(Minghui.org) I began Falun Dafa cultivation practice in March 1996, and a number of my family members also began to practice soon after. The following are some of the blessings we've experienced from the practice. 

My Mother's Illnesses and an Old Injury Healed

My mother's health was not good. She had many illnesses, and depended on medications which caused swelling in her face. She tried some qigong practices, but nothing helped. 

I worked in another city and came to visit her only once a year. When I saw her health declining on every visit, I was frustrated and sad, but did not know how to help her.

After I began practicing Falun Dafa, I felt that the practice was effective for improving health and keeping fit. I called my mother and suggested that she look for a Falun Dafa practice site in her area. She took my advice and began to attend. All of her illnesses were gone within a year. She felt good and was always upbeat. 

One day, my mother tripped as she entered the bank and fell flat on her face. She was taken to a hospital for an x-ray. The results indicated an old wound in her wrist and nothing else.

When she returned home, though stiff and sore, she did the sitting meditation. Afterward, her wrist felt different and she realized that her old injury was gone. It felt so good that she could not even tell which wrist had been injured. 

Bring on the Cameras!

After my mother began practicing Dafa, she asked my father to take up the practice as well. He had also been involved with another school of qigong, and declined. A year later, however, after witnessing the changes in my mother, he changed his mind. I received a call from him with good news: “After 15 days of practicing, my skin disease was healed!” 

Dad had suffered for 50 years with a skin disease, which worried the family. He had tried many treatments, but his skin never improved and the condition had spread to his entire body. He would scratch his skin at night leaving traces of blood on the bed sheets. Eventually, the rash spread to his face and made him extremely self conscious. He did not like having his photo taken.

After practicing Falun Dafa, the skin on his entire body became smooth. His face even took on a healthy glow. He is now a fan of being in photos. It's easy to see his happiness in our pictures. His congenital heart disease was also cured without his awareness.

My Aunt's Legs Heal after Learning Dafa

While visiting my parents in 1998, my mother asked me to visit my aunt. Her legs were swollen, and she had trouble even getting out of bed. I could see that she was suffering; blood oozed out of her feet and legs.

I asked her if she had been to the hospital, and in tears she said that she had, and was taking all the medications they gave her. But none had helped, and my aunt was making plans to go to another hospital.

I invited her to attend Falun Dafa practice with me and my parents. She was skeptical about getting there in her condition. I then suggested, “How about if you learn it at home? I have Master Li's exercise instruction DVD with me.” She readily agreed. Her husband was leery, but she insisted on giving it a try.

One week later, after my parents and I arrived at People’s Stadium to do the exercises in the morning, I heard someone calling me. I saw my aunt riding her bicycle. I quickly approached her and asked if she was okay. 

She replied excitedly, “Look, my slippers fit on my feet now, and I can ride my bicycle. I followed the exercise instructions on the DVD every day. I perspired while doing them, but the swelling was gone in just a few days. It’s so amazing! Your uncle was impressed too.”

Others See the Wonders of Dafa

I had many illnesses before starting cultivation practice, including congenital heart disease, congenital cerebral insufficiency, and lumbar disc herniation. Within one year all my illnesses had disappeared. I have not taken any medication or been to a hospital for more than two decades.

In the past, I rarely attended any activities that my company organized for retired employees. On the ten-year anniversary of my retirement, however, I joined them on a sightseeing trip. After witnessing my good health, everyone clearly saw how wonderful Falun Dafa is. An everyday person cannot avoid the ravages of old age, but with Master Li by our side, things are different for practitioners!

Thank you Master for your saving grace.