(Minghui.org) I learned Falun Gong, also known as Falun Dafa, in China in February 1998. I had been under a lot of pressure, because the company I worked for was always very busy. I was exhausted, and came down with sicknesses. I was always taking medicine. I had a bad heart and my fingers would become numb when I slept, which kept me from a good night's sleep. I had severe pancreatitis. Although I took medicine and used folk treatments, it used to recur every spring. 

Right about the time I wanted to learn some type of qigong to heal my body, I found out that many people around me were going to a practice site for Falun Gong in the morning, so I joined them.

After I practiced Falun Gong for about three days, all of my illness symptoms disappeared and I was filled with energy. Even my pancreas recovered completely the year I began to practice Falun Gong.

I moved to South Korea in August 1998 for family reasons. After personally experiencing the remarkable effects of Falun Gong, I insisted on practicing the exercises after coming to South Korea for a while, but I only regarded it as a tool to stay healthy. Gradually I drifted away from Dafa. However, Dafa seemed to have been deeply rooted in my heart.

Reentering Falun Dafa Cultivation

When I went to the Chinese Embassy in Myeongdong in May 2008, I saw an area where Falun Gong practitioners were raising awareness about the persecution in China. I never dreamed that there were Falun Gong practitioners in Korea! I contacted the organizer of that practice site, and joined the practice site. From then on, I participated in the group exercise and group Fa-study, without missing a single time. Along with deeper study of the Fa, I gradually realized the Fa principals, and learned the meaning of returning to my true self.

I realized that Falun Dafa's principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance are the foundation of life, and understood that the prosperity of the human world is elusive. I knew that only by firmly cultivating Dafa can one truly return to one's original home. I realized that I am a particle of Dafa.

Then, my daily life began to change. In the past, after I finished doing household chores, I would go hiking in the mountains, go shopping, or watch television until late at night. I enjoyed that lifestyle. But this life of killing time was gradually replaced by learning Dafa.

My mind understood, “The Fa-rectification has entered the final stage. Dafa disciples have great responsibilities during this period. We are different from other lives in the universe. Coming from a distant world, we shoulder a mission to bring the Great Law of the universe to people.”

I was lost and carried away in the life of everyday people for 10 years after I first learned Dafa. I'd lost my way, but Master woke me up. I was grateful and decided, “I shall be a truly cultivating disciple, and complete my mission, assisting Master in rectifying the Fa.”

Not Missing Any Person When Clarifying the Truth 

I began to spread the facts about Falun Gong to Chinese people at the Second International Passenger Terminal in Incheon Port in August 2010. Incheon Port is the main entry point for many Chinese groups visiting Korea. We hung up a huge banner with the words “Falun Dafa is good,” displayed a truth-clarifying board, played audio recordings about the persecution in China, and distributed informational materials about Falun Gong. The Chinese visitors were surprised and curious. Some were amazed to see Falun Gong in Korea, and some gave us a thumbs up.

Things have changed when compared to a few years ago. In the past, sometimes Chinese tourist groups were abusive, pointed at us, and even tore up the Dafa materials and threw them at us. Whenever this happened, I felt very sad. How could we talk about Falun Gong to the Chinese who had been brainwashed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), and convince them to quit the CCP? I had been thinking about this for a while.

Master said,

“All sentient beings are waiting to be saved, and I can tell you something certain. If Dafa disciples don’t act to save them, those people, no matter in what corner of the world they may be, will have no hope unless you go to save them.” (“Fa Teaching Given at the NTDTV Meeting,” Collected Fa Teachings, Vol. IX)

I realized that it was not accidental for me to be there. I was determined to turn this into a sacred place to save sentient beings.

At this truth-clarification spot, we fold each brochure neatly while maintaining righteous thoughts, firmly believing that each brochure can save a life. When the passenger ships enter the port, we send righteous thoughts to clear away the bad substances and the evil entities behind the Chinese tourists. Then we study the Fa together after the first passenger ship leaves the port, until the second passenger ship arrives. The practitioners who came here recently remarked that our energy field was very bright and pure.

Regardless of the wind and rain, or heavy snow, we go to the truth-clarification spot six days a week, except Sunday, as no ships come on Sunday. Passenger ships often could not enter port at the scheduled time, and might be delayed two or three hours due to bad weather, wind and waves. Many times we don't get home until 9 or 10 p.m.

