(Minghui.org) I used to be a businesswoman, but after thieves in another city harassed me and tried to steal my money, I developed a strange illness. I tried many medications, but none of them worked. Then, a few days after I learned Falun Dafa, my illness disappeared.

Strange Illness

When my friend and I went to another city to purchase our stock, seven or eight thieves followed us. They tried to steal our money, but they didn't succeed. Then they kept us from getting on the train and forced us to stay in the waiting lounge.

I was so frightened as I sat there that I was trembling all over. Just then, a staff person appeared. I asked him if he could help us get on the train as we were being harassed by a group of thieves. With his help, we were able to leave.

Back home, my entire body swelled up and I couldn't sleep. If I even tried to close my eyes, my heart rate would accelerate. I also became afraid of sound. When my mom cooked, she couldn't make a noise, because I would jump, and my heart felt awful. I went to many hospitals, but no one could help me. One doctor said that there was no cure for my condition, that it was nerve problem.

I couldn't eat or drink during that time and soon became skin and bones. Someone told me that Qigong could help me, so I started practicing Qigong.

After five months of practicing this Qigong, one morning I suddenly couldn't get out of bed. I tried twice, but still couldn't do it. After that, I lost the ability to look after myself and had to rely on my mom. I thought I would die soon.

I sat on the corner of my bed day and night, covered in blankets. Sometimes, I suddenly felt very cold, but as if the chill came from inside of me. Sometimes, I suddenly felt hot, like hot water pouring down from the top of my head. I just hoped that death was near.

New Life

My aunt visited us in July 1997 and suggested that I practice Falun Dafa. At first I refused. I had already learned a Qigong practice, and that Qigong master had told me how wonderful his practice was – but it didn't work.

My aunt told me that her sciatica disappeared after practicing Falun Dafa, so I decided to give it a try.

I learned the five exercises from her and started to do them after she left. When I did the fifth exercise, I felt strong energy go through my whole body, making me feel very comfortable. I was so excited and thought that Falun Dafa was really amazing!

I also began to listen to Master Li Hongzhi's (the founder of Falun Dafa) lectures and understood that Master didn't come here to cure illnesses but to save people. I said to Master, while listening to the lectures, “I will be a genuine practitioner. I leave my health to you.”

I listened to Master's lectures and did the exercises every day. About seven to eight days later, my illness disappeared. I also started to read the book Zhuan Falun.

To my surprise, by the time I had been practicing for four months, a fibroid tumor in my womb was expelled. No words can express my gratitude to Master.