(Minghui.org) When a spot for a weekly workshop opened up at a local community center in Zalec, Falun Dafa practitioner Ziga Pozun didn’t hesitate to agree to introduce the exercises on a weekly basis. 

Barbara, the head of the organization, explained, “We all have our own knowledge, skills, and talents to share with others.” Falun Dafa fit in perfectly with the idea of improving oneself, because, as Barbara noted, it is a physical, spiritual, and mental self-cultivation system.

According to Ziga, more than 20 people came to try the exercises the the first week, most of them seniors interested in trying something new. He discussed the basics of the practice and showed them the first three exercises. Most of the students said that they felt a very pleasant energy and a sense of peace after doing the exercises.

Ziga then showed two short movies: An Introduction to Falun Gong, and Uruguay, which is about how an elementary school prevents violence among children. The audience was favorably impressed and made positive comments.

Seniors watching “An Introduction to Falun Gong

Barbara said, “After doing the exercises, I feel fantastic” and mentioned that her stress had disappeared and her posture improved. After seeing the short movie Uruguay, she wanted to show the Falun Dafa exercises to all the kids that would come to the community center over the school holidays the following week.

Over the holidays, the kids were willing to try all five exercises. Surprisingly, they learned quickly. For some, the movements seemed to come naturally. For the meditation, some were able to sit in the full lotus position from the very beginning, some laughing, others peaceful. They were all given lotus flowers when the presentation ended to remember the day. One girl pressed the lotus flower to her chest and said, “I feel so warm in my heart.” A boy and another girl even made a promise that they would show the exercises to their parents at home and try to do them with their teacher the very next day.

Children doing the second exercise, the Falun Standing Stance

And so the seeds of Falun Dafa were planted in the children, seniors, and others in a small town called Zalec in Slovenia. The weekly practice sessions will continue.