(Minghui.org) In today's society, cell phones play an irreplaceable role for many people of all ages, including children as young as four or five. They increasingly rely on cell phones and play on them whenever they have some free time.

How should Falun Dafa practitioners treat this issue? As practitioners, we should not spend time playing games on cell phones because we live by the Dafa standards. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) monitors all areas of society. They can monitor and persecute Dafa practitioners through cell phone eavesdropping. Therefore, even though what we say and do are the most righteous things, we should pay attention to our safety and not give any so-called evidence to the persecutors.

A local practitioner was arrested and detained for 10 days, and his home was ransacked by police on the afternoon of July 18, 2019. After he was released, he said the police had confiscated his new smartphone. There was no contact list on the phone, but there was a call log.

Some time after that, all the practitioners he had spoken to on the phone were monitored. One practitioner said when he got up at 3:30 a.m. in early August, he put the cell phone under his pillow. Later in the day, he noticed there was a missed call at 4:25 a.m. Nobody he knew would call him at that time, so he suspected it could be a test call from the person monitoring him.

The practitioner who was arrested in July realized that he should not call practitioners using a cell phone. He thought he wouldn't be monitored as long as he didn't say anything sensitive on the phone or if he was calling landline phones. 

We'd like to remind all practitioners to correct this understanding so as not to cause unnecessary trouble and losses for each other. 

Of course we can use cell phones, however, we should not bring them to practitioners' homes or the group study sites because cell phones can be tracked. We should not save practitioners' phone numbers on a phone. Most importantly, we should never go to an information material production site with a cell phone. The lessons have been painful. 

When not using the cell phone, we should put it in a corner. We don't want to give the evil any chance to know what we are doing.