(Minghui.org) I came down with a flu and tonsil infection with high fever in November 2018. It led to a severe acute psoriasis, an illness which is medically difficult to cure.

My whole body was infected, and my skin was painful and itchy, and shedding profusely. Some areas had pus. My legs were swollen, and I could not walk, nor fall asleep. I tried all sorts of Chinese and Western medicines, blue light radiation, and more.

None of the treatments truly worked, and the situation worsened. I was in great pain, both physically and mentally. I had always been a jolly person, but was now depressed. I lost the courage to live on, and wanted to die.

My mother is a Falun Dafa practitioner. My dad is not, although he is supportive of the practice. They sat by my side and read Teacher's Fa to me every night when I could not fall asleep. Mom and her fellow practitioners often told me during my despair, “Only Teacher can help you.”

My mother and dad urged me to study Dafa and turn things over to Teacher during this time as well. I studied the Fa and did the exercises with my mother and her fellow practitioners as best I could. Gradually, my skin no longer felt so painful and itchy, and it healed completely within two months. The skin in the infected area was simply a bit darker. What happened was a medical miracle.

I cannot describe in words my indebtedness to Teacher. I know that Teacher must have shouldered a lot for me. Although I have not completely entered into Dafa, I will follow the principles of Dafa on my way forward.