(Minghui.org) The 2020 edition of the Minghui calendar was published on the Minghui website recently, in a form that was easy to print and create at home. 

The quality of the end product is similar to our Minghui Weekly magazine, and not only satisfies people's need for calendars but also showcases Dafa's spread to the entire world. It tells many stories of how individuals hailing from different ethnic groups found Dafa and began their own paths of cultivation.

I printed many copies myself and went out to distribute them to predestined people.

The Cover of the 2020 Minghui Calendar, “Falun Dafa's Spread to the World”

Just when I got on the street, I saw a man pushing a woman in a wheelchair. The gentleman stopped the wheelchair and walked towards me. It turned out he mistook me for somebody he knew. I took the opportunity to give him a calendar. He said happily, “Ah, it's a Falun Gong calendar! Thank you!”

Another woman was walking in front of me, going the same direction. When I was about to catch up with her, she suddenly stopped and put her purse down. Her elbow happened to touch me.

I said, “Would you like a free calendar?” She took it. When she saw the beautiful Ukrainian lady on the cover, she smiled and thanked me several times.

At a street corner, an elderly man was selling fish. I went up to him with the calendar.

He gave me a thumbs-up and said, “Falun Gong is good!”

He couldn’t wait and started flipping through the calendar. I then clarified the truth and asked him if he had withdrawn from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its associated organizations. He said, “Yes, I withdrew from the Youth League a long time ago. I did it myself.”

I then told him that he should go onto The Epoch Times website to do it officially. He agreed, told me his last name, and asked me to withdraw on the website for him. 

A lady who was headed to a pharmacy smiled at me, so I went up to her and gave her the calendar. She was very happy. I talked to her about Dafa and asked her to withdraw from the CCP and its associated organizations. She said she'd joined the Young Pioneers and the Communist Youth League and agreed to withdraw from them.

She said to me, “It is great that you are so healthy. I have to take medicine every day!”

Two older ladies were chatting next to a residential building. I gave a calendar to one of them.

She asked, “How much is this?”

I said, “It is free.”

She said, “This is so beautiful and it is free. Of course I'm keeping this!” The other woman also asked for one.

The first woman said, “We all know that Falun Dafa is good.” She was worried about my safety and asked me to be careful.

I met an elderly woman who walked with a cane. She couldn’t believe that I offered her the free calendar. She said, “You are so kind!” While we were flipping through the calendar together, she told me that she was in her eighties and that she couldn't see the calendar clearly. She asked me to give it to someone else, who'd be able to see and enjoy it. I then took out a Dafa amulet with “Falun Dafa is good” and “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good” printed on it. I asked her to keep reciting those words. She accepted the amulet.

After I left, she shouted, “Today, I met such a kind person! I will remember you!”

These sentient beings have all been waiting thousands of years for Dafa’s salvation. It has not been easy for them to hold out until today.

I feel that these people have all been arranged by Master for me to find. They have been yearning for Dafa’s truth and waiting to be saved. All we need to do is to go out and talk to them. Let us treasure these last moments and help more sentient beings understand the truth.