(Minghui.org) I would like to share my thoughts about writing articles for the Minghui website.

I. Validating the Fa

When asked to write an article for Minghui, some practitioners think they don't have anything to write about or can't write well. As a matter of fact, the minor things in our cultivation can't be accomplished without following Dafa. We consider them natural, but they are beyond ordinary for everyday people, who would be surprised to know we aspire to such high moral standards. Dafa has made us unselfish, so we should validate the Fa instead of validating our own accomplishments in cultivation. On the contrary, it would be equivalent to stealing if ordinary people thought our great behavior were due to our individual efforts and not linked to cultivation.

Many Dafa practitioners' families and friends have learned the facts of Dafa and chosen to stand on the side of Dafa to resist the persecution. We should write down their words and actions calling for justice. Many policemen have realized that good will be rewarded and evil punished. Some of them have protected Dafa practitioners or released them from detention. Some procurators and courts have dismissed charges levied against Dafa practitioners in the persecution. Though they might have done wrong things, their righteous actions have brought them hope. It's a result of Dafa practitioners' persistent truth-clarification. We can write about these kinds of things as well to validate Dafa.

II. Details Are Important

Thinking back carefully, every practitioner has stories of improving xinxing. However, some stories have been written very briefly without much detail, which won't move the reader or make them feel like they are there.

We can write in-depth details on the background and situation, describe how Dafa practitioners have taken the pain of letting go of attachments to worldly interests to put others before themselves. Give more details about the process of improving xinxing and people's feedback. When readers see our account of what exactly happened, they are more likely to be touched. For those who really don't know how to write well, their fellow practitioners can probably help them with writing.

III. Consider Who the Readers Are

We have to keep in mind the different groups of readers. Our articles shouldn't leave them confused. Before submitting our articles, we have to ask ourselves what our readers will think after reading our articles, including our neighbors, colleagues, policemen, family members and those who haven't learned the facts of Dafa. Our pure compassion and righteous thoughts can touch people's hearts, but we shouldn't have any intention of retaliation or create unrealistic expectations that the Chinese Communist Party will rectify its misdeeds. In the meantime, we have to consider the reputation of the Minghui website and other people's safety.

IV. Letting Go of Sentimentality

We can certainly share our painful experiences of persecution with our family members. They should know our true feelings and our need for their support. Some fellow practitioners thought they should tolerate everything by themselves and not share their feelings about being treated unfairly. Some are concerned their family members would be too worried if they learned how we were persecuted. However, their families might lose sympathy for practitioners, thinking they don't have feelings. The reason we share our experience isn't to beg for help; it’s to expose the persecution and give our families a chance to see right and wrong. If they choose to help Dafa practitioners, it's a perfect opportunity for them to build their virtue.

Many people have been deceived by the Chinese Communist Party's lies about the self-immolation on Tiananmen Square, the peaceful protest of April 25, and the “1,400 deaths.” Because of their fear of the persecution, some practitioners' family members blame Dafa practitioners instead of the Chinese Communist Party's persecution. They think they can't fight with the Party, don't know the evil nature of the Party, or don't understand our righteous faith. If it's hard to talk with them, we can write down our experiences and thoughts with compassion so that they will have a chance to read it again and again. It will help them eliminate the bad thoughts in their minds.

I asked my family members to revise my plea before I filed a lawsuit against Jiang Zemin. Some of my family members read it several times and admired my courage. They began to understand Dafa better. Some of them were shocked to learn the wickedness of the persecution. I wrote another letter to my family later about my detailed experience and the facts of Dafa. They were very understanding.

The above is my personal understanding. Please feel free to point out anything inappropriate.