(Minghui.org) Falun Dafa practitioners are selfless individuals who live by the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. Minghui.org has many touching stories about these cultivators worldwide, but I will share with you a few anecdotes closer to home. Some of the details may have slipped from my memory over the years, but they still have the power to touch me deeply.

A wish to visit a labor camp came true

While on a work trip up north after the start of the persecution of Falun Dafa, a fellow practitioner told me a story about an elderly practitioner there. This elderly woman could not understand why Dafa was being persecuted. It was even harder for her to believe that practitioners detained at reeducation-through-labor camps were being “transformed” (forced to renounce their faith, often through torture).

Eventually, she arrived at her own conclusions: the police arrested Dafa practitioners because they did not know that Dafa is good, and fellow practitioners were “transformed” because they weren't thinking straight, so she had to talk to them to make them understand. She decided that she needed to first go to the labor camp, but where was it? She asked in her mind, “Master, how can I get to a labor camp?”

The next day, a policeman and a local official came to her house in a car and said to her, “Please come with us.”

“Where to?” she asked.

“To the reeducation-through-labor camp,” came the answer.

She couldn't be happier.

“Thank you, Master. I can go there now,” she thought.

She was detained without any official procedures. She explained the facts of Falun Dafa to anyone and everyone she met there. As a result, one by one the “transformed” practitioners all renounced their transformation, and many of the police officers learned the facts of Dafa and the persecution.

She was once told, “Stop talking now. There's a surveillance camera in here.” She wasn't sure what the camera was for, so the other person told her, “The camera allows the police to watch everything we do here.” She was thrilled and started speaking toward the camera to tell the police about Dafa.

One day, after doing the Dafa exercises, she thought she didn't have much else to do in the labor camp anymore because everyone she met there had been told the facts. She thought, “Master, I want to go home.” The next day, the same policeman with the same local official came in a car to take her home, again without any official procedures.

After she came home, she hanged a “Quit the Chinese Communist Party” sign in the little canteen she ran in her house. Someone from out of town tipped off the police, who came to her house.

An officer asked the informant, “Did you call the police?”

“Yes,” the informant replied.

“Well, in that case, I’m fining you 200 yuan,” the officer said.

The informant thought he had misheard, but the officer insisted, “Yes, I am fining you. I will give you back your money when Falun Dafa is exonerated.”

A practitioner down on his luck

After spending time in a labor camp, a practitioner lost his job, leading to tensions building up at home. Left with no choice, he left home to look for work with the 500 yuan he had left in his pocket. He did not seem to have much luck with making money, but he persisted with doing the three things the whole time. Six months later, he had only 10 yuan left.

He thought to himself, “After today, I will have no place to live and nothing to live on. I don't know what to do right now, so let's forget about it in the meantime and instead concentrate on clarifying the truth.” He spent the whole day doing just that.

He felt hungry and cold as the evening approached–winter in the north is very cold. Just then, he saw a large man walking toward him and thought it was just another person he should be clarifying the truth to. Once he began to talk, the big man said, “You don't need to tell me. I was thinking of clarifying the truth to you!”

This fellow practitioner brought him home and helped him find a job. He ended up living there for two years.

As an aside, this big man and his wife are both practitioners. With the spare rooms in their house, they have come to the aid of many practitioners who have fallen on difficult times. Over time, they have had countless practitioners stay with them. The big man always seems to appear at just the right time when help is sorely needed.

When I ran into that same practitioner six months later, he told me he was now a millionaire! He once made 500,000 yuan in one day. I thought he was joking, so I poked fun at him, “What? With your technical secondary school qualification and slight build?” He smirked, “You think you make money? No, these blessings were all given to me by Master [Li Hongzhi]. He has given me so much because I have obeyed him.”

Dealing with practitioners who have gone astray

This is a story a practitioner once told me. There was a gathering of a few dozen practitioners who had gone astray outside his town. He was taken to the meeting and left there by a local practitioner. He did not know at first that these people had gone astray in their understanding of Dafa, but it was too late to leave. He settled down and tried to put forward his understanding of the Fa. However, he did not appear to sway anyone.

He realized he would not be able to convince them with his own words. He said, “Master said we should follow Minghui.org when it comes to important issues. I will note down what's said here and send it to Minghui and see what they have to say.”

He typed the conversation out on the computer, checked with the others that it was all correct, and then sent it off on the spot. He also left his phone number with the other practitioners so they could call him to inquire about the response from Minghui. He then left the meeting.

A few days later, even though there had been no response from Minghui.org, a few people in the group called him and admitted that they had erred in their ways and had since returned to the fold.

A practitioner hit by a car

There was another little story. One practitioner was hit by a car as she was riding her electric motorbike. She got knocked over but was unharmed, so she wanted to tell the driver of the car about Dafa. She first calmed him and said, “I am fine. I am a Falun Dafa practitioner.” He quickly said, “I’ve already renounced my CCP membership.” She went blank for a second and then sat on the ground and laughed out loud.