(Minghui.org) I work at a private school, and one of my colleagues has really impressed me. He always wears a tie, even in the heat of the summer.

I learned from others that he liked to talk about the bloody history of the communist regime and comment on many taboo social topics before starting his classes. As a Falun Gong practitioner, I naturally wondered if he had already known about the Chinese Communist Party's persecution of my faith.

I approached him one day and gave him a DVD of how to break through internet censorship to read news about the persecution of Falun Gong and other topics. He said that he had started to read uncensored news years ago. No wonder he knew so much about the communist regime.

Quitting the CCP

But strangely enough, every time I urged him to quit the Chinese Communist Party, he always said, “No hurry.”

“What exactly is blocking him?” I pondered.

We both went on a business trip to another city one time. He asked me if I had time in the evening, as he wanted me to help him to get a very important thing done.

I went there. He asked me to wait for him to take a shower. I was puzzled.

After the shower, he put on a set of clean clothes and his tie. “Now it's time,” he said. “Can you help me quit the CCP?”

After he submitted his name to the Tuidang (Quitting the Party) website, he was relieved, “I've finally accomplished this important thing in my life.”

It dawned on me that he had been waiting for the right time to quit the CCP on his own terms.

Pay Cut More Than Offset by Booming Restaurant Business

After we returned to school, he continued his political analysis of the communist regime before classes. One day, a parent reported him to the local education bureau for talking to his students about taboo topics. This put the school leadership in a difficult situation: they didn’t want to lose an excellent teacher, but they also faced great pressure from the local education bureau.

In the end, the school administration decided to keep him in his teaching job but removed his administrative position as a mid-level supervisor, which resulted in a huge pay cut for him.

While walking on the street, he was suddenly inspired to rent the row of commercial property opposite the school that had been empty for over a year. He figured that his wife, a businesswoman, could open a restaurant there.

To his surprise, just as he became interested in the property, many others also started looking at it at the same time. Some of them outbid him. He didn't compete with them, but in the end, the owner chose him over others who had offered 10,000-20,000 yuan more.

“Only you look like a reliable person,” the owner told him.

The teacher later negotiated with the owner and brought down the rent by another 10,000 yuan.

As his wife didn't need so much space, he sublet the rest of the storefronts, and the rent was enough to pay the owner, which means he didn't have to pay rent for his wife's restaurant.

This teacher invited me to his wife's restaurant for a meal one day. He told me that the income from the restaurant each year was much higher than his pay cut at the school. He and his wife used the restaurant profit to invest in other areas and made more money off it.

Amazed by his blessings after quitting the CCP, he keeps telling people about Falun Gong wherever he goes.