(Minghui.org) My husband and I both began to practice Falun Dafa in 1996. Since then we have had many miraculous experiences.

My husband quit drinking after he became a Dafa practitioner. During a gathering with his friends in 1997, his friends poured a full cup of Baijiu (a type of Chinese liquor) for him.

He couldn’t refuse but had to take a sip. It turned out to be sweet, with no taste of alcohol at all. He tried again, still the same. It was just sugar water. My husband told his friends about it and everybody was amazed after tasting it.

Below are a few more such stories that we have encountered during the past 20 years of cultivation in Dafa.

Surviving a Truck Accident

My husband and two other people drove a truck to Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, which is about 2,000 miles from our home, to transport products in March 2008.

When they went to a mountainous area in Shaanxi Province, however, they had a horrific accident. The person behind the wheel at that moment was a brand new driver, and he didn't slow down as the truck went downhill. Then came a sharp turn with a mid-sized bus coming from the opposite direction.

In order to avoid hitting and destroying the bus, my husband reached for the steering wheel and turned it to hit a concrete wall on the side of the road. The truck went through the wall and hit the three houses behind it – fortunately, nobody was in the houses.

Without the houses to block its way, the truck would have gone down the cliff.

The inexperienced driver was stuck in his seat. My husband and another person were thrown out from the truck but didn’t have major injuries. People were saying that it was a miracle that the three of them all survived.

Healing and Staying Healthy

While watching Master’s lecture video for the first time in November 1996, I felt very drowsy, but could still hear his voice while sleeping. Master opened my celestial eye and I could see him giving the lecture in other dimensions. On my way home, I walked very swiftly and felt as if I was flying upstairs.

After I finished watching Master’s lectures, I learned the five exercises. Through my celestial eye, I saw five of myself in front of me. I saw my own body being very shiny. I also saw many Falun (law wheels) in different colors and sizes on other practitioners’ bodies.

I used to feel dizzy all year round and could not work. Once I was lying on my bed and heard birds chirping. Then I heard a loud sound of wind blowing. When I opened my eyes, I saw a big Falun spinning on top of me. I immediately felt clear-minded and no longer dizzy. Master was cleansing my body. He cured me.

I finally got a copy of the book Zhuan Falun, the main text of Falun Dafa, in 1997. When I opened the book, I saw that all of the characters were shining.

One day in 1999, on my way home after I finished doing the exercises in the morning, I was walking with fellow practitioners and saw the scene of a country fair in the sky. I could clearly see people and carriages drawn by cows or horses. It was a scene from back during the 1950s. I realized that I had seen things in other dimensions.

A Hard Fall

It was in the winter of 2012. My grandson and I were walking home, and the ground was very slippery. Suddenly I fell very hard, with my head hitting the ground. I tried my best to walk home after that. I was lying on the bed and feeling very dizzy and sleepy.

My husband said, “Your head is very strong. The ice on the ground had a big hole from your fall.” It was not my head that was hard. It was Master who protected me. I recovered a few days later.