(Minghui.org) Greetings, Esteemed Master, and fellow practitioners:

My gratitude for the protection of Master Li (the founder)! I wish to talk about the changes I experienced on my cultivation path, how I learned to find my own deficiencies when looking within, how I improved on the basis of the Fa, and how to seize every moment of validating the Fa.

Improving Through Transcribing and Memorizing the Fa

It came to my attention last year that my xinxing was improving rather slowly. I knew that I did not assimilate into the Fa when studying it, so I calmed down to transcribe the Fa. When I was in my 40s, I transcribed the Fa four times. Now I’m in my 60s, and I was not sure if my eyesight was good enough for writing things down.

In the beginning, I had to write down large characters in case I could not see what I was writing. I had to keep wiping my eyes as if some substance was blocking my eyes. It was also hard for me to sit down. I felt that it would take too long to write everything down, and would not be as efficient as when reading the Fa. I questioned myself when I would finish transcribing the thick Dafa book. It was hard to transcribe the Fa without confidence.

On second thought, I realized that I should guide myself with the righteous thoughts of a Dafa practitioner, and keep up with the state of divine beings who are most capable. I should get rid of my human notions, developed by the principles of the old cosmos, or the thoughts that I was too old to do things like young people, or my eyesight was deteriorating.

After letting go of those human thoughts of everyday people, I was able to sit down calmly. I was able to transcribe more and more pages as time went by. At first, each letter filled up the grid. As my eyesight improved, I was able to write smaller characters. By the time I finished transcribing Zhuan Falun within two months, the characters I wrote were as small as those printed in the book. I had transcribed volumes 1 and 2 of Hong Yin in the past. This time, I transcribed volumes 1 through 5.

I could tell the changes within me. In the past, I could not read small fonts. I was also afraid of threading a needle. Now, I can see things clearly. It took me less time to memorize the Fa while having a better understanding of the Fa principles.

I was always under the impression that I was not jealous of others as I was in the past. Master said:

“But this problem also shows up among true cultivators who don’t admit that other people are good and don’t get rid of their competitiveness. They’re likely to get jealous.” (The Seventh Talk, Zhuan Falun

Looking back at my own cultivation of over two decades, I still harbored the strong attachment to competition and would raise my voice when I was right during an argument. I saw the root cause of competitiveness, and jealousy behind it. I decided to get rid of jealousy, because it is harmful.

Another practitioner came to my home to configure my computer. The computer crashed and did not start. I was not worried and said it would be fixed, and that these problems were caused by my own attachments to competition and relying on others. After successful re-installation of the software, the practitioner told me how others were bad-mouthing me behind my back. I wasn’t disturbed and didn’t bother to argue. I even felt grateful to the person who said bad things about me. Whatever he said would help me improve, even if what he said was off the mark. I no longer dwelt on arguing with others. Arguing is competing, trying to show I am right, which is associated with the attachment to fame, and rooted in jealousy. All these attachments need to be removed through cultivation.

I shared what I experienced through transcribing the Fa with fellow practitioners. Other practitioners were motivated to do the same. I printed sheets with grids and encouraged them to transcribe the Fa. They felt they benefited as well.

I had been reading Zhuan Falun. Although I kept up studying the Fa every day, my improvement was rather slow. Studying the Fa had become a formality. Some fellow practitioners were memorizing the Fa, and I thought I should do the same. At the same time, I was hindered by the principles of the old cosmos. I was not confident given that my memory was not good enough as I was over 60 years old. 

Master said,

“It’s hard to endure, but you can endure it. It’s hard to do, but you can do it.” (The Ninth Talk, Zhuan Falun

I told myself I could do it. Regardless of how hard it was, I would memorize the Fa. I would follow Master’s words and take the Fa to my heart.

I started memorizing Zhuan Falun last year, and it took me a little over half-a-year to memorizit. I regretted that I started so late, and had not listened to Master’s words sooner, which would have helped me genuinely cultivate.

When memorizing the section “Different levels have different Laws,” (The First Talk, Zhuan Falun) I suddenly realized that there are countless levels in the universe. When looking down from a higher level, the principles in the lower level are all wrong. Yet within each level, there are also principles. A life at a higher level would not argue who is closer to the characteristics of the universe with lives at a lower level, and would not require lives at lower levels to reach the same understanding, or would be offended by incorrect views held by lives at lower levels. And that is tolerance.

I had thought that I had already gotten rid of attachments to competition, had overcome the indoctrination of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), or at least was not strongly attached to these things. Only then did I realize that my being bad-mouthed or having conflicts with those who were close to me were caused by my own attachment to competition. Sometimes I did not accept other practitioners’ criticism. Now I realize that my understanding is not the absolute truth. After identifying this attachment to competition, I would not get angry when other practitioners had different views. At the same time, I experienced the wonder of their kindness when pointing out my shortfalls.

