(Minghui.org) Ms. Lin (alias) is a Falun Dafa practitioner from New York. She attended the Washington D.C. Falun Dafa Experience Sharing Conference in June 2018 and arrived a few days early to participate in the scheduled large-scale activities.

It was very hot in June. Several outdoor activities were held, including rallies, parades, doing the exercises, and a candlelight vigil at the Washington Monument that evening.

While participating in the group exercises, Ms. Lin felt some mysterious force trying to pull her out of the group. She struggled to sit back on her spot. Then she felt that her body was lifted up and she heard a voice saying, “You should leave Flushing!” She responded in her thoughts, “I have Teacher (Li Hongzhi) and the Fa. No evil can harm me!”

With an aching body and a racing heart, Ms. Lin managed to get to a restroom. Her condition was worsening when she sensed her primary spirit drifting away. Before she lost consciousness, she vaguely saw someone she knew and called for help.

Several practitioners got her out of the restroom and into the shade, but she'd already had lost consciousness. Another practitioner carried her underneath a big tree near hundreds of practitioners doing the exercises. Seven or eight practitioners attended to Ms. Lin and collectively sent forth righteous thoughts.

Someone suggested taking her to a hospital if her condition worsened. But she woke up after a short while, given the energy from the large-scale exercise practice and righteous thoughts from the practitioners surrounding her. Many people witnessed the magnificent power of Dafa.

After the incident, she recalled that she'd sensed someone calling her name softly and then with more intensity. She kept thinking, “I have the Teacher and the Fa. No evil can harm me!” Finally, she exclaimed, “Teacher, I am back!”

Ms. Lin became clearheaded and eventually she could send forth righteous thoughts along with the other practitioners. After a while, she felt better and studied a lecture in Zhuan Falun. In the evening, she was able to eat and then joined the candlelight vigil. Everyone near Ms. Lin shared the joy of her speedy recovery.

Teacher Li said:

“True cultivators have no illnesses.” (“Explaining the Fa for Falun Dafa Assistants in Changchun,” Explaining the Content of Falun Dafa)

“Why do Dafa disciples need to cultivate, pass tests, have strong righteous thoughts, and go through suffering? Only those things can be considered cultivation.” (Teaching the Fa in San Francisco, 2005)

Ms. Lin’s experience demonstrated the importance of studying the Fa, looking inwards to find attachments, and improving one's xinxing. With solid cultivation, practitioners can have strong righteous thoughts and resolve any obstacles they face.