(Minghui.org) I make phone calls to tell people in China about the persecution of Falun Dafa. Many people that I clarify the truth to are in influential positions in society. I would like to talk about how these experiences have helped me give up my attachments and improve my cultivation.

Since most of the people I talk to are upperclass, I sometimes felt that I was not as well educated or that I was inferior to them. This mindset increased my fear and I sometimes lost enthusiasm for what I was doing, which in turn affected my ability to save people.

Whenever I found myself in this negative state I would remember Master's poem:

“Rest momentarily for self-reflection, add righteous thoughtsAnalyze shortcomings explicitly, advance again wholeheartedly”(“Be Rational, Awaken” in Hong Yin II)

Master said, “Human beings... they always hinder themselves with human notions.” (“Teaching the Fa at the Western U.S. International Fa Conference,” Collected Fa Teachings, Vol. VII)

Master has given us practitioners the ability and wisdom to save people, which is beyond the knowledge and ability of ordinary people.

Master said:

“As a result of studying the Fa and cultivating your inner self, you do better and better, and gods give you the wisdom you deserve and give you inspiration so that you can come to realize a lot of things while you study, create better things, improve your technique, and reach beyond. ” (Teaching the Fa in the City of Los Angeles)

I realized that I should remember Master's words when I made phone calls! As my righteous thoughts strengthened, my heart became broad and my mind was clear.

Sometimes when I make calls, I encounter people who won’t accept what I say. They belittle me or even swear at me. Whenever this happens, I remember the Fa teachings and examine myself for my shortcomings. Calling people has offered me many cultivation opportunities.

Remember to Be Compassionate

I thought, “Those who swear at me or refuse to listen are being controlled by negative factors. If I'm moved or don't fulfill my responsibility, then I will just be an everyday person. I won't be able to use my abilities and even my sending forth righteous thoughts will achieve nothing.”

I decided to begin strengthening my righteous thoughts and added the thought of eliminating anything negative that prevents people from being saved. I could gradually feel my ability to save people improving.

Nevertheless, my cultivation state fluctuated: sometimes the outcome of my calls was good and sometimes not. I realized that I had an attachment of pursuit. When I talked with another practitioner, she said, “Making phone calls is a cultivation process, and, just like in cultivation, your well-cultivated part will be separated and the part that has not cultivated well remains on the surface.” When I was able to eliminate my impatience, I could make phone calls with a calm and compassionate mind.

One day, I dialed 16 numbers but only one person answered. I was discouraged and didn’t want to continue. I thought of taking a shower and relaxing. But then I thought, “I should carry on because all the other practitioners have been making calls all day. If I stop, I will weaken our overall power to save people. I should keep righteous thoughts and dial the remaining numbers.”

I dialed the remaining eight numbers. Two couldn’t be connected, one number was suspended, and five people answered. Of those those five, two refused to listen. I refused to let it bother me. Instead, I strengthened my thought to save them. I waited and phoned them again. At last, they listened. I told them how Falun Dafa is practiced all over the world and about the staged “Tiananmen self-immolation” and how organs are removed from living practitioners. I told them about truth-clarification information websites and the telephone number they could call to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations.

Righteous Thoughts Change the Outcome

One person didn’t say anything. He listened to a few sentences and then hung up. I phoned him again and began talking from a different angle. Each time I called, I clarified the truth to him in a different way. I also tried to figure out why he would hang up. When I began sending righteous thoughts, he finally calmed down and listened.

I hadn’t sent righteous thoughts before I began phoning that day. But after sending righteous thoughts this time, I knew exactly what I was going to tell him. I dialed his number 19 times and the man listened as I clarified the truth 18 times, from 18 vantage points, before he accepted what I said. During the process I could feel my capacity to save him expanding.

I will remember Master's teachings and our responsibilities and missions so that I can fulfill my vows and save people.