(Minghui.org) Many practitioners, including myself, notice the slightest problems in other practitioners. However, when we point out those problems, do we sincerely want to solve the problems? Or, do we feel that we are better than others, and can see more clearly than others? Sometimes we even keep a distance from other practitioners. Aren’t we avoiding opportunities to cultivate our heart by doing so?

Master said, “… your entire person must improve and elevate.” (The Second Talk, Zhuan Falun)

When I used to talk about the problems I noticed, I often talked with an attitude of dissatisfaction. People who heard me felt uncomfortable too. I made the problems even worse, because I added my own attachment to the problems.

If every practitioner adds their attachment to the problem, our cultivation environment will become extremely complicated.

We know that practitioners should always look inward to find our own problems. Such a mindset is formed after a long time of cultivation. It becomes a cultivator's first instinct.

Looking inward is a very amazing feeling. You need to have a pure heart, so that you aren’t moved by different emotions and notions. Also, you should feel compassion and tolerance. The other practitioners will then feel your peaceful state, listen to you with a calm heart, and we can face and solve the problem together. Then, a benevolent cultivation environment appears among Dafa practitioners.