(Minghui.org) I suffered from many tribulations during the last few months. I finally realized that I needed to calmly read the Fa and rectify myself. Thus, I memorized, as well as studied the Fa. This effort made me realize that being able to calmly read the Fa is the highest honor one can achieve.

A precious memory from before 1999 is still coming to mind. Every day I used to spend two hours, at noon and about five hours at night, reading and memorizing the Fa.

Restoring Cultivation State

After the persecution started, I slacked off on reading the Fa for a long time, although I knew that a practitioner has the responsibility of validating the Fa. Since I didn't read the Fa well, I developed fear, and the attachment to achievements in my daily work. Thus, I wasted a lot of time until 2005, and became extremely exhausted, physically and mentally. I could not do anything well.

I knew that I must eliminate my attachments, and calmly read the Fa. Thus, I resumed memorizing the Fa. This time I persisted for two years. During those two years, my cultivation level and state improved rapidly due to my Fa-study.

After a few months, a practitioner said: “Looking at you, I see the amazing power of Dafa.” The change in me back then was immense, which was the result of intensive Fa-study.

Developing Attachments

Since I had developed righteous thoughts, and experienced an improved cultivation state, I started to clarify the truth about Dafa to people. I distributed Dafa informational materials, and my experience sharing helped other practitioners in their cultivation. Gradually I developed zealotry, a show off mentality, and an attachment to achievements. Consequently I was not able to read the Fa calmly. When reading the Fa, my mind was on my projects, which I prioritized over reading the Fa.

Human notions and attachments in cultivation are very subtle, which is problematic for sending righteous thoughts. If one cannot eliminate human notions that are mixed with righteous thoughts, ones cultivation will go awry. One no longer strives forward diligently, and will fall, even if one still does the three things. This is because cultivation is all about our hearts, not about doing things at the surface level.

Blocked by Attachments

If one cannot focus when reading the Fa, and thus does not understand Master's teachings, it is possible that one has been blocked by hidden attachments. One must look inward and measure every thought and action against the Fa. When one's level and xinxing improves in cultivation, one would be able to focus and understand the teachings when reading the Fa.

Why can some practitioners strive forward diligently when doing the three things, but some others cannot? My understanding is that if one cannot strive forward, it is because one slacks off on studying the Fa, and develop human notions. When human notions are hidden, and accumulated to a certain level, they will block one's ability to cultivate. It will also block working on projects that clarify the truth. If one only focuses on the surface level of the projects, the effect will not be good. However, if one can focus on reading or memorizing the Fa, adjust oneself, and look inward for hidden attachments, the projects will make a breakthrough.

I realized that there are two subtle and hard-to-detect ways with which the old forces in the other dimension persecute practitioners. The first one is not to let practitioners pay attention to Fa-study. When the quantity and quality of a practitioner's Fa-study is being interfered with, one must know that it is the result of being persecuted.

Besides, one common way of interference are truth-clarifying projects – it may reduce the time one spends on Fa-study. The human notions are subtle, yet strong, so if one has attachments to a given project, one will also prioritize it over Fa-study, and Fa-study will be interfered with.

Over time one spends less time on Fa-study. Yet, one feels that one cannot change, because everything looks so important. But, actually if we can position ourselves well, we will be able to leave this trap.

So, humbly holding the book and reading the Fa well is the correct attitude that a practitioner should have. Only so can we see that we ourselves are not that important. Only then are we able follow Master's arrangements, and do well in saving sentient beings.

The second way of persecution is to not let practitioners see the hidden human notions, so that practitioners would do the projects driven by the human notions. The projects would be interfered with, and practitioners waste their time.

The cause of this, in my opinion, is also slacking off on reading the Fa. Practitioners all have great enlightenment quality, so when they focus on Fa-study, they would make rapid improvement, and would not be led astray by attachments. If one does not focus on Fa-study, the attachments would get stronger and stronger. If one fails to get rid off the strong attachments, it will be difficult to focus on reading the Fa.

I have noticed that many practitioners, including myself, have been interfered with by their own attachments for a few years. I believe there are several things we need to pay attention to if we want to break through the interference.

Reading and Memorizing the Fa

Read the Fa and memorize the Fa every day. Nothing must change or reduce the time spent on reading the Fa every day.

If one places oneself above other practitioners, and believes to be greater and more important than others, because of having made some achievements, and be assigned as the person-in-charge of a project. Then, the old forces will interfere, and one's thoughts will no longer be on the Fa. One will not obtain the Fa, no matter how much time one spends on Fa-study.

One should not get attached to projects, because it will prevent one from understanding the Fa. I realized that the attachment to projects is among the strongest attachments. It can move a practitioner's heart, and take it away from the Fa. Behind this attachment is selfishness. Once a practitioner pays too much attention to himself, he will not understand the Fa.

Reading the Fa and understanding the Fa is not a simple thing. The fundamental issue is to prioritize the time for Fa-study—nothing can change it. Also, any human notion will block one from obtaining the Fa.

Seriousness of Cultivation

I have always prioritized reading and memorizing the Fa. But, during the past 20 years, there were only three periods during which I was able to really read and memorize the Fa without any notions. The first was before 1999, and the other two periods happened when I was experiencing tribulations. I had no choice, but put down everything and read the Fa calmly. I truly realized that it is really not easy for a life to read the Fa calmly.

Both, extrinsic interference and intrinsic human notions will interfere with one's Fa-study. One cannot obtain the Fa, if one cannot put down the attachments to the daily chores, as well as to projects, attachment to oneself and fear. However, if one can read the Fa calmly, and do the three things, the rapid and wonderful improvements in cultivation cannot be described with words. When you are in that state, you will find it easy to do the project.

I hope that practitioners involved in projects would prioritize Fa-study. I especially suggest to memorize the Fa, which has amazing power. Truly pay attention to Fa-study and get rid of fundamental attachments. Thus, practitioners will do better.

Master has said: “The divine path leads to Heaven's gates” (“How Hard to Save You”, Hong Yin Vol. III. )