(Minghui.org) On the morning a practitioner named Allen's body was to be cremated, his main soul connected with a practitioner he knew and said, “I am regretful. I want to cry.”

Allen used to be one of the coordinators in our area. He invited me to work on a project with him several years ago. But I was picky about his decisions and often challenged him, so we soon broke apart. This left me full of regret.

A coordinator living in the city was close to Allen. She was aggressive and wouldn't listen to others’ opinions. She once promoted pyramid schemes among practitioners. If someone didn't obey her, she would punish them by withholding new scriptures and Minghui Weekly magazines.

She borrowed money from fellow practitioners without repaying them. When they asked for the money, she said, “Don't ask anymore. Just count it as a donation to Dafa.”

Once, she organized an experience-sharing gathering. She didn't invite other local coordinators but invited Allen to speak. Allen shared his personal understandings for the entire morning until most of the attendees walked out.

It is obvious that the city coordinator didn't look inward; she was arrested last year. Several practitioners said the authorities didn't say what she did wrong but still sentenced her to prison.

Allen also did things fellow practitioners didn’t agree with, such as altering the cover design of Shen Yun DVDs, creating truth-clarification brochures using his favorite articles from The Epoch Times and Zhengjian.org and excluding articles from the Minghui website.

When practitioners sued former Chinese Communist Party leader Jiang Zemin, he was against it and stopped fellow practitioners from participating. However, he later submitted his own lawsuit against Jiang.

This year, Allen appeared to have sickness karma. He didn't take it seriously at first, but his symptoms grew more and more severe. He passed way even though fellow practitioners sent forth righteous thoughts for him.

On the morning Allen's body was to be cremated, his main soul connected with a familiar practitioner and said, “I am regretful. I want to cry... Master has arranged a place for me, so I am leaving now.”

This practitioner asked if he could see Allen. Allen replied, “Yes, you can. Just look to the sky.”

It was a cloudy day, but a hole opened up in the sky. Magnificent rays of light shone through a break in the clouds. Two minutes later, the break in the clouds closed up.

We knew Master had arranged a very nice place for Allen's main soul. Then why was Allen regretful? My understanding is that Master wanted him to remind other practitioners to be diligent.

No matter what project we are involved with, what’s most important is the process of improving oneself. It would be wrong to show off one's ego. A typical example of a bloated ego is to focus on other people's shortcomings and create conflicts between practitioners.

As long as the old forces still exist, the danger and tests will continue. Whether we are leaders or followers, the requirement to improve one's character is the same.

Our journey of cultivation will reach its end sooner or later, and that magnificent and shining moment awaits us. Don’t leave regrets like Allen did.