On one occasion, a Tianjin passenger ship was delayed for six hours until 9:30 p.m. Many practitioners kept calling to ask how they'd be able to get home after we finished talking to the Chinese tourists, because public transportation would be closed down until the next day. I firmly said, “We must clarify the truth; we cannot miss more than a thousand Chinese tourists.”

As a result, more than a dozen practitioners came to port, holding fast to their duties. Some handed out materials, some held banners, and some turned on the recorder to play Falun Gong programs. Every practitioner did their duty diligently and spread the truth with righteous thoughts. We didn’t want to miss a single person.

I arranged that several practitioners would leave on time to catch the last bus. The remaining six practitioners and I stayed to talk to all the Chinese tourists. It was already 1 a.m. when we finished. I drove two practitioners home. Both of their homes were in Fuchuan. It was 2:30 a.m. when I got to my own home. However, I was not tired at all.

I often took the subway in order to talk to people about Dafa. Sometimes, when it was late, I would run. I saw people running like me. When I had the thought that they were rushing to make money, and I was saving sentient beings, I felt a sense of gratification beyond words.

I often kept the truth-clarification literature in my car. On Sunday, when the passenger ships didn't come, fellow practitioners and I would spread the facts about Dafa to Koreans in the subway station, at the park, and on the hiking trail. When other practitioners couldn't join me, I persisted in clarifying the facts by myself.

It was very tiring to distribute Dafa materials. Yet we noticed the power of Dafa, as none of the boxes with Dafa materials felt heavy.

I live in Bucheon, where various events are held. In the spring, there is the Jindalai Flower Celebration, the Spring Flower Celebration, the Rose Celebration and the Cultural Celebration, as well as other festivals in autumn. I don't miss any of these opportunities to spread the facts about Dafa with fellow practitioners.

Adjusting Mindset to Change the Surrounding Environment

Because more and more Chinese tourist groups started arriving, we lacked the manpower to talk to everyone. Thus, we had to combine the morning and afternoon truth-clarification teams.

In order to confirm the exact arrival time and the number of tourists, we called the tourist hotline staff. I don’t know when it started, but for a while, the hotline staff were not nice to me. I felt a little uncomfortable. On one occasion, a female operator said, “The question you asked has nothing to do with our business. Please stop calling.”

I was very sad and a little hesitant when I called the next day. There was some conflict in my heart, “Should I call?” I kept thinking, “Isn't our purpose to save people? Even divine beings envy us. All sentient beings in the world today have come for Dafa, so you must do good things for Dafa.” I was confident again. I picked up the phone and called in a good mood. Before calling I thought, “For Dafa's sake, you must help us. This is a good opportunity for you to establish virtue.”

Master said,

“Changes in your thinking can lead to changes in your surrounding environment. How the people in your region are is a result of the extent to which you have clarified the truth to them. The environment is shaped by your human attachments. When the environment is bad, it is because you made it that way...” (“Fa Teaching at the 2009 Greater New York International Fa Conference,” Collected Fa Teachings, Vol. IX)

In the past, even if I thanked them, the hotline operator just slammed down the phone. After my thoughts changed, when I expressed my gratitude, they would softly answer back. Some operators would check the number of tourists in advance to tell me when I called. Since then, I have never felt pressure about calling the shipping company. Now that the environment has changed, the shipping company will send me a text message one day in advance, which is very convenient.

In the early days of our truth clarification, the tour guides and bus drivers thought that we shouldn't hand out materials, so they often stopped us and even got angry. Now, because fellow practitioners at each truth-clarification spot have done a good job, the evil in other dimensions has been largely eliminated and the situation has improved a lot. However, when I turn up the volume of the recorder so that the tourists inside the bus can hear about Dafa, new guides will raise his or her voice to tell me that it is too loud.

I then kindly tell him or her, “Guide, please do something positive. We are doing good deeds.” The anger of the tour guide then disappears without a trace. There has never been a tour guide who stayed angry after these short two sentences.

Master stated,

“Of course, what Dafa disciples do is good for people, and our speech stems from righteous thoughts, so what comes forth from our mouths when we speak are lotus flowers.” (“Fa Teaching Given at the 2010 New York Fa Conference,” Collected Fa Teachings, Vol. XI )

I felt that my kindness and the thought of saving sentient beings covered the entire space.

We practitioners would wave goodbye to Chinese tourists when their buses left. The moment I waved to them, I held a strong thought in my heart, “The tourists in the bus who have not quit the CCP, may they hurry up to see the truth and quit the CCP when they pass other truth-clarification spots.” I believed my compassion would work.

