(Minghui.org) I was 12 years old when my mother began to practice Falun Dafa in 1998. I had no idea what cultivation practice was all about, but I witnessed many positive changes to my mother's temper and health. Thus, I knew that Dafa was extraordinary.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) destroyed our cultivation environment after July 20, 1999. However, my mother remained a steadfast Dafa practitioner. Under the influence of my mother, I became a cultivator in 2011.

Moving on to a New Job

I resigned from my workplace in July 2017, as I wanted to more actively clarifying the truth. My supervisor said to me, “You're welcome to work here at any time.”

As I went on my job search, I kept thinking that I needed to help people gain a positive understanding of Dafa. Master arranged for me to be hired by a trading company that also owned a factory. My salary was higher, and I had many more colleagues.

My new working environment was more complex and people did not work as hard.

Master's said,

“The complex environment, in my view, is instead a good thing. The more complex it is, the greater the persons it will produce. If one can elevate oneself above and beyond it, one’s cultivation will be the most solid.” (Lecture Nine, Zhuan Falun)

I realized that this complex environment is a good place for me to cultivate my heart, and improve on my cultivation path.

Being a Good Person in Every Environment

My department manager is the girlfriend of our general manager. She had just graduated from college and had no work experience. She was quite immature when handling issues.

I had worked for eight years in that industry by then, but as a Dafa practitioner, I knew that I had to be a good person in any situation. I didn't look down on her, but always cooperated and tried my best to help her in improving her professional knowledge.

I had a colleague who was transferred from the factory to our department. She lived in a two-bedroom apartment, which was rented by the company. My supervisor allowed me to share the apartment with her. When I was ready to move into the apartment, I heard that her mother and child also lived there. I decided not to move in with her, because a practitioner should consider others' needs first. There was not enough room for another person.

Attachment to Personal Gain

My job was to develop a new business field and new markets, so I was authorized to make some decisions on my own. I always considered the company's interests when I decided to improve purchase channels and market information. When customers gave me gifts, no matter big or small, I turned them over to the administrative office.

As the company experienced a decline in profits, the administrative people's salaries were lowered, except for mine.

After the Chinese New Year, one of our customers established his own business and asked me to work for him, and offered me a big raise.

Coincidentally, during the Chinese New Year holiday, I quarreled with my family over a number of issues. After looking within I found the attachment to selfishness and affection to my family. I thought that I was worth more than I was paid at my company.

To my surprise, someone offered me a higher salary. I realized that this targeted my attachment to personal gain. I should let go of my attachment to personal gain. Then, I thought that with the higher salary, I could give my parents a better life. Master said, Do you want to change other people’s fate? Everyone has his or her own fate!(Lecture Five,Zhuan Falun)

When I accepted the position at my present workplace, I thought about clarifying the truth about Dafa. I had only been there for six months. If I left for personal gain and forgot about being righteous, it would impact people's chances to hear about Dafa. As a practitioner, I shouldn't be attached to fame and personal gain, and not think only about myself, so I declined the job offer.

One week after I declined the offer, my supervisor increased my salary, which was almost the same as that offer. My supervisor increased my salary without my asking for it. I knew that Master gave me this when he saw me let go of fame and personal gain. Master said,

“Humans have great difficulty letting go of attachments. When you can truly discard an attachment you will find that you haven’t lost anything.” (Lecture at the First Conference in North America)

Overcoming the Reluctance to Clarifying the Truth

I went on a business trip to eastern China last March. I had developed a relationship with our customers in that region. Normally, my colleagues wouldn't interact with my customers. However, on that trip, I brought with me not only our department manager, but also another colleague.

They had little knowledge about the ins and outs in this industry. Thus, during our meetings with customers, I worked out problems and resolved embarrassments, trying my best to maintain the good image of our company.

As it was the first time for my colleagues traveling to that part of China, I took them to local tourist sites during our leisure time. They were touched and acknowledged the goodness of a Dafa practitioner.

When I went on business trips with colleagues in the past, I dared not tell anyone the facts about Falun Dafa. However, I did not hesitate to clarify the truth to the friends of my department manager, taxi drivers and anyone else.

Letting Go of the Attachment to Fear, Fame, and Desire

Business is inevitably affected by market fluctuations and there are always certain risks. I worried about losses to the company. My cultivation state was not good and my heart fluctuated with the market for about two weeks. I worried that the poorer segment of our customers might bring losses to the company. The more I worried, the worse the quality indexes got for our purchased goods. Problems constantly popped up, and I lost weight.

Actually all of our purchased products follow industry standards and shouldn't have quality problems. This was a test that targeted my attachments.

Later I identified my attachments to fear, fame and desire. I let go of these attachments. Dafa practitioners ' mission is to tell sentient beings about Dafa. Those who have a business relationship with me were all arranged by Master. I changed my attitude, remained calm, was no longer picky, and did well in my task.

I am working in the manufacturing industry where men dominate. Sometimes customers are surprised to see a woman. But because of how I handle issues, customer feel comfortable with my approach to business.

Master said,

“Have you thought about the fact that, if the many occupations and the many fields seen today were brought here from those distant systems of beings, and Dafa disciples are cultivating in this setting, with Dafa disciples cultivating in different occupations, then isn't it just like rectifying [those systems] with the Fa? Isn't that acknowledging their existence? Isn't that saving them?” (Teaching the Fa in the City of Los Angeles)