(Minghui.org) I have come to understand Falun Dafa's extraordinary power is responsible for us being physically and mentally healthy. 

Introduced to Falun Dafa

When I was in my 20s, I obtained the Fa on September 15, 1997. I was given a copy of Zhuan Falun, the main book of Falun Dafa. 

I learned the five sets of exercises and was introduced to the cultivation practice. When I got home, I finished reading the entire book Zhuan Falun. I found the answers to many puzzles in life and started my cultivation.

Then, I met a practitioner, whom I married. As my husband was often out-of-town, I often read Zhuan Falun with our daughter. Every morning, we went out to clarify the truth about Dafa.

I often shared with my husband that we should follow the principles Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, and always think first of others first.

Harmonious Family Life

Then we experienced the onset of the persecution. My husband stopped cultivating because of fear. Then, he had a stroke and passed away in 2017. My daughter told her brother to take care of me so that I could continue doing the tasks that had to do with Dafa. 

Although she was not my biological daughter, we had a good relationship. She bought me clothes and took care of me. She didn't want to get married, so she could stay with me. 

The persecution has been going on for more than 20 years, and my two children also went through many hardships due to the persecution. They have been strong and treasure the predestined relationship with Dafa. 

Returning One Thousand Dollars

When I changed some money at a public exchange to use for Dafa truth-clarification purposes another practitioner discovered an additional $1,000 in the bag and gave the money to me. How could a public company that provides change make a mistake? I saw this as a test, to see if I was greedy. 

I went back to the same company to get change again. The person that counted the money last time asked if I received an extra $1,000. I said we discovered the extra money, but I wasn't sure how it happened, because I didn't double-check at the time. I told her to deduct $1,000 from the total that I was supposed to get this time. She was very thankful. 

The person was surprised that I was honest because if I didn't have the extra money, she would have to pay it back out of pocket, which accounted for over half a month of her salary. 

Because the change was supposed to be used for truth-clarification, for safety reasons, I didn't clarify the truth to people at the company, and neither did I tell them that I am a Falun Dafa practitioner. They only knew that I was running a business and needed some change. 

Teacher Li Hongzhi (the founder of Dafa) requires that we conduct ourselves according to the standard of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance and be people of high moral values. I took the words to heart and returned the money. If this were to happen before I practiced cultivation, I would have taken the money. 

Gaining More Wisdom

It could be said that my son obtained the Fa when he was in my womb because he listened to the lectures every day. 

When the persecution against Falun Dafa practitioners was initiated in 1999, many practitioners suffered mentally, physically and financially. Those who were skilled in technology were made to do cleaning jobs and were not paid. Some were fired and also sent to brainwashing centers and detention centers. Many suffered from torture and even got their organs harvested. 

Because my husband and I were persecuted, it was our relatives and fellow practitioners who helped bring up my son. Our two children often witnessed how my husband and I were being harassed and taken away. Therefore, all these years, the little hearts had to bear much worry and fear, which in a way, helped make them stronger and more mature. 

My son didn't get to high school because the fees were very high. He said he didn't want us to spend tens of thousands of dollars to send him to school. He preferred to learn a trade.

He quit school at the age of 16. First, he went to work at a trade school where he hoped to learn some skills. But after he was there for more than six months, he did not learn a skill. He quit and accepted another job, which was not what he was looking for. He then got a job at a repair company, where he worked during the day and at night he helped practitioners repair their equipment. 

I downloaded some technical maintenance information from the Minghui website for him, which he used as a reference when fixing practitioners' equipment. Master gave him the wisdom, which enabled him to develop more skills. There were problems that even qualified technicians of his company could not fix, but he had the wisdom to repair the equipment.

Working hard and having a good attitude, along with his technical skills, earned him the trust of his customers. His boss and coworkers praised him. He also taught his skills to new staff members. 

One year later, at the age of 18, my son became the youngest registered technician. If he had continued school, he would have graduated from high school that year. 

He then obtained the first-class engineer qualification certificate the next year. He was admitted to be trained for the second-level engineer. As far as he knew, there were only a few people at the second-level in the industry. His dream of becoming a technician finally came true. 

He recognized that all of his achievements were given to him by Teacher Li. He taught others the skills he had and considered others first. Thus, in turn, he earned the trust of his colleagues, and his boss and customers. Everyone worked together harmoniously. 

Each time when he got his pay, he saved a small amount for his own use and gave me 500 yuan to cover his expenses. He gave me the rest of his money and said that it was up to me how to use it. Dafa gave him a healthy body and a pure heart. 

To let people know that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is deceitful, we use our own savings to make truth-clarification materials to help those who have been misled to understand the truth about Dafa. Our whole family has benefited tremendously from Dafa, and we are truly grateful.