Paying Attention to Sending Righteous Thoughts to Eliminate the Persecution

Our Fa-study group would send forth righteous thoughts for half-an-hour before studying the Fa in 2012. This helped us stay alert and assimilate into the Fa. Those, who could not stay alert or hold the palm straight up were able to correct themselves. This helped eliminate evil factors in our local environment, and was quite effective.

One day, before we started studying the Fa, a neighbor came to tell us that the police knocked on the door the night before. They left after knocking for a while, as no one opened the door. The time the neighbor mentioned coincided with the time when we were sending forth righteous thoughts before Fa-study. None of us heard the knock. It was apparent that everyone remained focused, and our righteous thoughts had disintegrated the evil factors.

To fully disintegrate local authorities’ plan to hold brainwashing sessions and force practitioners to give up cultivation, practitioners decided to send forth righteous thoughts in relays. Our Fa-study group also extended sending righteous thoughts before Fa-study from half-an-hour to a full hour. Our strong righteous thoughts disintegrated the evil plan, and the brainwashing sessions were called off.

I paid particular attention to sending righteous thoughts. Wherever I went, I tried my best to send forth righteous thoughts at the scheduled hours. Once I got accustomed to the schedule, I was able to enter tranquility when sending righteous thoughts. And often I felt warmth in my body. I did not miss any of the globally coordinated schedules four times a day. Even if when on rare occasions when I could not send righteous thoughts, I would make up for it afterward. When I was walking or taking a ride, I would either send forth righteous thoughts or recite the Fa. Although I could not see what was happening in other dimensions, I held a firm belief in Master and the Fa. Sending forth righteous thoughts is a treasure Master has given us and is a divine power.

When I was held in a detention center in 2017, an inmate decided to harass me. She ordered me around, assigned me for duty, and acted viciously. I sent forth righteous thoughts, which disintegrated the evil factors behind her. She got a fever and was worn out. After she stopped harassing me, she asked me to tell them cultivation stories, and demonstrate the five sets of exercises. Several inmates who abused me apologized, and some quit the CCP youth organizations, after I had clarified the truth about the persecution.

I told Master in my mind: “I’m here to save people, not to be persecuted. There are so many people who need to be saved. Regardless of human attachments or deficiencies, I will get rid of them through cultivation.”

I knew Master would arrange that I would be released. A fellow practitioner asked me whether I would be released. I answered, “Yes, and you will be released too.” With this thought firmed implanted in my mind, I remained steadfast no matter what the guards said. My fate was only to be arranged by Master. Soon Master helped me walk out of the detention center.

One practitioner asked me to accompany her to visit her husband, who was detained for cultivating in Falun Dafa. The guards would ask for our National Identification Cards. I kept sending righteous thoughts on our way there to disintegrate all evil factors. We waited in the queue, and when it was the fellow practitioner’s turn, I was able to go in without any problem. Our visit gave much encouragement to the fellow practitioner’s husband.

Negating the Old Forces’ Persecution

I was sending righteous thoughts past eight o'clock in the winter of 2010. Someone rang the doorbell on the ground floor. I did not move and kept sending righteous thoughts. Soon, I heard people come upstairs. I saw several men through the peephole, and they appeared hostile. I went back to sending forth righteous thoughts. They kept knocking on the door. I knew they were bad guys.

I said to Master, “Master, your disciple doesn’t know what mistakes she made, which was taken advantage of by the old forces. However, I would correct myself on the basis of the Fa, and the old forces are in no position to persecute me. Master is in charge of me. I would not accept or acknowledge any other arrangements.”

I also had to alert fellow practitioners so that they would not come to my home. After sending messages to them, I continued sending forth righteous thoughts. The police broke the exhaust hole on the door and pointed a flashlight through the exhaust hole to see what was inside my home. They also tried to open the door with a set of universal keys. I thought, “Master, please grant divine power to your disciple to block the door, and don’t let them commit further crimes. They themselves are among those who need to be saved.” They were blocked outside and could not open the door.

These people refused to leave. Several police cars arrived, and they beamed headlights at the entrance to the unit of our building. I did not have time to put on the cotton-padded jacket. With only thin thermal clothing on me, I jumped over to my neighbor’s balcony. I stood on the balcony barefooted. It was snowing. I told myself that it was no difference standing in snow or stepping on carpet, and I would take snowflakes that fell on me like a quilt. I kept sending righteous thoughts to eliminate all evil that persecuted Dafa disciples. I kept thinking that the Fa rectifies heaven and earth, extinguishing all evil.

