the time, instead of just showing his intention on the surface.

Let me give an example. A practitioner made a mistake while reading the Fa. When others pointed it out, he not only refused to correct his mistake, but also accused practitioners of “making a mountain out of a molehill.”

There are also practitioners who are full of energy when doing everyday things, but when it comes to Fa study, they doze off or even fall asleep. When their copy of Zhuan Falun fell to the ground, they opened their eyes and picked it up casually with a smile.

My heart is pained each time I see such things occur. Zhuan Falun is a book from Heaven and it guides us to transcend the Three Realms in our cultivation. How can we treat it in such a manner? The issue was raised a number of times, but with little effect.

Sending forth Righteous Thoughts Properly

Master has taught us how to send forth righteous thoughts, enabling us to use the supernormal abilities given to us by Dafa to eliminate the evil and save sentient beings, to protect Dafa disciples in their efforts to validate the Fa and cultivate solidly.

However, quite a number of practitioners are still unable to keep their palms upright when sending forth righteous thoughts, no matter how many times they have been reminded to do it properly.

When we try to share with them on basis of the Fa, they say that we are using Fa principles to put pressure on them.

Doing the Exercises According to Master's Instructions

There are also some practitioners who do not follow Master's instructions when doing the exercises, especially when doing Exercise 3.

One practitioner just goes at his own pace and always finishes before everyone else.

There is one other practitioner, who, when he does “embracing the wheel on both sides” in Exercise 2, just puts his forearms up. And even though he knows what to do with his hands, he does this part of the exercise differently.

Both practitioners who refuse to listen to others' kind reminders are now experiencing some hearing loss. Of course, we cannot rule out interference from the old forces, but there is also a xinxing issue.

I feel that the longer we allow such things to linger, the more damage they can do to our cultivation.

Putting the Problems in Writing

While doing Exercise 2 one evening, I heard a voice telling me to put the problems I see in writing so that we can all become aware of them and improve together.

I rejected the voice at the beginning, saying to it in my heart: “I'm doing the exercises and I won't listen to what you are saying.” In fact, I was really thinking that I wasn't able to put them in writing. But the voice insisted that I do it. In the end, I agreed and the voice stopped.

I couldn't sleep that night, thinking that maybe it was a hint for me. With that thought, I got up immediately and started writing this article.

While pointing out shortcomings I see among practitioners, I would also like to say that those practitioners do have strong points and have done well in other aspects of their cultivation.

When we see shortcomings in fellow practitioners, we can also see where we are ourselves are lacking, and at the same time unconditionally assimilate into the Fa.

This sharing is only my personal understanding and it may not be totally correct. Please kindly point out anything improper.