(Minghui.org) I am a young Falun Dafa practitioner and work in a manufacturing company. I recently had an accident because I wasn't dedicated to my job and wanted to choose my own cultivation environment.

The company operates on a six-day workweek. I wanted more time off because I didn't have time to do the three things. I asked my boss for one more day off every weekend that I would take without pay. 

Not only did my boss turn me down, he was also unhappy about it. I became agitated and thought that I would quit and look for something else if he didn’t give me the extra day off. Later, after my boss talked with the HR manager, he finally let me have two days off a week. 

Although I should have settled into my job after winning that battle, that wasn’t quite the case. I submitted my resume to other companies every day, looking for something in the administration field that gave the entire weekend off. When I found such a job, I told myself, I would quit my engineering job. I was very attached to this idea and sent out resumes constantly. However, no one called me for an interview. Finally, one company contacted me. I was excited and promised to show up for the interview. 

The interview was scheduled for 2:30 p.m., so I went home to change my clothes, thinking I needed to look a bit more formal. I purposefully chose to wear a long skirt. At close to 2 p.m., I jumped on an electronic bicycle and was ready to head out. 

At the entrance to our residential area, a lady standing nearby said to me, “Your skirt is almost touching the ground.” I smiled at her, hiked up my skirt, and rode to my interview. 

But the interviewer didn’t meet me in a conference room. Instead, we stood in the shade at the company entrance and had a quick chat. It was awkward, and I thought it was a ridiculous way to conduct an interview. I hurried back to work when it was over. 

I was in a rush, so I was driving pretty fast when suddenly the bicycle stopped and I was pulled off the seat. The last thing I remember was my jaw hitting the ground. I was dazed and had no clue what had happened. I saw blood running down my arms. I later realized that my long skirt had gotten tangled in the back wheel of the bike. 

I realized that I was too attached to a five-day workweek and shouldn't have gone to the interview. I spit out pieces of broken teeth. Someone behind me offered to help. With some effort he managed to pull my skirt out of the wheel and stood the bike up. When I asked him what exactly had happened, he didn’t answer and left. 

My clothes and arms were covered with blood, but I got on my e-bike, which had some dents from the accident, and rode home.

I  cleaned up, then sat down and began to send righteous thoughts. I began looking inward. I remembered that I hadn't done well at work recently because I’d complained about my colleagues and the company and often chimed in when others complained. This was exactly why some of my teeth were damaged. I didn’t cultivate my speech, which created karma. 

Although it didn’t hurt, I saw a deep, four-centimeter-long cut on my jaw. Only my teeth, which seemed to be loose, bothered me. The skin on both knees was abraded and oozed, especially when I did the sitting meditation. When the oozing stopped, scabs began to form. 

Eventually, the scabs thickened, which made straightening my legs challenging. Parts of my legs were still swollen, so as soon as I tried to stretch my legs, the scabs pulled the flesh on the sides and caused pain. I thought: “I will do the sitting meditation, send righteous thoughts, and do the standing exercises. I shouldn't stop doing the exercises because of pain.”

I got up every morning and did the standing exercises, then rested before sitting in the lotus position to meditate. One morning when I tried to stand up, my knees hurt like crazy. My roommate, also a practitioner, encouraged me, saying that I should endure the pain and stand up as quickly as I could. Gradually, I got over the pain in my knees. 

One evening, when I was in extreme pain, I soaked the scab to soften it and then just tore it off. I sat on the floor, holding my knees and crying from the pain. I thought to myself: Why am I cultivating? I had scratches from head to toe, and six small pieces chipped off my teeth As a result, a nerve in my tooth was exposed and I had trouble eating. But because my jaw was not fully recovered, I couldn’t open my mouth or see a dentist. 

While I was crying, the pain stopped. It must have been that benevolent Master saw that I couldn’t forbear any more and eliminated the karma for me. I was so grateful, even though I felt I had let him down. When I was in pain, I would recite “Nothing is truly unbearable or impossible.” (The Ninth Talk, Zhuan Falun)

I made steady progress. The deep cut on my jaw eventually healed even though I didn’t have it treated. It was the end of June when I had the accident and very hot outside, but I recovered with no complications. I went back to work nine days later. 

As a young practitioner, I hadn’t experienced any physical tribulations. After the accident, I had a fuller understanding of treasuring the time Master has extended for us to live in this world. I also had a deeper understanding of adjusting practitioners’ bodies to be illness-free, for which I felt deeply grateful to Master. 

I also came to the realization that cultivation is very serious. The old forces are watching us at all times. We must maintain our xinxing and walk the path Master arranged for us. Though this path is quite narrow, with Master’s Fa, we are sure to be able to make it to the end.