(Minghui.org) During the winter of 2009, a massive snowstorm hit Shijiazhuang City in Hebei Province. The thick coat of snow made roads inaccessible and halted all train services. Stranded in the city for a week, my husband’s trousers and shoes were constantly wet. Though his accompanying friends bought new cotton shoes to change into, my husband decided against buying them due to cost. Two days later, when his feet started feeling uncomfortable, he returned to the shop to buy the new shoes. However, the cotton shoes had nearly doubled in price, from a dozen yuan to twenty yuan. Unwilling to spend the extra amount, my husband resorted to wearing his constantly wet shoes for a week until his return home.

Soon after, he developed numbness in his feet, which gradually crept up to his legs. Before long, his condition deteriorated to the point that he could barely walk. On bad days, the numbness would be so severe that he would fall while attempting to walk. Even an elderly person, who walked with halting, slow steps, was able to walk better than he could. He became severely depressed at his misfortune.

The local hospital diagnosed my husband with cervical and lumbar vertebrae hyperplasia. Despite undergoing ten days of treatment, his symptoms did not improve. Subsequently, he visited a hospital in Zhangjiakou City, where an MRI was done. Doctors there determined that segments of his cervical vertebrae displayed symptoms of hyperplasia, edema, and deformities. They recommended my husband undergo surgery to avoid future paralysis. When my shocked husband asked for a less invasive alternative, the doctor replied, “There is no other way. If the surgery succeeds, you will regain the use of your legs. If not, you will most certainly be paralyzed.” After returning home, my husband began searching for herbal remedies. Though he tried expensive herbal medication, physiotherapy, electric nerve stimulation, and many other alternative treatments, his condition continued to worsen.

On seeing his worsening condition, my husband’s younger brother quickly took him to Beijing’s 301 Hospital. Medical specialists there also said that without surgery, he would become paralyzed for life. Though they wanted to schedule the surgery as soon as possible, the hospital could not admit him as they had run out of beds. The hospital told my husband to return home first and that they would contact him within a week once they had beds available.

Our family shared a single mobile phone, which I normally carry around with me. Coincidentally, I forgot to bring the phone with me to work that Friday. On my return home, my husband told me, “The Beijing hospital called and asked me to come on Saturday or Sunday. They plan to have the surgery on Monday. However, I told the hospital administrator that we needed time to collect money for the surgery and would contact them once our funds were ready.” In reality, my husband did not want to undergo surgery and fabricated this excuse to avoid the procedure.

My elder brother is a Falun Dafa practitioner. Upon learning of my husband’s futile search for a cure, my elder brother advised him, “Only the master of Dafa can save you. Falun Dafa is a Buddhist cultivation discipline practiced by people in more than a hundred countries. You should try practicing Falun Dafa.” My mother also advised my husband, “Start learning Dafa! Zhuan Falun is a heavenly book. Master is here to save people, and you should take advantage of this rare opportunity.”

I too advised my husband, “You’ve consulted many hospitals, exhausted so many traditional remedies, and even rejected surgery. You should try practicing Falun Dafa! My elderly mother is over seventy years old but has never fallen ill. My brother had chronic back pain that couldn’t be cured through a number of qigong practices. He was completely cured after practicing Falun Dafa.”

Since the start of the Chinese Communist Party’s brutal persecution of Falun Dafa, my family had hidden a single precious copy of Zhuan Falun. Upon accepting our suggestion, my husband started studying this book, reading five to six lectures each day. After half a month of study, he started sweating from his legs. A sooty smell began to exude from his pores, likely because he had smoked for more than 20 years. We were all amazed.

Soon, my husband told me, “I want to learn the exercises.” Although I was not a Dafa practitioner then, I had learned the first four sets of exercises from my mother. While I was in the midst of arranging a time to teach him, we experienced interference. My cousin came to visit and told us, “I know an expert massage therapist who rarely agrees to treat others. I can persuade him to treat your husband and even recommend nutritious food for him to regain his strength.”

Both of us firmly declined her offer, informing her that we had already decided to learn Falun Dafa. Soon after, my husband’s mother and aunt came to visit, telling us of a vegetable diet that many people had tried with great results. They suggested we give it a try, but we remained firm. Master had clearly stated that practitioners must stick to a single cultivation method. We had chosen Dafa and were determined to stick to our decision.

I started teaching my husband the exercise movements that evening. During the first set of exercises, soon after Master’s recording recited "Buddha Maitreya Stretching His Back,” (Falun Gong) I immediately heard a loud snapping sound. I turned and saw my husband crumpled on the floor, unable to stand. We started crying at our harsh fate. After a while, my husband told me, “The force from my feet caused the floor tiles to crack.” I did not believe him. “How could you break the tiles? More likely the heavy cabinet caused it to crack.”

My husband slowly stood up while I examined the floor. He happily exclaimed, “I stood up! I stood up!” We started crying again, this time in joy. We thanked Master for purifying my husband’s body before resuming our attempts to learn the practice. Throughout, my husband was able to complete the exercise movements with little difficulty.

Before practicing, my husband’s chest felt numb and cold to the touch. After practicing the exercises, his chest became warmer while cool air started exuding from his legs. His stomach and legs also started to feel warmer, and he regained the ability to walk.

Soon after the New Year, my husband told me of his desire to learn the fifth set of exercises. As I did not know the hand movements, I told him to learn them from my mother. The same day, my husband’s younger brother sent my husband over to my mother's home.

That night, my husband had a vision in which he saw Master's fashen arrive. Dressed in a traditional monk’s robes with blue curly hair, the fashen was rotating a Falun. The fashen retrieved five or six bottles of black things from my husband's stomach. When my husband touched the bottles, they felt hot and heavy. Afterward, the Falun gradually became smaller, and Master delivered the Falun into his abdomen. My husband awoke in shock. He tried to look around for the bottles but found nothing. The scene was so vivid and real that he approached my mother to look for the missing bottles. My mother told him, “That was Master's fashen, who came here to purify your body in another dimension! You are fortunate. It is not easy to obtain Dafa during the Fa-rectification period. You must cherish this opportunity!”

My elated husband called me soon after and said, “Everything Master said is true. You should also start cultivating diligently! I saw Master when he cleansed my body. Master truly is a Buddha of the universe. Having obtained the Fa, let us treasure it!”

Having witnessed my husband’s speedy recovery, I too became determined to cultivate Dafa. It was truly a miracle that we were able to obtain the Fa during this period of severe persecution. Our gratitude to Master cannot be expressed in words!