(Minghui.org) Esteemed Master and fellow practitioners:

To be honest, I'm not writing this experience sharing article to satisfy a formality but to help others see the indescribable and beautiful cultivation path of the Fa-rectification period. Doing this is also to thank other practitioners for their help. I am immensely grateful to Master for allowing me to cultivate, be a Dafa disciple, and His protection of me.

On our cultivation path, I repeatedly discovered that Master is beside us, giving us hints when needed, and letting us feel his infinite wisdom and mercy. Whenever I ask Master for his help, He has always hinted, be it through testimonials from fellow practitioners, conversations and exchanges with others, or Fa-explanations. However, to understand the Fa hints, one has to consider oneself a diligent cultivator and fully believe in Master. If we don't consider ourselves as cultivators in our thoughts, words or deeds, Master is unable to help us.

Master said,

“So you now know what I give you as your teacher. My spiritual bodies will constantly protect you until the day comes when you can protect yourself, at which point you will be about to surpass the mundane world in your practice and gain enlightenment. You have to see yourself as a true practitioner, though, for that to ever be possible” (The Third Talk, Zhuan Falun)

The key for considering myself a Dafa disciple has been the daily Fa study – despite the gaps I have not yet eliminated.

I will share in my article stories that impressed on me what cultivation is all about, and how Master has taught me some things in a compassionate manner.

Master Accepted Me Despite a Dark and Gloomy Past

I first came across Falun Dafa in a park in Zurich in April 2007, when I experienced a life crisis that resulted in excruciating pain in the solar plexus. When doing the exercises for the first time, I was relieved of my pain. When doing the exercises daily, the pain disappeared. But, when I stepped away from Dafa, the pains returned.

For the next seven years, beginning at the age of 48, I only did the exercises and benefited only a little from Dafa. However, I looked older because of my past drug abuse and other immoral things, which I stopped using and partaking in in December 2006. So, day after day, I looked younger. However, I did not have any spiritual support to keep my bearings. Although I had decided to stop using and doing debased things, I did not know how to continue on this path without everything I had become accustomed to over a long time.

I want to let you know that I came from a communist country – Cuba. Although, I have been living in Switzerland for 23 years, my thoughts were still influenced by the evil spirit of communism. As I was born into a high-level communist family, I still believed in its manipulative. perverse methods.

Yes, there was Dafa and Master, but I did not truly realize this for a long time. Master showed me his infinite patience by not giving up on me, despite my large ego – I just could not recognize this.

During the seven years when I did the exercises, Master arranged for a number of xinxing tests, but I always ran away. Lastly, I did not go to the group Fa study, because I did not study the Fa, or, rather, I did not study it with a pure heart, as I was only interested in health, younger looks, and so on. I still had these attachments, although I had already achieved them by doing the exercises. I must admit that, given the exercises, I looked 20 years younger after six months of doing them, yet not cultivating diligently, I clung too much to my ego.

Then, I experienced phases during which my cultivation improved. The most important issue and something for which I am very grateful is that I have not tried to run away from xinxing tests during the past three years. I again participated in the Fa study group and tried to look at my fellow cultivators with different eyes, and refrained from having bad thoughts about them.

I believe that this was the beginning of looking inward. For example, I started to not look at my fellow cultivators as people who wanted to provoke me but saw them as much more experienced practitioners. I wanted to see how one could be like that. Since then, I no longer ignored any xinxing test, but have been trying to control my anger and bad thoughts about them. I never struck back but told myself that I owe them something, and could pay it back now.

I approached the practitioner with whom I was in conflict. After the conflict intensified, we got into an argument. Since then, we improved our relationship. Without realizing I took such a path after I looked inward. I did not read the Fa very often at that time.

I hope that I achieve greater humility, and realized that it is beneficial to be humble. Now, I notice that behind every xinxing test is the merciful hand of our Master, who wants us to look within and find our attachments.

My latest test was not so long ago. Now, I can say “I am a Dafa disciple, and Master accepts me.”

Dealing with Illness Karma

About a little over a year ago, I suffered severe illness karma and was close to death, as I refused to take antibiotics. As a homeopath, I am a fundamentalist in naturopathy. But, because of cultivation we were given something immeasurably beautiful and benevolent – which is Dafa during the Fa-rectification period.

When given tests, it was discovered that I had a tumor. The doctors warned me over and over again that this was serious, that I needed to be under observation. A year passed. I decided recently to have my condition evaluated. Given continuous Fa study, I realized that I was ready to make a decision about having tests done. The tests told the doctors that I had passed the danger point and no longer had to be monitored. There was no danger for me, and everything was fine.

“You need to be congratulated,” said the doctors. “The tumor on your lungs that we noticed a year ago has shrunk.” Actually, given your age of 60 years, we expected that these tumors would not disappear.

I thought differently. “This condition changed because Master took care of me.” I thanked Master for his protection. I did not ask for any details, but I do know that I'm no longer in danger and do not have to be monitored in the future. This confirmed that Master is watching over me and has accepted me as a Dafa disciple.

Opening of the Third Eye Results in Thankfulness

After having experienced the reduction of my tumor and the regeneration of my lungs, I suddenly experienced illness symptoms again. The doctors carried out many tests to assess my health. I was exposed to x-ray radiation for about 30 minutes, which also affected me.

