(Minghui.org) There are 14 towns in our county, and since 2016, we have been traveling to the countryside to clarify the truth and encourage people to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

We once carpooled in six cars and, every day, about 500 people agreed to withdraw from the Party and its youth organizations. This amounted to a considerable number of people in one year.

So that the villagers could better understand the truth behind the persecution, we went back and met up with people who were either unreceptive or not home when we were there the first time. We just calmly continued to clarify the truth and let everyone know that Falun Dafa is good and that quitting the CCP would help ensure them of a safe future.

I would like to share a few of my experiences reaching out to people in the countryside.

Walking Out of the Police Station with Righteous Thoughts

Four of us took copies of the book The Ultimate Purpose of Communism and other materials to a village. We broke up into two groups.

I went to the southern part of the village with one practitioner and the other two went to the northern part. We began to give out brochures and inscribed pendants and helped people to quit the CCP.

We gave out copies of The Ultimate Purpose of Communism, or the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party to people who had some education. By 11 a.m., my partner and I had finished visiting all the homes in our area.

When my partner contacted the other group by phone, the other practitioner answered from the police station. We quickly found a place to send forth righteous thoughts and informed our local group of practitioners.

The police then showed up and, without any explanation, we were pushed into their car.

We explained the facts to the officers in the car and sent forth righteous thoughts.

The other practitioner asked, “Why do you arrest good people? We have visited villages all over the county. Even if the police saw us, they would first whistle and signal us to leave.”

They seemed to understand and said, “Someone reported you. We're just doing our duty.”

At the station, I saw that the police were recording the items that the two other practitioners had with them. Then the police asked us for our names and addresses and wanted to take our photos.

We didn’t cooperate with them and only sent forth righteous thoughts. They questioned us individually.

We held our ground and kept telling them the facts while the other three sent forth righteous thoughts. I was the last one to be questioned.

When the officer asked me why I wouldn't cooperate, I said, “The Constitution guarantees us freedom of belief. By interrogating us like we'd done something wrong, you are committing a crime. The things you asked will be the evidence of your crime. It is for your own good for us not to cooperate with you!”

The questioning ended and shortly after that, fellow practitioners from other places arrived outside of the police station.

We all sent forth righteous thoughts, and the energy field was quite strong. The officers who interrogated us and the ones who took turns watching us were very nice to us.

They understood the truth and some of them quit the Party. So that there wouldn't be any “material evidence,” the other practitioners packed up and removed the brochures and items that the police had taken from us.

At that time, the police chief on the second floor saw us on a security monitor. He got angry and scolded the policemen who guarded us, then posted additional officers to guard us.

The atmosphere became tense, and I immediately recalled Master's teaching:

“...to cultivate is to cultivate the human mind. If your mind doesn’t change everything else you do means nothing. Outward acts mean nothing.” (“Teaching the Fa at the Conference in Europe”)

The chief seemed very agitated, but he was no doubt worried that if the evidence was gone, it would be difficult for him to report this to his boss.

Practitioners outside the station came in to explain the truth to him and asked him to release us. The condition he proposed was to return the informational materials to him and then he would let us leave.

None of them agreed. A long discussion ensued that almost seemed like a battle between good and evil. It lasted until 6 p.m. The chief then agreed to release two elderly practitioners.

He personally drove the other two, who kept sending forth righteous thoughts, to a detention center.

At the detention center, the practitioners were found unqualified to be detained due to high blood pressure. The chief watched the doctor take their blood pressure three times.

Each reading was higher than the last. In exasperation, he took the practitioners back and said, “I am going to be on the wicked list again this time.”

At 3 a.m., the two practitioners safely returned home under Master's protection.

He Is Here to Visit Us

As long as the persecution is not over, we cannot stop clarifying the truth. Four of us went to another village to tell people the facts in June.

When we were visiting homes one by one, we were reported to the police. It was exactly the same as the previous time.

It turned out that a notice—“Looking for clues in crimes committed by evil forces”—issued by the Shenyang Police Department has been passed down to towns and villages. Each village had a patrol team, and we were falsely viewed as bad people and reported to the police.

We had almost finished visiting all the homes in the village when we were spotted by the police in their car. We were at the Zhao family residence.

Because I was about the same age as the owner, who was an elderly man, I talked to him a little longer. People in rural areas are traditional and friendly, and whenever anyone has guests, his/ her neighbors also come over to chat.

The owner’s daughter-in-law also came over, but she left before I had a chance to speak with her. I followed her out and saw a police car parked at the door. An officer got out of the car and asked, “Is there something going on?”

I replied casually, “Nothing.”

The other practitioner and I went into the house and continued to clarify the truth to the elderly man. I said, “We risk being reported by people who don't know the truth and grieve for anyone who reports us."

The man's daughter-in-law rushed in from outside and told us, “Oh, the police outside are looking for you, you should leave. They asked me who you were, and I told them you were here to visit my father-in-law.”

I was really happy for her because she chose to protect Dafa disciples at a crucial moment. I was even more grateful to Master Li for protecting us so we could safely avoid this tribulation.