(Minghui.org) Greetings, Master and fellow practitioners:

I’ve been working at The Epoch Times media for 15 years and experienced tribulations that helped me on my cultivation path and helped me let go of attachments.

When attending an experience sharing session my name was misspelled on the name tag. I couldn’t help but feel wronged, though I knew that it was not a big deal. My name was just words, and there wasn't any point to be attached to it.

At that time I had just been removed from a managerial position in the sales division. I was frustrated and struggled to let go of my attachment to fame. The name tag was Master’s hint to remind me not to worry about the title. However, I just couldn’t help feel humiliated, because my attachment was exposed, and I was not able to look within but blamed others.

Before I was removed from the managerial position, there were computer problems in the company. For security reasons the company decided to temporarily suspend my access to the customer database until the problems were resolved. It was a simple procedure, but the idea of “my access being suspended” was humiliating. I even told a practitioner that the company would have to remove me from the position if it wanted to suspend my access. The practitioner told me that I had become attached to fame and gain. I looked within and knew that I was wrong, but I just couldn’t let go.

Though I didn’t make a fuss or act out, I could not let go of this issue for a long time. Negative thoughts emerged in my head, as I blamed other practitioners. I often got short-tempered and raised my voice. I kept thinking about it and was frequently absent-minded. At times I even got really angry when I rode my scooter and went dangerously fast.

Master said,

“One who is for fame resents till death,” (“Being A Human” Hong Yin)

“A wicked person is born of jealousy. Out of selfishness and anger he complains about unfairness towards himself.” (“Realms”, Essentials for Further Advancement)

From the Fa I found the root of my deviant behavior. I feared that others would judge me; I cared too much about my feelings being hurt. These are all attachment to self and fame. They made me a bitter person, who was angry and jealous. I was unkind and often complained about others.

When I kept thinking “what would others think about me if I did this,” I hesitated when negative thoughts interfered with my ability to work. It would have been an easy thing to do if I had just put myself in the company’s shoes. Unfortunately, I was so attached to fame and became irrational. I became frustrated and lost my passion for the work I did.

Thankfully, Master repeatedly gave me the opportunity, so that I could continue to improve when I studied the Fa and shared with other practitioners. I was able to clarify the truth, which helped people appreciate The Epoch Times. All of these encouraging moments gave me the righteous thoughts to continue doing the three things.

Reciting the Fa While Delivering the Newspaper

I delivered the newspapers for a few months this year. It may seem like hard work to others because one had to wake up early every morning. I thought it was no big deal, since it needed to be done and was important for expanding The Epoch Times’s market.

Waking up at four in the morning gave me more free time during the day. I did half an hour of exercises before I left home. After I was done delivering the newspapers, I still made it to the group exercise and Fa study before I went to work. At first I was exhausted during the day, but I got used to it a week later. A practitioner shared how he listened to the Fa lectures while delivering the newspapers. It gave me the idea that I could memorize, and recite the Fa when delivering the newspapers.

Before I left home, I wrote down two or three poems in Hong Yin II and read them a few times. I continued to recite them when I rode my scooter. I was able to memorize one after another. For a month I really enjoyed reciting the Fa while delivering the papers before dawn.

When I endure a hardship or get frustrated at work, when I feel lazy or want to complain, the Fa was a powerful energy that wiped out the interference.

Master said,

“Confident and magnanimous, I rectify the colossal firmamentHuge is the adversity that accompanies me as I journey Heaven and EarthCredit and honor are not what is on my mindAs I rectify heaven, rectify earth, and rectify all livesTrue thoughts, a grand wish, and diamond-like willRecreate with one thought the enormity” (“In One Thought”, Hong Yin II)

As I recited the Fa and accomplished many tasks, I knew that this was my purpose. Being a Dafa practitioner, it doesn’t matter what I do, or what role I play. What matters is that I constantly improve my character, so that I can conform to the requirements of the Fa in everything I do.

Rectify Myself in Every Aspect

Getting two traffic tickets within a few days made me look within. One time I wanted to get done sooner, so I drove the wrong way on a one-way lane thinking that I wouldn’t get caught. A police officer came after me. I thought he’d give me a break because I was working that early, but he wrote me a ticket.

A few days later I did the same thing again believing that I’d be fine. As soon as I got out of the one-way street, an officer was waiting for me and gave me a ticket. I was so mad. After I calmed down, I knew that I should have taken the right path.

Two days later I sat in a practitioner’s car and told him the story. As soon as I finished my story saying “Master wanted me to take the right path,” I looked up and saw a street named “Law Abiding Road.”

It couldn’t be more clear that Master was telling me no matter how magnificent the work I did, it needed to be done based on the Fa. I wholeheartedly knew that I was wrong. It wasn’t really about following traffic rules, but conforming to the Fa in everything I did.

Sending Righteous Thoughts

I have visited many customers during the past 10 years as a salesperson. I can’t remember how many times Master boosted my righteous thoughts through the customers’ positive feedback. Master gave me the courage and enthusiasm to walk my path steadfastly.

A doctor, after listening to me introduce The Epoch Times, agreed with our principle to report truthfully about the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP’s) wrongdoings. He subscribed to The Epoch Times and recommended it to people in the hospital where he worked and some businessmen. I visited and clarified the truth to one of the businessmen, who happened to come from the same town I did. He praised The Epoch Times’ principle and added me to a chat group with over 150 people. He praised me, and Falun Dafa, in the chat group, and said that he’d like to try the sitting meditation some day. Two days later he gave me a list of people saying that he wanted to pay for their subscription to The Epoch Times. He also placed advertisements with The Epoch Times.

I once visited a young government representative, who many times told me that she admired The Epoch Times for reporting the truth while facing the CCP’s suppression. She said that many people in Taiwan felt lost as they believed that Taiwan would lose its freedom because of the CCP’s deep and widespread infiltration. I told her to keep her hopes high because the ideology of anti-CCP is a global trend, “Our media stands on the front lines defending Taiwan against the CCP, and it’s getting stronger by the day.” She was inspired and excited.

I visited many customers that day and wasn’t tired at all. I was energetic and held strong righteous thoughts. Dafa practitioners are the hope of the world’s people. I thank Master for giving me so many opportunities to clarify the truth.


As the Fa-rectification moves forward, The Epoch Times’ scale and influence are quickly expanding. I could clearly feel that more and more people wanted to get to know The Epoch Times. Political, civil and business groups of mainstream society often invited The Epoch Times to their activities. Many important guests were there, waiting to hear the truth.

We must seize the time to cultivate, clarify the truth and save more people.

Thank you, Master and fellow practitioners.

(Presented at the 2019 Taiwan Fa Conference)