I vomited and had diarrhea, as well as a stuffy nose. I said in my mind, “It's my own fault. I need to apologize to Master for going through medical tests instead of trusting him.” While doing the second exercise I broke out in tears and thought, “I'm sorry Master.” I also apologized to another cultivator, as I felt ashamed. She was the only one whom I told about the tumor. She had asked me, “Why are you having the tests if you have faith in Master? You should refrain from having any medical tests.”

Then, my third eye opened, and I saw Master smiling at me, and said, “Forget it and cultivate diligently. Do the three things better. Read the Fa with a new heart.” Master had encouraged me with humor. This was so compassionate, so I no longer felt ashamed, but laughed.

The opening of my third eye did not bring joy, but thankfulness. Now, I feel even more responsibility to cultivate. I will assimilate more into the Fa, because with an open third eye, interference will become even stronger. Thus, I must cultivate even more diligently.

I wanted to share with fellow practitioners, because I started to read the Fa diligently from that day onward. Thus, cultivation had become even more amazing for me. Cultivation has become increasingly more precious. It takes the first place in my life, and I am more and more beholden to it. Most importantly, I can recognize more easily a xinxing test. Also, most of the time I'm able to compare any issue I encounter with the Fa.

Besides, I am more critical of myself. In the past I experienced joy when cultivating, but now I have a calm heart and a sense of balance. However, as I still use human reasoning at times, I will need more time to truly do the three things well. It is important for me to remember that I am a cultivator and not an ordinary person. My standards need to rise daily, for which the calm heart is of great help.

When I experience difficulties when clarifying the truth, I take a step back and think of Master and Dafa. This gives me the wisdom to find the right words when talking to people.

Master is around us and accompanies us. There is nothing accidental, and I pay respect and great attention to every word that comes out of the mouth of a fellow cultivator. This is because Master tells me something, or calls my attention to something. Whenever I say something, it comes from the heart, because I wish to make great strides forward in my cultivation.

Master said,

“So, when you get into a heated exchange and it stirs things up in you, or you get into a conflict over something that concerns your vital interests, perhaps the factors behind it were put there by Master. Maybe you only get upset when it’s a case of someone saying something that really provokes you or hits a sore spot. And maybe the person really did treat you wrongfully. But, those words weren’t necessarily said by that person. Perhaps they were said by me. (Everyone laughs) I want to see how you handle things at the time. When you butt heads with that person, it actually equates to butting heads with me. (Master laughs) (Everyone laughs, applauds) That’s all for today. I can completely remove the material substance for you, but the habits that were formed are something you definitely have to remove—definitely, absolutely.” (“Fa Teaching Given in Manhattan”, Collected Fa Teachings, Vol. X)

I wanted to share my thoughts about opening the Third Eye, something that will always be in my mind.

Master said,

“But someone who allows his mind to lead him astray is in serious trouble, and may be destroyed by this. This problem is especially likely for those whose inner eyes are open when they reach a certain stage of practice. Another group that’s vulnerable are those whose consciousnesses are interfered with by foreign messages, energies, or images, and who put their trust in them. Some of us will be subject to interference like this from many sources after our inner eye has opened. (The Sixth Talk, Zhuan Falun)

Cultivating Without Pursuit

I want to cultivate diligently, without aspiring to gain something. I want to free myself of the heavy burden that accumulated due to my ego in this, as well as prior lives. This cultivation opportunity is the greatest ever that has ever happened to me. I hope that I can continue to purify myself, as well as let go of more and more of my ego related attachments, I want to introduce more people to Falun Dafa and, in this way, support Master's Fa-rectification. As I understand, Master's greatest wish is to save all sentient beings. However, only Master knows how long this opportunity will exist. Therefore, I am dedicating myself with all my heart to what is required of a Falun Dafa practitioner. I will not hold the thought that time is short and I need to hurry. Master will help me meet the people I am predestined to meet.

Only because of continuous Fa study have I realized that I am different from ordinary people. People who are interested in Falun Dafa will approach me, even if they were against Dafa some time ago. Suddenly, they approach me and say that they want to learn the exercises.

Alas, I do not know the attachment which prevented people from approaching me in the past. This is excellent and the best way for me to show my gratitude to Master. There are still many attachments I have to find and let go of. I have become more self-critical, which will help me reach the level needed to save people who are predestined with me. It is a mystery to me, but I became more diligent. I know that only Master can see who needs to be saved and can only do what I am meant to do. My goal is to improve day after day. Cultivation is no longer the search for the needle in the haystack. I have moved past this type of desire, otherwise I would not cultivate. I am aware of that. My heart knows now which direction to take.

I humbly apologized if I have said something that is different from other practitioners with different cultivation levels. I understand that we always have to think of others first.

Cultivation is something dynamic and beautiful. Above all, it is very serious. Every day I feel that what I thought a day ago is no longer true – everything is different. It is a process that allows us to cleanse ourselves. Every day I feel lighter and younger and will never forget that others are waiting for this opportunity we were given.

Merciful Master, thank you for this great opportunity – an opportunity I agreed to undertake at one point in history. I hope to achieve consummation without pursuit. But I know that it depends on me. You are guiding us in high-level cultivation. However. without your protection it would have been impossible. I was and still am somehow confused.

Today's humans desperately need honest, compassionate and tolerant people – something that can only be achieved by cultivating in Falun Dafa. Even if I don't achieve consummation I will be deeply grateful for holding the principles Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance in my heart until I leave this earth. I hope that I can continue to save sentient beings. This opportunity, I believe, has never happened in human history.

My greatest thanks to my fellow cultivators, who helped me along the way. I will continue to support you as we are one body.

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