(Minghui.org) The new version of the exercise music has been published, which includes the one-hour-long music for the Falun Standing Stance. It's quite a challenge for me, because doing the exercise for half an hour has made my heels hurt and exhausted me. I felt intimidated by the one-hour-long standing stance and pondered, “Can I do it?”

Some practitioners said, “Master has escalated the purification of our bodies. How can we reach consummation without it?”

I told myself that cultivation of xinxing would give us everything and doing the exercises without improving xinxing wouldn't work. I knew it was my excuse for not doing the Falun Standing Stance for a whole hour, but I asked myself, “Is it really that hard to move one step forward? I'm a Dafa disciple. How can I give up so easily? I can certainly succeed if I'm determined.” Even though I hesitated, I did have a strong initial intention to go for the new exercise version.

It reminded me of the different stages we have gone through in our cultivation. It did make a big difference between following the pace of the Fa rectification and falling behind.

Making a Point

To make my point more palatable, I refer to the lawsuits against Jiang Zemin, the former head of the communist regime. How could it be the same between suing and not suing Jiang? One could not file a lawsuit if one hadn't let go of life and death.

There was a disagreement among practitioners. Some said we definitely should file lawsuits against Jiang. Some said we should wait and see. Some were opposed to it. I hesitated for several days.

The local police had harassed me pretty often even before the lawsuit. I was worried about what would happen if I filed a lawsuit. Despite my hesitation, I had the intention to go ahead with the lawsuit. Master had also enlightened me that it was right, so I became determined and filed a lawsuit. When local police harassed me about it, I acted courageously and righteously.

It seems easy when looking back, but I felt like climbing a huge mountain at that time. When I reached the top of the mountain, I felt relaxed and relieved. It made a big difference to take this step. This feeling is hard to imagine for those who haven't filed a lawsuit.

The Challenge of Uninstalling WeChat

I also hesitated for days before uninstalling WeChat. I'm a businessman. I was involved in several chat groups about my business and transactions. It seemed to be an end to everything if I were to uninstall WeChat. I was unwilling to uninstall it. It gave me a bad feeling as soon as I thought about it.

However, I knew that a cultivator shouldn't linger at this level and must make improvements quickly. Even though I was able to find excuses for myself, I knew there were different levels of the Fa, and I should move up to a higher level instead of staying at the human level. WeChat could bring me convenience and pleasure, but I wouldn't be able to take it to my consummation. I eventually uninstalled it.

It has been several months since I uninstalled the app. I have much less trouble and feel relaxed. Though it seems to be an easy thing to do, it was a strenuous step I had taken. Again, the state of pure-mindedness after uninstalling the app is something hard to imagine for those who haven't done so.

Taking the Step

Facing the new music of the one-hour-long Falun Standing Stance, I had hesitated for several days. A fellow practitioner asked me if I wanted a copy of the new exercise music, and I accepted the copy. The practitioner told me, “The wheel seems to become lighter as you hold it longer.” I decided to give it a try, telling myself I could always switch back to the half-hour music if I couldn't hold the arms up that long.

The first time I tried, I was so exhausted that my face was covered with sweat. My arms were sore. It was nothing close to being easy, but I did feel lighter after the exercise. My heart seemed to be brightened. It was a very relaxing and exciting feeling.

A few days later, another practitioner said, “We are so busy every day. Time flies so fast! It should be fine if we follow the new music twice a week and use the half-hour one for the rest of the week.” That's exactly what I wished to do. It was too exhausting for me.

However, when I went to another study group, I found that the practitioners in that group followed the new music daily. Several other practitioners did the same thing. I knew there are some not-so-diligent practitioners who didn't do the exercises every day, but copying them would be the beginning of slacking off in my cultivation. Most fellow practitioners don't want to be left behind. It makes me see my gaps with fellow practitioners.

Master has told us,

“...we’ve got to be able to bear the hardship of hardships, and we’ve also got to have great endurance.” (The Ninth Talk, Zhuan Falun, Feb. 2003 Version)

Holding the wheel for an hour is part of bearing the hardship and cultivating our xinxing. I made up my mind to do exercises with the new music. Even though I can't see how Master has escalated the purification of my body, I simply believe in Master and must keep up the pace.

It has been a few days since I started following the new music every day. I no longer have as many distracting thoughts as before when I meditate or do the standing stance. I don't feel as exhausted as before. A cultivator does have to face a lot of tests, but each test is an opportunity for establishing himself. When we work hard and pass the tests, they aren't that bad. The reward is a new realm of cultivation, which is hard to see by those who haven't passed it.