(Minghui.org) My daughter married a man from a distant province in China. In 2016, I became a grandmother. My daughter's mother-in-law moved in with her during the summer months, to help take care of the child. My daughter later found a job around the same time that her mother-in-law was scheduled to return back to work.

Since I was retired at the time, and lived only two hours away from my daughter's home, it seemed logical that I would help take care of the child.

However, I knew that this arrangement would seriously cut into my time for studying the Fa, sending righteous thoughts, and clarifying the truth.

On the other hand, if my grandson lived in his grandmother's home, which was hundreds of miles away, who was going to take care of the boy while his grandmother was at work?

I talked to my practitioner daughter about this and we both agreed that Master would definitely provide us with the best arrangement.

The next day, she happily told me, “Mom, my mother-in-law asked us to bring my son to her home. My father-in-law volunteered to take care of the boy!”

One day, my husband brought home a beautifully decorated calendar. I later noticed that there was a Chinese national flag on it so I told him, “We can't keep this thing in our home. Let's throw it away.”

My husband got very upset, shouting, “I will not allow you to do that!” I was very uneasy seeing this red flag, a symbol of the Chinese Communist Party, sitting on the coffee table.

I brought up the topic a few days later and again, my husband got upset. I suddenly enlightened to the fact that Dafa practitioners' righteous thoughts are very powerful. I thought, “Red flag, you came to my home for one reason, and that's so I can eliminate you!”

I sent righteous thoughts to disintegrate the evil elements behind the flag in other dimensions. Suddenly, the bedroom door flung open and my husband was standing there with a small, wooden flagpole in his hand, “I cut the red flag into little pieces and threw it away in the trash,” he exclaimed. At that moment, I experienced the mighty power of righteous thoughts.

I recall another incident where my mother was diagnosed with severe bronchitis. The doctor told her that her illness could become life-threatening if she developed pneumonia following a cold. Thus, anyone with a cold was not allowed to visit her home.

When I found out that a former student of mine had come down with a cold, I decided to stay away from her.

As soon as this thought popped in my head, I began to experience the symptoms of the flu! I got chilled at the dinner table and was shivering during group Fa study, despite the fact I was bundled up in two layers of warm coats. I also suffered from a high fever.

When group study ended, a practitioner said, “As practitioners, we need to guard our speech. The other day I said something without thinking, which resulted in my cousin's sister getting into a minor car accident. I had to take care of her for several days.”

He continued, “My other cousin, who doesn't practice Falun Gong, looked at me and said, 'I can say anything I want, but you can't.' When I asked him why I can't say whatever I want, he replied, 'Because you're a deity!'”

I was shocked when I heard these words. I thought, “I'm also a divine being. How can a divine being catch a cold?!” At that moment, my fever disappeared and I felt perfectly fine.

I enlightened to the fact that Dafa practitioners' every thought must be on the Fa!