(Minghui.org) I began clarifying the truth)) about Falun Dafa in 2005 wherever I went, whether on the street, in a supermarket, local market, wholesale market, or a park.

Enjoying the Hardship

For the past few years, I have clarified the truth every day, except in the afternoon during summer when it was really hot outside. I walked everywhere, just like ascetic monks who walk everywhere.

One summer, I walked to a nearby park every day to clarify the truth. The park is only a little over a mile from my house, and I had with me a big bag filled with Dafa informational materials.

It was really hot outside, and I was covered in sweat when I got home. I would take a shower afterward, but I didn’t feel like I was enduring hardship. Every time I remember that I am a Falun Dafa practitioner with a mission to tell people about this cultivation practice, I would feel energized. I often told other practitioners, “This hardship is nothing compared to Milarepa’s (the founder of the White Sect of Tibetan Buddhism).”

Once, I walked alongside the road and handed materials to every passerby and also clarified the truth to every one of them until noon. After I rested a little bit, ate some food, drank some water, and sent forth righteous thoughts, I turned around and walked back.

Helping Fellow Practitioners

After our {{Fa-study group was formed, only one of us practitioners went out and clarified the truth to people face to face.

I’ve discussed this topic with practitioners numerous times and even helped them go out and clarify the truth. They have gone from being afraid and not knowing how to clarify the truth to willing to speak and knowing what to say. Now, our Fa study group has five to six practitioners who can clarify the truth independently.

“It’s alright if you speak,” I said, “or just hand out materials.”

I continued, “You cannot leave the human plane with regret. When you return to heaven and you are asked what you have done to help Master rectify the Fa, you will have many regrets because you did nothing.”

“For someone who doesn’t know what to say, you can start by handing out the materials. When people see the flier, it would set the foundation they need to understand Dafa.”

One elderly practitioner has never handed out the fliers or worked on any Dafa projects. However, after numerous discussions, the elderly practitioner was willing to hand out Dafa materials.

Doing Things in an Open and Dignified Manner

When a practitioner and I went to post larger posters, we decided to tape it to a utility pole because we thought it would be a great spot.

Just when we were about to tape it, a car stopped and the driver rolled down the window. The words on the poster were really big, and he saw clearly that it was Falun Dafa.

He said, “This (Falun Dafa) is allowed in public now, isn’t it!” I replied smilingly, “We have always been open and out in public.”

I never picked who I should talk to. Because I don’t want to miss anyone, I always have two to three brochures ready in my hands. The practitioner accompanying me would ask me to put them in the bag so that it would not be obvious that we were handing them out, but I did not change my method.

Being Determined

I have had many moving experiences while distributing materials. This year at a wholesale market, I met a man in his thirties waiting on the side of the road.

I talked to him about Dafa, but he did not want to listen. He said that he didn’t mind going to hell and turned away from me. I said, “Young man, how can you say something like that? There is a path to heaven and you look away, but you rather look toward hell.”

I went on, “If you hadn’t said that, I would have left you alone. But I cannot leave you alone now, not after what you just said–I have to change your mind.”

Then, I spoke about how the communist regime persecutes people who believe in Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. I spoke of the torture and killing of practitioners for their organs, and how people in more than a hundred countries practice Dafa.

In the end, he quit the Party and thanked me for my kindness.