(Minghui.org) A fellow practitioner and I went to a suburban area to talk to people about Falun Gong. We met a few seniors and greeted them.

As I was talking, I showed them the book The Ultimate Goal of Communism and asked if they had read it before.

One of the seniors asked, “Are you a Falun Gong practitioner? You should give it to him.” He pointed to another senior next to him, “He was a teacher. You should let him read your book and be educated.”

I gave the book to the teacher, as well as a truth-clarifying booklet, “This is about the corruption of the communist regime's officials and the retribution they've received for the bad things they've done.” He accepted them and started to read right away.

My fellow practitioner continued, “In case you haven't done so, you should quit the Chinese Communist Party and its associated organizations. You will be blessed for it.” They said that they'd already quit the Party.

Then the senior I talked to in the beginning said to the others, “Have you ever received that desktop calendar made by Falun Gong practitioners? It was so well made and so beautiful. It's much better than the calendar I bought. I like their calendar the best.”

I told them that the new calendar would be available next month and I would save some for them. They were very happy, “Please do remember to save us each a copy! We will wait for you here.”

“Sure, no problem!” We replied. After we walked away, we could hear that they were still talking about the calendar.

“The Communist Regime Should Be Eliminated”

Another morning, when I was talking to a senior on the sidewalk, I heard someone asking me from behind, “Are you a Falun Gong practitioner? Everything Falun Gong practitioners said is so true. Do you have more booklets? Give me the long version!”

I turned around – it was a man around 60 years old pulling a cart with a speaker. It seemed like he had just finished morning exercises and was on the way back home. I said to him with regret, “Sorry, I just gave the last copy to this gentleman.”

I told him that I would bring him a flash-drive next time, which has documentaries and anti-censorship software.

Then I asked him, “Have you quit the Chinese Communist Party and its associated organizations?”

“Sure, I quit it a long time ago. Who would want to join it nowadays?”

“The Communist Party is so evil. They are persecuting good people, and even harvesting organs from living people. It should have been eliminated a long time ago!” he said.

I watched him as he walked away. I really felt the power of the truth. Once people understand it, they will spread the information far and wide.