(Minghui.org) What is “walking on the path arranged by the old forces?” Personally, I think there are three manifestations. One is to accept the old forces' arrangement. Two is to accept the tests arranged by the old forces. Three is to alter the purpose of cultivation to solely focus on negating the old forces' arrangement.

The above three manifestations are your cultivation with the old forces' arrangements. So that no matter what your original purpose was, the ultimate result becomes “walking on the path arranged by the old forces.”

As practitioners of the Fa rectification period, we have Master Li (the founder) to protect us and have the Fa to guide our cultivation practice. These two are sufficient for us to reach consummation without tangling with the old forces.

When something happens, whether it's good or bad, we do not need to contemplate who arranged it. Whoever arranged it is not the key point. The key point is whether we can handle it correctly based on the Fa. And if we have righteous thoughts and righteous actions, everything will turn out to be a good matter.

Master said,

“Nothing has changed. Master is still the same Master he was at the beginning, and the Fa of the universe will never change. (Enthusiastic applause) It’s just that during this persecution, during this so-called “test,” some people have gotten rid of their attachments while others have not, and some have actually increased their attachments. This is how they have acted during this so-called “test.” It is you who are changing; it is Dafa disciples who are changing. And if you are not changing in the positive direction, you are changing in the negative direction, for sure.” (Fa Teaching Given at the 2014 San Francisco Fa Conference)

We should let go of the attachments and arrangements by the old forces. Whether a matter is arranged by the old forces, we do not need to have any special thoughts or a different way to handle it. We should simply follow the Fa, remove the attachment if it is about the attachment, send forth the righteous thoughts to clear the interference, or clarify the truth if a person does not know the truth.

Master said, “a great way is extremely simple and easy” (Chapter I, The Great Way of Spiritual Perfection) so we should keep things simple and cultivate based on Master's teachings and the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance.

The old forces are not fit to arrange the path of practitioners. They are merely objects to be cleared away while practitioners send forth righteous thoughts. So the relationship between Dafa practitioners and the old forces is for us to eliminate them and follow the path arranged by Master.

As a practitioner of the Fa-rectification period, whether you are at home, at work, in a detention center, or in a prison, you are cultivating in a different environment, but the standard is always the same. You should always think and behave based on the Fa without any reservation. If so, you are walking on the correct path and you are able to carry out your historic mission.