(Minghui.org) I used to be a lay Buddhist. When I was young, I often read Buddhist books and followed Buddhist rules. I always considered cultivation to be of utmost importance in my life. After years of cultivation, I gained some wisdom, and yet I found that none of the Buddhists I met or the Buddhist books I read could answer the fundamental questions I had about cultivation. This left me feeling confused and disappointed.

After graduating from high school, I went to practice meditation in a mountain cave with an elderly monk, with the intention of formally becoming a monk. When I returned home to finish a few errands, I ended up attending a Falun Dafa class given by Master Li Hongzhi in Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province.

The first class was held on August 5, 1994. I clearly remembered that with just attending one class, all the questions that had troubled me for many years were answered! I decided right away to cultivate Falun Dafa. I knew that Master Li was teaching the true cultivation way and that maybe I could reach the Tathagata level without becoming a monk or nun. This was like the legend of Maitreya coming to the world to save people! I thought to myself, Master is the Buddha who came to save us!

When Master was talking about the Celestial Eye, I felt not only that my forehead was tight, but also my entire brain. That same day during the lecture, I felt a shock to my body. All of a sudden, I could suddenly recall my previous lives. I saw that in many of them I was a monk or nun. Often, it was Master who led my cultivation: sometimes he would appear as a Buddha, other times as a Taoist. In this life, I am destined to continue cultivation with Master.

As I listened to Master over the course of the multi-day class, I could feel the black karma in my body dissolve and my whole body become lighter. After a lecture on one of these days, my bicycle broke and I was forced to push my bicycle home. As I did this, I actually felt like I was flying, not walking. It was a truly incredible feeling!

After Master talked about not pursuing a second cultivation way during the class, I immediately got rid of all of the various Buddhist and qigong books I owned. Within moments, I felt like I was looking at a clear sky after a storm. It was so serene and peaceful. Sometime later, there was a time when messages from different qigong schools interfered with my state of tranquility as I meditated. I told them resolutely, "I am going to practice Falun Dafa only. I will not practice anything else!" The spirits then dissolved into gray smoke, evaporating in an instant as if they had not been there at all.

During the lectures, I saw in another dimension that Master was a Buddha with bright blue hair, dressed in a golden cassock, and sitting on a golden lotus plate. As he spoke, Master made big hand signs. A radiating halo wrapped around him, with vibrant light rays shooting in all directions. I saw all the Dafa practitioners in the room basking in the golden lights that were emitted. I also saw in the ten-directional world that countless divine beings were listening carefully to Master. Everything in the universe had stopped, and only Master's voice was echoing through the stillness.

During the class breaks, I saw that some of the staff members and veteran practitioners were covered by colorful halos. Some had immortal infants like seven or eight-year-old children, while others had teenager-like Buddha-bodies. Some of their bodies were completely transparent. I was stunned that Dafa practitioners could reach such high levels in only a few short years! Seeing these images greatly increased my confidence in Falun Dafa, and I paid great attention to every word Master said.

Master installed a Falun (law wheel) to students in the class. At home, Master's fashen (law bodies) adjusted students' bodies. My Falun was installed by Master during the second class. In fact, about ten days before I attended the class, I saw golden lights around me, as Master had already begun adjusting my body.

I once was reviewing the movements of the exercises at home, I saw Master's fashen split into two to three parts. Sometimes his fashen became very tiny and then invisible upon entering my dimensional field. Other times it was immense, and I was cultivating in a fashen's body. A fashen was always located above my head.

As I continued to listen to Master's lectures, my body in another dimensional field became stronger and stronger, along with my main consciousness. I saw that besides my main consciousness, I had three assistant consciousnesses: two were in the Buddha form and one in the Taoist form. Most of the times they were positioned as if doing the sitting meditation. Only in my light sleep could my main consciousness faintly sense their presence.

As time passed, more and more memories of my past lifetimes came back to me. For some practices, I spent dozens of lifetimes to cultivate. Some of my lifetimes lasted more than a thousand years as I cultivated. My feeling is that many fellow practitioners have had the same experiences as me during various historical periods. However, in this lifetime, Master himself has come to save us. We have obtained the Dafa and we are now able to attain Right Fruit in a single lifetime! How very lucky we are!

One fellow practitioner had a severe karma elimination reaction. In another dimension field, I saw that she had killed too many lives in her past lifetimes. If she did not practice Dafa, she was destined to die from cancer, simultaneously bringing tremendous grief to her family. However, because she practiced Falun Dafa in this lifetime, Master bore her sin and resolved all the bad karmic relationships she carried. Thus, on the surface, she only symbolically bore some pain: she had a severe stomachache and her entire body was sore for several days. A true cultivator has no illness. All of his or her sufferings is simply the elimination of karma accumulated over the course of many lifetimes.

Master has talked about "Cultivation of Speech." In my past cultivation, I cultivated “body, speech, and mind.” In many of my past lives, I swore in front of Buddha that I would not open my mouth to speak for thirty years, sometimes even my whole life as a means to avoid accumulating speech karma. No matter how others insulted me, I did not utter a word back. If someone beat me, I would just stand there in silence. Even as I wandered about begging for food, I still did not speak. I just politely saluted people, recognizing that the cultivation of speech is extremely important for a cultivator.

I also noticed that many of the participants in the class were the heads of various cultivation schools in their past lifetimes, and many had worldly relationships with Master. Everyone who came to the class was hand chosen by Master and destined to be exposed to Dafa. Some of the participants came from incredibly high levels, so high that they were well beyond what a normal person could comprehend.

Time flies. It has been 24 years since I attended Master's class in Harbin. Dafa is changing all lives in the universe. I am no longer the same person I was 24 years ago. Despite the great calamity in the world around us that the old forces have created, Dafa has shaped me into a new person: a selfless Dafa disciple during the Fa- rectification period. I have no regrets in choosing Falun Dafa cultivation as my path. I only wish that as we move into the future, I can be more diligent in fulfilling my duty as a Dafa disciple.

The harshest years of my life have passed. It is not the end, but rather a new beginning for my cultivation path.