(Minghui.org) We are Falun Dafa practitioners who cultivate Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, the fundamental values of the universe. We can save sentient beings and fulfill our promises only if we cultivate ourselves well and assimilate ourselves to Dafa. 

The tribulations that we encounter when we are persecuted may actually help us save people. Situations that seem insurmountable may turn out to be good things. We are saving people, including the people who persecute us, who are actually the true victims. They participate in the persecution of practitioners without knowing the facts. By persecuting us they are creating huge karma for themselves, and are thus unknowingly destroying themselves. It's our responsibility to let them know the true situation. 

I was persecuted a few years ago. Before the trial I wrote a 7,000-word statement. During the trial I told people the facts and read my statement. I validated Dafa and suppressed the evil. The lawyer suggested that I only read the part about how I benefited from practicing Falun Dafa, because he thought the judge would not let me finish. 

But I am a Dafa disciple. My mission is to validate Dafa. I cannot only care about how I've benefited from practicing. People need to know that Falun Dafa is good. It is the truth of the universe. I reminded myself that I was there to validate the greatness of Dafa. 

The result was that no one interrupted me while I read the statement. The court asked the officials to ask me if I would agree to being sentenced to a term to be served outside of prison. I told them that I followed Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. I am a good person. I was not guilty of any crimes so there was nothing to be sentenced for. 

I told the people who came to see me the facts about Dafa and read them my statement. I asked them to think for themselves and see who committed crimes. I also told them that I was waiting to see the true criminals placed on trial. 

In the end the judge was unable to withstand the pressure from his superiors and sentenced me to prison. I appealed. The judge in the superior court told my lawyer to follow their directions, and told me to cooperate with them in order for them to release me. 

I wrote a letter to the judge and told him the facts. I said I would be harming myself as well as them if I did what they told me to do. I called upon them to examine their conscience. I said that by letting them know the facts I was helping them to distinguish between right and wrong.

I pointed out that people reincarnate. What goes around comes around. One will repay for what one does. The cases of Zhou Yongkang, Li Dongsheng, Bo Xilai, and Wang Lijun all validated this. I hoped that they would find me not guilty so that they could have a good future. 

I also told the facts to the police in the detention center. I wrote down Hong Yin from memory and gave it to them. I believe the police there needed to know the facts so that they would stop harming innocent people and be saved. My cellmates all cried and urged me not to send the letter. But my heart was calm. I felt immense comfort and immeasurable honor, because I was doing the best, most righteous, and most necessary thing. 

The court changed its sentence a month after I mailed the letter. They shortened the term to a few months, just about equal to what I had already served in the detention center. It was just as Teacher said, 

“When disciples have ample righteous thoughtsMaster has the power to turn back the tide” (“Master-disciple bond,” Hong Yin II)

I had similar experiences before. I was jailed for four months in 2001 when I went to Beijing to appeal for justice for Falun Dafa. Afterwards I was taken to a detention center and a brainwashing center. I refused to stop practicing, despite the pressure. All I had in my heart was Teacher and Dafa. I was soon freed. 

I was released in three weeks when I was taken to a forced labor camp about ten years ago. I want to thank Teacher for protecting me, fellow practitioners, and my family members for their support. 

Believing in Teacher, and upholding and validating Dafa is our responsibility. Teacher will help us as long if we act righteously and do well. 

I believe that those practitioners who are incarcerated can do better than I did and be released even sooner, since for us disciples only what Teacher says counts.