(Minghui.org) In the past 20 years of cultivation, I have enjoyed improving my character and I have suffered in the face of tribulations. No matter the experience, miracles always happened when I firmly believed in Master and the teachings of Falun Dafa. I will share some of my stories.

Removing Slanderous Fliers

When the persecution started, fliers slandering Falun Dafa were posted everywhere in our small town. It saddened me, knowing that the lies and propaganda on these fliers were poisoning the locals and inciting hatred against Dafa practitioners. Understanding that it was an opportunity for me to cultivate, I decided that I had to remove the fliers. At that moment, a sense of fear emerged. Many locals knew me and it would be hard not to be spotted when I removed the fliers.

I tried to remove a flier pasted on a bulletin board. It required water to dampen it and took a lot of effort to scrape it off. I went home and wished that it would rain early in the morning so I wouldn't have to bring a water bucket with me. Also, rain would drive away any crowds and give me time to do the work.

Two days later, a thunderclap in the morning woke me up. I knew that a shower was coming and quickly left home with a raincoat and all the tools I needed. When I got to the bulletin board, two people with umbrellas were talking in front of it. I was a little nervous, but quickly regained righteous thoughts: “I am a practitioner saving people and no one shall interfere.” The people soon left. As I removed one flier after another, the rain got more intense and lasted over an hour, enough time for me to remove most of the slanderous posters in the community.

Learning the Skills to Install NTD Satellites

I couldn’t afford the regular price of the satellite dish that I needed to watch NTD television programs. I kept asking around and finally someone pointed me to a place where I could buy a decent satellite dish at a very reasonable price. I knew nothing about putting a satellite dish together and setting it up. A practitioner happened to stop by my house that day and mentioned that she was finally able to get signals from NTD. I couldn’t believe my ears and immediately got all the information I needed from her. I bought the other parts I needed and was one step away from finishing the work. But I didn’t have the elevation and azimuth angles to position the dish.

The weather was very cold and after two hours, I still couldn’t get the angles right for the satellite to work. Feeling frustrated, I asked Master to help me. Suddenly my wife shouted from inside the house, “We’ve got a signal from NTD!”

I asked my wife to hold the satellite dish while I went indoors to set up the software. I then measured the two angles so that I could give them to the local practitioners if they were interested. When all of this was done, my wife was really cold but did not complain.

Later, I learned how to set up the dish to watch Taiwan’s NTD. I also learned the skills to set up satellite dishes with multiple receivers. I wrote articles and shared my experiences of setting up satellite dishes on the Minghui website in order to help more practitioners.

Miracles will manifest as long as we truly practice Falun Dafa.