(Minghui.org) I am a medical worker. My parents divorced when I was little and I lived with my mentally disabled father. Our family remained in financial straits until I started working. Despite having greater financial security, my life felt meaningless until I started practicing Falun Dafa in 1998.

I was born with congenital hip dislocation. Walking was hard and I had difficulty sleeping due to the severe pain. I constantly relied on painkillers to get by. By the time I was an adult, doctors deemed my condition impossible to cure through surgical intervention. Fearing the burden of caring for a disabled wife, potential suitors quickly backed off when they learned about my condition. This intensified my feelings of depression and helplessness.

One day, my aunt suggested I try practicing Falun Dafa in order to alleviate my pain. I began attending a Fa study group where I read Master Li’s teachings. The pain gradually vanished and I was able to walk without a limp. Master Li purified my soul and changed my life for the better. Even my colleagues were astounded at my recovery.

Dafa Teaches Me to Be a Good Person

Due to the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) persecution, I was only awarded half my salary for two years. The other half was taken by my employer after I petitioned the authorities in Beijing to end the persecution. At first I held a lot of hatred for my superiors, because they sent me to labor camps and brainwashing centers.

Over time, as my understanding of the Fa deepened I began to realize that my superiors were forced to participate in this persecution. I understood that they were also victims of the persecution and it was my responsibility to save them. So I wrote a letter clarifying the facts about Falun Dafa to the board committee secretary. He became so angry after reading my letter that he even contemplated reporting me to the local 610 Office (an illegal institution responsible for persecuting Falun Dafa practitioners). I was not afraid and explained that I was doing this for his benefit. Years later when we met again, he regretted his actions enough to give me a very warm, fatherly hug. I also gave my work unit supervisor a truth-clarification CD, a gift which he happily received. Years later, because he protected me from the authorities, he was promoted to a better work unit.

I clarified the facts to my new work unit supervisor and he was highly impressed by my work ethic. Last year, my supervisor deflected the efforts of the provincial 610 Office personnel in locating me. I was overjoyed to hear that he acted on his conscience and maintained the ability to distinguish between right and wrong.

For over 20 years, I have been constantly correcting myself and doing my best to treat my in-laws and family members kindly. Initially, I was so bad tempered that quarrels with my husband were common. I even seriously considered divorcing him a few times. I looked down on his family, who were poor, and my in-laws had little respect for me. They looked down on me, as I had to work to support my family. They even said that they regretted my marriage to their son. Now things are much better. My in-laws frequently discuss their problems with me and even trust me enough to manage the income from their fixed deposit.

At my work unit, my position changes every two years. Once, I was put in charge of the work canteen. Business soon flourished and I got to know more than 30 staff who routinely ate there. Some staff even brought their family members to eat at the canteen. I worked tirelessly without a break in order to manage the canteen well. Later, a prospective businessman saw how good our canteen business was and bought the operation. Business dropped soon after and the canteen was eventually shut down.

Afterwards, I was sent to help out at the obstetrics and gynecology department. As our hospital management was decentralized, each medical department was responsible for collecting and handling the fees they charged. While I worked in the department, I treated my patients kindly and would waive their fees if they were in financial difficulties. Though I was not the only staff assigned to this department, I was the only one who restocked the medications, counted our daily takings and did the necessary odd jobs. I shared the money I made with my partner, but she did not return the favor and gave me less or none of what she made. At first, I had some resentment, but I realized this was an attachment and let it go. Later, I decided to do work more suited to cultivation and gave up this coveted position. I switched to a more demanding post and only earned a basic salary.

Within two years, I impressed the unit leader. He arranged for me to take over the easier job of maintaining the drug inventory, where I frequently turned down bribes from drug companies. Now, I spend my spare time at work helping out any department in need of help, or studying Dafa books.

A Single Practitioner Brings Benefits to the Whole Family

Around 2006, my father’s illness worsened and he started passing blood in his stool. At that time, my employer was still withholding half of my salary. Despite our poor financial situation, I took him to a major hospital. My father was diagnosed with colorectal cancer, which required surgery and chemotherapy. My father refused to undergo the procedure, and I told him, “Dad, you should read Zhuan Falun.”

Having witnessed the suffering I went through at the hands of the CCP, my father was hesitant and fearful. However the severity of his illness overcame his concern and he started reading the Fa. He soon stopped passing blood and his bowel movements became normal.

Twelve years later and my father is very healthy. His mental disability has improved and he is now able to express and feel concern for me, something impossible before. Unfortunately my father stopped studying the Fa as soon as he recovered, due to fear of the CCP’s persecution.

My son too has enjoyed Master’s blessings. He was rarely sick as a child and was able to recover quickly from the occasional illness. Once, he started showing signs of chickenpox, with fever and rash that spread throughout his body. He went to bed without receiving any medicine and the fever and rash vanished by the next morning. Another time, his grandmother forced him to take medicine for his cough, resulting in him throwing up the medicine and everything he had previously eaten. His cough vanished within a few days.

Despite the attraction of video games, my son avoids them as he knows they are not good. Because Dafa has opened his wisdom, my son gets excellent grades with little effort. He does not fight, swear, show off to his classmates nor look down on others. When he was in junior high, his school partner refused to concentrate on his studies and often bothered him. When I suggested he change partners, my son’s answer caused me to feel shame. “Who else would willingly share a table with him?”

My uncle suffered a stroke, which left one side of his body paralyzed and his mouth slanted. Instead of taking him to a hospital, my aunt asked me for help. I knew that only Dafa could save him, as my uncle’s family was predisposed to this condition. His parents, two older brothers, two older sisters and a younger sister had suffered strokes. Only my uncle and one of his older sisters was still alive. I asked my uncle if he believed in the goodness of Dafa, and he nodded yes. I asked him to remember these words: “Falun Dafa is good. Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good. Master Li is good.” Because his condition appeared serious, I rushed to the hospital to get medication for him. I was only gone for ten minutes, but was surprised to find my uncle perfectly fine upon my return. Every symptom of stroke had vanished!

More than ten years have passed and my uncle has suffered no complications from his stroke. His taxi business is so profitable that he was able to purchase a house for his son. My aunt told me that my uncle keeps a Falun Dafa symbol in his wallet. My aunt now believes in the goodness of Dafa and has started learning the practice.

My father-in-law suffered severe fourth and fifth lumbar vertebral compression fractures and was in so much pain for more than a hundred days that he could barely move. Soon after he read Zhuan Falun, his pain vanished and he was able to walk ten miles to my home to study the Fa.

My mother-in-law had severe gastric problems. While undergoing gastroscopy, the doctor suggested she stay in hospital for treatment. Afraid of the hefty medical fees, she only accepted a few rounds of medication. Every day, she would attentively listen to a few short stories of how Dafa helped people avert disaster. She quickly recovered and even began putting on weight.