(Minghui.org) Some local practitioners were recently arrested. This prompted me to look inward, and I found some of my omissions. 

One practitioner who was arrested had symptoms of illness karma for a few years, but it did not affect his ability to validate the Fa or save people. As practitioners, we should not overlook even trivial matters. I feel that all practitioners who heard about this should take note, and cultivate ourselves more diligently, and kindly remind the practitioner of any attachments they may have noticed.

Master said,

“Each of your attachments could result in physical issues.” (“Fa Teaching at the 2015 West Coast Fa Conference”)

Master does not acknowledge the old forces' arrangements. As Dafa disciples, if we cannot meet Master's requirements, we may have omissions, and not be able to truly deny the old forces' arrangements. We not only need to cultivate ourselves well, but also kindly point out other practitioners' attachments. This is an important step for us to cultivate and improve together. I understand that it is also part of our our being responsible to each other.

I would like to talk about one of my cultivation experiences. The operating system on my computer malfunctioned one day. I started to recover it but it did not work. It was hard to communicate with the technical practitioner, and I had to give up trying to connect to the Internet.

When I started to look inward I realized that I sometimes felt distanced from the technical practitioner when we talked. I could not be as open with him as with other practitioners. Behind my reluctance to sincerely talk with him was the fear of conflict and having a misunderstanding with him. I was afraid that he might think I was looking down on him if I pointed out his omissions. I was not truly looking inward and understanding the situation based on the Fa's principles. When I realized this, I told myself that if I saw the technical practitioner again, I needed to break through my fear and kindly point out his omissions.

Just then I looked out the window, and saw the technical practitioner. I opened the window and called out to him.

He turned on my computer and found that the software problem was not too severe. Since he installed the operating system, he would be able to easily fix it. However, he not only couldn’t fix the operating system, but it became even worse. I asked him to put the computer aside and said that we needed to talk.

I broke through my nervousness and told him what I had observed. He kept saying he could not understand me and asked me to speak directly. In the end, I was so upset that I started to cry. But the practitioner said that he still could not understand me. He finally said that since I had already tried my best to communicate with him, he would look inward to find his attachments.

After he left, I started to turn the computer off and was surprised to find it had started to recover itself.

The practitioner returned the following morning and told me kindly that he had looked inward after we talked. He said he found the attachment of fearing trouble while doing things. He said he would keep looking inward.

A few weeks later, many practitioners were arrested at the same time. The technical practitioner safely walked out of the extremely dangerous situation.

When I heard this, I understood that the reason the practitioner could validate the Fa during the persecution was not only because he cultivated well and followed Master's requirement, but also because he was willing to look inward.

When things happen, if we can examine ourselves at the critical moment and keep righteous thoughts, Master will protect us, and give us the wisdom to know what to do. This incident also further showed me how to walk the path of Fa-Rectification cultivation well.