(Minghui.org) Master Li Hongzhi first came to Jinan City to hold a 9-day lecture class in January 1994. The lectures were held in the auditorium of the Shandong Province Management Institute for Young Cadres.

A couple in their early 60s came from Hebei Province to attend the lectures. While the wife was purchasing tickets, the husband waited at the entrance squatting down. He was frowning and had a sallow complexion. Someone asked him, “Are you alright?” It turned out he had liver cancer.

On the third or fourth day of the class, I saw the husband again. To my amazement, he was full of energy as if he had changed into another person.

There was a man from Luoyang in his 40s. He suffered osteonecrosis [death of bone tissue due to lack of blood circulation] of the femoral head and had to use crutches to walk. During his hospitalization in the Jinan (Military) Hospital, he heard that Master Li was going to give lectures in Jinan and attended the first set of lectures.

I saw him again when the lectures were held at Huangting Stadium. He was full of spirit and no longer used the crutches.

There were many examples of cases like these.

Right before the classes were held in the Huangting Stadium, between June 21 and June 29, 1994, Master came to inspect the venue. While walking around the site, he told the stadium staff, “This used to be a theater. The Qianlong Emperor [of the Qing dynasty, who reigned officially from 1735-1796] saw a play here when he came to Jinan.” Master pointed at a spot in the west section and said, “Qianlong sat at this very spot.”

The staff were very surprised, “Elders did say there was a theater here a long time ago, but the theater has been gone for many years. How did Master Li know there was a theater here? And how did he know where the Qianlong Emperor sat?” They found it inconceivable that Master possessed such knowledge.

The Huangting Stadium was located on the north side of Quancheng Road, a long commercial street running east to west. This road was intersected 200-300 meters west of the stadium by Shunjing Street, which ran south. To the east of the stadium was another intersection, and the street running north from that intersection was Qinglong North Street.

Master told the staff, “The street in front of us (Quancheng Road) is a dragon's body. To the west and south (Shunjing Street) is the head, and to the east and north (Qinglong North Street) is the tail. The tail didn't whip well. The head and body are always busy business areas.”

Twenty four years have passed since that day. The streets where the dragon's head and body were, despite frequent demolitions and changes, have always been prosperous and the busiest sections of the Quancheng Road. The Qinglong North section, however, has never flourished.

Every time local practitioners passed by this area and saw these sections of the road, they would be deeply touched by Master's might and knowledge of the past.

At the time, there was a relatively reputable qigong master in the area who carried many titles. He was a professor from the Shandong Province Physical Education College. He attended the second set of Master's lectures with several of his disciples and sat in the balcony.

When Master Li was talking about sham qigong masters, he found the words offensive and wanted to stop the lecture from proceeding. He started releasing gong (energy) trying to interrupt Master. Master became aware of what was happening and said, “Someone came here to fight with me. Leave!” According to his family, the qigong master collapsed later that day.

Although almost twenty-five years have passed, such unforgettable scenes have been encouraging us to steadfastly believe in Master and the Fa, build our confidence to fulfill our prehistoric vows, and follow Master to return home.