(Minghui.org) An elderly practitioner in our area appeared to experience sickness karma recently. After a fall, she couldn't walk, and she was taken to a hospital by her family.

The practitioner didn't want to stay in the hospital and refused to take any medicine but did agree to an IV. She told her children that forcing her to stay in a hospital was not filial but rather harming her. She refused to eat in protest and demanded to go home.

She told her children that she would recover in a few days after going home and would no longer need their care.

She was a very diligent practitioner, had done the three thing well, and was in charge of an important project. She was selfless, willing to help, and didn't have an ego. However, after a few days at home, she died during the night.

Her sudden demise was a big loss for local Fa-validation projects. Many practitioners were unprepared, sad, and regretful.

Evaluating the Death of a Seemingly Diligent Practitioner

Local practitioners shared their understandings on this and three issues came to mind.

First, practitioners around her developed a dependency on her, causing her to be too busy to study the Fa diligently. Thus, the old forces took advantage of that loophole.

Second, a practitioner close to her said she appeared better on the day of her death. But she had mentioned that she had seen a fortuneteller before she practiced Falun Dafa who had predicted her destined age was the current year.

Third, several elderly practitioners in her Fa-study group said that they also thought that she had reached her destined age to die and that if she couldn't maintain a righteous mindset, the old forces would take her life.

I considered these points and realized that this practitioner and fellow practitioners had not eliminated the human notions of “old age, illness and death.” This was a loophole that the old forces used to take away her life.

Practitioners No Longer Subject to the Three Realms' Jurisdiction

Master said,

“A Dafa disciple is no longer subject to the jurisdiction of the Three Realms. Your name was removed from the ledgers of Hell the day you decided to take up the practice. A Dafa disciple will not reincarnate after passing away, for he is no longer subject to the jurisdiction of the Three Realms and cannot be reborn there. Nor has Hell any jurisdiction over him, and so he cannot be punished there. You belong solely to Dafa and are under its care. The Dafa disciples who have departed early for whatever reason are all, regardless of whether they did well or not, quietly watching you from the special dimension where they abide, awaiting the final conclusion of this all.” (2018 Fa Teaching Given in Washington, D.C.)

It appeared that many practitioners still had not conformed to the above teaching and didn't regard themselves as “a life no longer subject to the jurisdiction of the three realms.”

When sickness karma interfered with their cultivation, they didn't believe they were divine beings and didn't believe that hell had no jurisdiction over them.” Holding on to the human notions “destined age,” “a life or death test,” “old age, illness, and death,” they couldn't stop the old forces from taking their lives.

After the practitioner passed away, I also visited another practitioner who was also experiencing sickness karma of a cough and asthma. Several practitioners had been going to her home and helping her send forth righteous thoughts for many days.

We had a brief sharing. I asked why she experienced the sickness karma since she had been diligent all the time. Another practitioner suggested that she probably couldn't let go of some attachments for too long a time.

Let Go of Negative Thoughts

Four practitioners in our area and two from another area have passed away since November 2018. Most of them had a cough, asthma, and swelling of one or both kidneys. A practitioner had recognized the severity of the issue and wrote an article to remind practitioners not to ignore the sickness karma and to send forth righteous thoughts longer and more frequently.

In addition, I want to remind fellow practitioners to not carry any negative thoughts about the practitioners being helped. Negative thoughts in our minds will nullify the power of sending righteous thoughts.

The practitioners in our area have done the three things well and can cooperate with each other very well. A majority of the people working in police and judicial systems have learned the truth through them.

Eliminate Human Notions and Negative Thoughts

When thinking about the early demise of practitioners, I hold two different thoughts. On one hand, several practitioners might have a poor mindset when helping practitioners in need, with too many evil factors concentrated in another dimension.

On the other hand, a practitioner suffering from sickness karma had not let go of human notions, like “old age, illness, and death,” and human emotions had separated practitioners into compartments.

I wrote this sharing to remind practitioners in our area to eliminate any residual human notions and negative thoughts about fellow practitioners. We must purify ourselves and walk firmly on our cultivation path.

I also want to remind fellow practitioners throughout the world to unify our righteous thoughts so we can eliminate the last of the evil in the Three Realms and in the universe and break the interference of the old forces.