I did not feel cold. The police kept knocking on the door and stayed outside my home. I was determined to avoid being arrested. Early the next morning, I tapped on the window of my neighbor. Upon seeing me, my neighbor opened the balcony door to let me in. He called my son to bring my cotton-padded jacket. With Master’s protection, I walked out of my unit in front of two groups of police officers.

Later, I learned that another practitioner turned me into the police. She personally led the police to my home. I felt sad for her and pitied her for being so irresponsible to herself. I recalled the first time she led the police to my home to arrest me, and I nearly lost my life. I did not get upset or blame her and studied the Fa together with her. When exchanging my thoughts with her, I told her that I did not do well. How could she help the police again?

I was forced to leave town and become displaced. I started to blame the practitioner who brought the police. My husband died during the persecution, and my son was living with me. Then, I had to leave home. At the same time, I knew I didn’t do well to have impacted my efforts in saving sentient beings, to have impacted my son.

I kept reading Master’s Fa lecture,

“As for those who've gone to the opposite side during this persecution or even done awful things, let me tell you that Master still doesn't want to abandon them.” (Touring North America to Teach the Fa

“My point is, you shouldn’t push your fellow cultivators away. They are fellow cultivators, and you should try your best to have them feel the warmth with which Dafa disciples interact with one another.” (“Fa Teaching Given at the NTDTV Meeting,” Collected Fa Teachings, Vol. IX))

I cried. Since the beginning of this practitioner’s being persecuted, I had displayed my unkindness. When she was in misery, I did not help alleviate her pain. Instead, I told her how difficult it was, and added pressure on her. I felt sorry for myself. She was a fellow cultivator, and Master did not want to leave her behind. Why should I blame and hold a grudge? The old forces wanted to drag her down, to destroy her. We should not acknowledge such arrangements. I had to truly let go of myself, and let go of attachments to fear and grudges.

After returning home, I went to visit her. We discussed why we were persecuted, and what was the root cause. I searched within. She kept turning me in to the police, which indicated that I had substances that were not good, such as attachments to holding a grudge. I did not like being criticized by others. I also lacked compassion, while holding onto sentiments. I did not search within as soon as a test came, but looked outward instead. I was holding onto attachments associated with lives at the lowest level of the universe. This was far from genuine cultivation. I had to let go of these things.

She looked within herself as well, and told me how much human attachments, sentiments, and interests she harbored. We realized that we had to study the Fa better, and guard against each thought, and rectify ourselves with the Fa each moment, and look within ourselves to find each loophole that the old forces could take advantage of. By the time that there is nothing left for the old forces to take advantage of, such tests would go away.

Now, I realized all that we encountered in cultivation are good things. As long as we look at issues with righteous thoughts, we can find our attachments and omissions, so that we can get rid of them and improve ourselves. If we look at an issue with human notions, our attachments will play an even bigger role, which in turn increases the tribulation. I learned from my own plight the importance of Fa-study, the seriousness of cultivation, the speedy progress of Fa-rectification, and the urgency of saving people. I will definitely live up to Master’s expectation, sentient beings’ hope, stay abreast with the process of Fa-rectification, and walk steadily on the path Master has arranged.

Treasure Each Opportunity of Saving Sentient Beings

My son bought an apartment this year, and asked me to move in with him. That was not my plan. My son figured that we had to spend a lot of time on the road by living far apart. The apartment was not new, and it needed to be remodeled. Even if my son and daughter-in-law would like to rent it out, it still needed remodeling.

I paid little attention to the family after I started cultivating. All my focus was on spreading the facts about Dafa. Now, I saw a shortfall in this – How could this help my own family understand Dafa properly? If I cannot save my family, how could I save others? Even if I have saved plenty of others, I would not have done well if none in my family got saved. My cultivation was quite good. My son never bothered me with any problem. I took this opportunity to tell my son that regardless of whether I would move in, I would take care of the remodeling.

Time is most precious nowadays. Each minute and each second was tied to life and death of many lives. Master has extended the time for us to save people, and I have to keep this in mind all the time. Despite household chores, I have to keep up Fa-study, sending forth righteous thoughts. I told myself that those who came to remodel, I need to treasure them and treasure each opportunity I have to save them. Those who get in contact with me are all with predestined relationships and brought to me by Master. I have to tell them the truth. This in turn has placed strict requirements on my xinxing and has set a high standard on myself to be considerate of other people, and not to contend for personal interests with others.

When laying out circuits, my son wanted to add a main switch box. The young worker was not happy. I told him not to worry, I would pay an extra 100 yuan. He was pleased with my offer. He was not that healthy, and had joined the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) youth organizations. I persuaded him to quit such organizations, and told him to recite “Falun Dafa is great; Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is great,” which would bring good health.

