(Minghui.org) I have practiced Falun Dafa for more than two years. I study the Fa and read articles written by fellow practitioners to improve my xinxing.

From reading Minghui articles and observing local practitioners, I noticed that many elderly practitioners linked their bodily discomfort to disease. They either did not clearly understand the principles of the Fa or could not let go of the attachment to the pursuit of an illness-free body.

Wisdom comes from Dafa. Only when we study and memorize the Fa more can we really enlighten on the basis of the Fa.

Denying Karma Elimination Is to Negate the Old Forces

A disciple once asked Master a question:

“In the mainland, when a fellow cultivator’s body is unwell, in most cases it’s because the old forces are persecuting the person, and we would all work against it with righteous thoughts and look within. After coming out of China, when a fellow cultivator’s body is unwell, they attribute it to karma elimination. I don’t have a good understanding of this from the Fa’s principles.” (“Fa Teaching at the 2013 Greater New York Fa Conference”)

Master responded:

“In an evil environment, especially in China, there is a lot of evil in other dimensions and it persecutes you. Outside of China there are not that many evil factors, and the pressure is gone. Currently, whether it is karma elimination or interference from evil factors, that is all the work of the old forces. It’s all the same—they are just called different names. I am against all that the old forces do. I don’t accept any of it. And even less so should Dafa disciples be made to endure such suffering.” (“Fa Teaching at the 2013 Greater New York Fa Conference”)

As Maser told us, karma elimination is an issue enforced by the old forces. Since Master does not recognize the old forces, his disciples must negate all of the old forces’ arrangements.

I enlightened that if we think that bodily discomfort is a process of karma elimination, we are accepting the old forces’ arrangements. Conversely, when we do not believe that the old forces can cause this type of karma elimination, we directly deny the existence of the old forces.

Feeling Uncomfortable When Master Is Purifying Our Body

When Master purifies our body, he pushes out all sickness karma that was buried by treatment from doctors or other qigong masters and then completely cleanses the body. That is why we feel uncomfortable.

Master said,

“Beginning yesterday, after class, many of you began to experience alightness to your bodies. But a few individuals who have serious medicalconditions became the first to feel unwell.”

“But there is a law in this universe, that anything comes at a cost, and so we couldn’t remove everything for you; you definitely have to bear something.”(The Second Talk, Zhuan Falun 2018)

Our discomfort is only a small portion, as Master has endured much of the karma for us and left only a tiny bit for us to bear. If it were not for Master, we would have suffered a lot more or might have died just from our accumulated karma. How can we not believe in Master and Dafa just because of this little discomfort?

Having Higher Energy Causes Discomfort

It is a good thing if the body exhibits discomfort because there is higher energy present. Master said that we cultivators will not be sick because he cleansed our body when we began to cultivate. We thus should believe in Master and Dafa and should not recognize discomfort as illness.

Master said,

“Nor will the spiritual work that’s in store for you, as a practitioner, be easy. Many forms of higher energy will develop in your body, and all of them will be powerful things that move to and fro inside you and which might feel unpleasant. The main reason it feels that way is that you always worry your body has some condition or other. The reality is, powerful things have come about inside of you; what your body has developed are energies, powers, and many supernatural beings. If any of them move about, your body may have a sensation of itchiness, pain, or something unpleasant, as the peripheral nerves are sensitive; a whole range of phenomena are possible. These are good things, though, and you will experience them up until your body has been remade with high-energy matter. But if you always regard yourself as an ordinary person and mistake such things for health issues, you are going to have a hard time practicing. If you still take yourself to be an ordinary person when you meet with challenges in your practice, then your character has dropped to the human level, at least in those instances.” (The Sixth Talk, Zhuan Falun, 2018 translation)

Physical Discomfort Is an Illusion

Master said,

“Let me illustrate it. Spiritual traditions have taught that the phenomena of the human world are illusory, or not real.” (Second Talk, Zhuan Falun, 2018 translation)

I enlightened that physical discomfort is actually an illusion. If we consider it an illness, our xinxing would drop to the level of an average person and we might really become ill.

A Glass of Water Can Be a Medicine

For a while, I liked to eat andrographis, a crispy and refreshing herb. While it is an herb medicine from the medical definition, I considered it a vegetable.

A glass of water, from a different perspective, may be a medicine. For example, when we have a sore throat and our voice is hoarse, we want to drink water to relieve the discomfort. Thus, the glass of water becomes medicine. Walking the path of an ordinary person is not necessarily limited to taking medicine or going to the hospital.

Looking Inward When Uncomfortable

Dafa disciples should look inward on everything, especially when their body shows abnormal symptoms. But the starting point should be in the right direction. We do not look inward to relieve the pain but to make good use of the precious tool that Master has given us.

Not long after I started to practice Dafa, I experienced pains in the left kidney several times. The first time, I resisted my family's requests and did not take medicine. When the pain returned for the second time, my mother threatened to disown me if I refused to take the medicine. I budged but privately cried to Master for taking the medicine.

After I read an experience-sharing article, I had a thought, “I am a Dafa disciple. I only accept Master's arrangement. I will rectify myself on all things that are not on the Fa.” So, when the same symptoms reappeared, I did not feel the pain but only a little uncomfortable. During the persecution, I relied upon this principle and my belief in Master to overcome any unstable mood.

However, this understanding is not quite enough. While sharing cultivation experiences, a fellow practitioner stated that negating the old forces is not enough when the body exhibits an abnormal condition. It is also important to look inward.

Master said,

“If you feel you are not cultivating well at this time, that you cannot do it and cannot endure, (Master laughs) then go to the hospital. After you’ve elevated in your cultivation, you can do better then. Though I have said this, you shouldn’t slack off.” (“Teaching the Fa in Washington D.C. in 2018”)

We need to ask ourselves, '”Do we want to be an everyday person or a cultivator?” This is the dividing line! If you pass the test, your xinxing will be uplifted greatly. Otherwise, you will be an ordinary person.

An Elderly Practitioner's Story

An elderly practitioner who lives alone and had strong righteous thoughts often clarified the truth to groups of people. Then, he endured sickness karma for a while and had to rely on fellow practitioners for his daily living.

In order to stop relying on other practitioners, he thought of living in a nursing home. On the day he was ready to move, he suddenly developed nonstop diarrhea. Thus, he did not move.

Through sharing experiences, fellow practitioners identified his problems. He only talked about the evilness of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) but did not talk about the goodness of Dafa. While clarifying the truth, he emphasized form and the number of people. He never helped anyone quit the Party but still reported the headcount to the Epoch Times website. His submissions were rejected frequently.

This practitioner then rectified his words and deeds and started basing his actions on the Fa. Without going to the hospital, he fully recovered his health.