(Minghui.org) I acquired the book Zhuan Falun in 2011. After reading the first talk, I realized it contained information that I had been seeking for many years. Master Li Hongzhi explained the Buddha Fa in modern language. My only regret was finding it so late in life. 

I was born into a poor family in a rural area in 1978. As a child, I was determined to make a name for myself. I joined the military, and, after retiring from service, I got into the stock market.

My goal was to become a master stockbroker and be famous and wealthy. But in 2008, I lost everything. I knew the root cause of the loss was my greed. I tried to find a way to control my avarice by reading Buddhist scriptures. But they were written in ancient Chinese, which I had a hard time understanding. I wished I could find Buddhist scriptures written in modern Chinese!

Finding Dafa

I had to work for other people after losing everything. I got a job in an investment company in 2011. One of my colleagues was a Falun Dafa practitioner. He introduced me to the practice and suggested I read Zhuan Falun. But I’d been so hoodwinked by the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) lies about Dafa that I was afraid to read it. My colleague helped me a lot, so I figured I would glance at several topics in the book in case he asked. I returned the book to him a week later and told him I hadn't read anything that wasn't good.

After the national holidays in May, my colleague visited me at home and recommended that I reread Zhuan Falun. This time I read it with a calm mind and could not put it down. I realized that it was the righteous Buddha Law. I had found the scriptures I had been looking for! Thank you, Master. You gave me, a person pursuing worldly fame, a chance to learn the Buddha Fa. 

Becoming a Better Person

When I read Zhuan Falun, I understood what it means to be a human being. From then on, I knew my goal in life: To return to my true self. 

I relaxed and did not feel pained or tense anymore. I stopped playing the stock market and learned that a practitioner should not gamble. Investing is a form of gambling and the gains from it have to be exchanged for virtue. As a practitioner, we need our virtue to increase our gong (higher energy). I felt that I was awakening, and I was starting on the path of returning to my true self.

I began to study the teachings, do the exercises, and cultivate my character every day. I was immersed in the Buddha’s grace. I felt my mind was purified and I became more sincere, kind, and tolerant.

Although I do not have much money, my life is now more relaxed and comfortable. Before becoming a practitioner, I was impatient and rude, and I often swore and lied. My bad character, including indifference and selfishness, was slowly corrected by the Fa.

Validating the Fa

Although I obtained the Fa late, I wanted to be a true cultivator and assist Master by letting more people know the facts about Dafa. So I bought a printer and downloaded information about the persecution and handed it out. 

At first, I didn't know how to approach people. Initially, I went back to my hometown and started talking to my friends and relatives. Over 20 people learned the truth about Dafa and withdrew from the CCP and its affiliated organizations.

I was very anxious about talking to strangers but was determined to approach someone I didn't know. I began to chat with several elderly people sitting nearby. We first talked about the corruption of CCP officials. I then broached the topic of the unjust nature of the persecution. Two of them were willing to quit the CCP. Following this approach, I used every opportunity to talk to people every day.

I started a small business and gave out pamphlets with Falun Dafa information to my customers. I also sent out information in emails, text messages, and phone calls.

The CCP's slander of Falun Dafa has poisoned many people throughout China. If they could have the chance to calm down, learn the facts about Dafa, and read Zhuan Falun, they would awaken from their suffering and life would be wonderful!