When purchasing supplies I went to two different stores to reach out to more people. In the end the owners and shop assistants in both stores quit the Party.

When buying tiles, the owner was rude. I did not venture to tell him the truth. Upon returning home, I felt uneasy. I had missed the opportunity to save people with predestined relationships. The next day, I went to the same store to buy tiles. I talked to the owner about withdrawing from the CCP. He agreed without hesitating. I saw a store assistant who stood nearby, and also helped him quit the Chinese Youth League. Their attitude changed completely. They walked with me to the storefront, and thanked me. I told them to recite “Falun Dafa is great; Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is great,” which would bring them safety and happiness.

I went to another store to buy floor tiles and helped the store assistant quit the Party. The owner was busy, and I did not get a chance to talk to him. I paid for the floor tiles and went home to wait for the delivery. The owner called that the tiles my son and I picked were out of stock, and he would refund us. My son was not happy. It was time he took my grandson to school, and he got upset and blamed the owner. I told him that the owner did not intend to do so. We went back to the store and picked a different tile, which would be delivered the next morning.

It rained heavily for the next two days. On the morning of the third day, I called the delivery person. He asked if he could deliver a little late. I said it was OK. He asked again if he could postpone it a little further. I agreed. He ventured to ask if he could do it in the afternoon. I told him that was okay. He explained that things were held up due to the rain, and all the customers were waiting for deliveries. I told him not to worry. He could deliver mine the last. He thanked me profusely. That afternoon, he and another delivery person arrived. They thanked me again. I told them it was my pleasure, and I would like to help them quit the CCP, which would bring them safety. They did so gladly, thanked me, and said, “Falun Dafa is great!”

The worker who paved tiles was hired by the market. When negotiating the price, he asked for an extra 100 yuan for meals. I was hesitant. Then I realized that I was attached to interests, which needed to be removed. I should focus on saving people. As long as I keep up righteous thoughts, he would do a good job. Whoever came to my home was because of predestined relationships.

It would take one person over a week to finish laying the tiles. I was thinking to have more workers who would finish it sooner, and I would be able to save more people. The next morning when I opened the door, I was surprised to see three workers outside. It took them only three days to finish the job. I helped all three of them quit the CCP. I told them that the Tiananmen Immolation was staged, Falun Dafa has spread to over 100 countries and the facts of how the CCP persecutes practitioners. When they left, the lead worker told me that when he saw me at the market, he knew instantly that I was kindhearted, and not picky. That was why he approached me with his business card. He said they had run into all kinds of people. Some kept finding faults. I thanked him, and asked them to tell their families, “Falun Dafa is great; Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is great.”

One morning the exterior steel door came. I helped the installation person to take off the old door. When mounting the new door, it was about an inch too wide. Then he started working on trimming the door. Suddenly I heard a loud sound. He said, “Ouch! Sister, I broke it!” I took a look, and the handle was scratched from underneath. I felt bad. But I suppressed my uneasiness and told him, “Don’t worry. Don’t worry, it was all right, Can we fix this?” He said he could, and he would call a touch-up person. And it would look like unscratched if one did not examine it too carefully.

He then told me that things did not go smoothly that day. The security guard at the residential community did not allow him to come in. He had to talk to the management. I told him to not get angry and then asked him whether he had joined any CCP organizations. He said, “I guess you’re Falun Gong, and Falun Gong is great!” I helped him quit the Young Pioneers with a pseudonym.

Those who came to work on remodeling my home told me that I was different from other homeowners. I helped them quit the CCP, told them that if they recite “Falun Dafa is great; Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is great,” it would bring them happiness and safety, and whoever recites this would be blessed. They thanked me.

During this period of remodeling, I was not able to go out every day to spread facts and clarify the truth as usual. I spent time instead with those I got in touch with during remodeling. I also cultivated my heart. I remained unperturbed no matter what others said or what unexpected things took place. I tried to be considerate, my xinxing improved, and my gong has increased. I am able to enter tranquility when sending forth righteous thoughts, and when doing the tranquil exercises.

I have kept distributing Dafa booklets, posting self-adhesive signs, and talking to people face-to-face. I have also reached out to people over the cell phone. Before cultivation, I was shy, and reluctant to talk to others. It was hard for me to approach someone in person. After years of going through tribulations, I have overcome my shyness, and feel at ease when approaching others, and it has been effective.

Compared with fellow practitioners who strive forward diligently, I still harbor attachments to fear. There is more to be changed inside me, and more attachments to let go of! I will not hesitate to do what Master expects of us.