Many Chinese people would voluntarily take our informational materials after they carefully looked at the persecution photos on our boards. I would think at this time, “How many people are still struggling in the swamp because of the CCP's poison? How many people are still waiting in places with no Dafa disciples around?” I deeply felt that Dafa disciples are the only hope for saving them. I wanted to save more sentient beings.

The Incheon Second International Passenger Ship Terminal has two management departments: Management Headquarters and Port Security Corporation. The persons in charge may change at any time. When the new person in charge comes, I bring materials to clarify the facts about Falun Gong. In March of this year, when commemorating the 10th anniversary of our truth-clarification site at the passenger station, I wrote a thank-you letter to the persons in charge of the management departments. I thanked the management and staff for supporting us to clarify the truth.

We submitted an assembly application for spreading Falun Gong information and were assigned only a 10-meter-long space as our licensed area at the beginning. But, now we are now putting up banners in an area over 300 meters long and play our truth-broadcasting programs, which has formed quite a landscape at the passenger station. I felt that we achieved this thanks to Master. We just showed up and did the work.

Two years ago, a fellow practitioner suddenly pointed to the sky and shouted excitedly, “The heavenly ladder! The heavenly ladder!” We all looked and saw that in the blue sky, the white clouds formed a ladder, just like the scenes that appear in an animated movie. The ladder was multidimensional and divided into nine sections. It was very clear, obvious and spectacular.

The practitioners photographed the scene with their cell phones, and uploaded it to social media. Some ran into the waiting room of the passenger ship terminal to tell the practitioners there who were helping Chinese to quit the CCP, so all practitioners saw this spectacular display. What was even more amazing was that after more than a dozen practitioners present on the scene took photos, the ladder disappeared. It was just a matter of moments.

The other clouds still remained in their original state and stayed in the original place, but only the ladder disappeared without a trace. It was really amazing.

Another amazing thing happened. There was a pine tree in the place where we hung the banner. We have read the Fa and sent righteous thoughts there since we started coming. Udumbara flowers started growing on the pine tree eight years ago. The flowers blossom every October and last for several months. In addition, after we expanded the truth-clarification area to the bus parking lot, udumbara flowers started blossoming three years ago on every pine tree on both sides of the parking lot. I knew that this was Master's encouraging for us. I am so grateful to our compassionate and great Master!

Striving to Remove the Poison of the CCP's Indoctrination

I was born in China, where I lived for more than 40 years. The toxins of the Party's indoctrination went deep into my bones. After coming to Korea, I noticed a lot of differences when I first came into contact with Korean society, but I thought it was purely a cultural difference. Practicing Dafa helped me realize that my cultural understanding was formed due to indoctrination by the CCP, something that gradually formed into an abnormal society. Influenced by the Party, my thoughts, concepts, lifestyle and behavior were full of the evil Party factors. Therefore, I worked on eliminating them as soon as possible.

I was the eldest child among the five children in my family. My parents doted on me more than on their other kids. I was spoiled and treated my younger brothers and sisters as my employees. Besides, I held management positions in a small company for 20 years. I was used to dealing with things in an arbitrary manner. I was a person completely indoctrinated by the evil CCP.

A practitioner pointed out my problem to me one day. He said that I was demanding, regardless of what I did. I was shocked when I heard it, as I never realized this. I carefully looked inward, and wondered why I hadn't seen my own bad habits. I realized that I should get rid of this bad habit, and I pay attention to it now. Especially the attachments of showing off, fighting, arbitrary bossiness, and the attitude of not wanting to take advice from others all must be removed.

Master said,

“So those of you who have a lot of habits and ways of doing things that you formed in China really have to change, now that you’re abroad.” (“Fa Teaching at the 2019 New York Fa Conference,” Team Yellow Translation )

Master gave me hints because I wanted to eliminate this wrong way of being. Once, when I was carrying a tape recorder and approaching the sightseeing bus, a young tourist pushed me and told me to get out of his way. If this had happened in the past, my fighting heart would have confronted him. But this time, I was not moved and said to him peacefully, “You can't do this; this is my right. We Falun Gong practitioners are supported by the Korean government and the police.”

In China, the government opposes Falun Gong and the police illegally arrest innocent Falun Gong practitioners. In other countries, the police protect us. I think this fact is a good conversational entry point to let people see the huge difference between China and abroad. When Chinese college students or other student groups come here, I often point this out. Master saw my efforts to eliminate the poison of the Party indoctrination and helped me.

(Presented at the 2019 Korea Fa Conference)