(Minghui.org) Teacher opened my young granddaughter's celestial eye, and she can see things that ordinary people can't. She began listening to the Dafa lectures and sending righteous thoughts with me when she was five, but she was too young to do the exercises.

One day, we arranged to have a clothesline installed on our deck. We went out onto the deck after we made the phone call, and she played while I washed the windows. After a while, she said, “The guy is here. Go open the door, grandma.” I told her I hadn't heard anyone knocking on the door. She said that the guy was downstairs, on a red motorcycle. I told her she was talking nonsense.

She asked me to go to the restroom and look out the window. I did and saw that the man was indeed downstairs unloading items from a red motorcycle. I asked her how she knew he was there. She just smiled.

One morning, as I was cooking, she got up from the bed and saw her grandpa watching TV in the living room. She yelled at me, “Send righteous thoughts right now grandma. Grandpa is watching a skeleton head.” I said, “Why don't you do it?” She sat down in the restroom, closed her eyes, and sent righteous thoughts.

“I spent a lot of effort destroying the evil and almost failed,” she said afterwards. From then on, I began to send righteous thoughts whenever my husband watched war movies made by the Communist Party; he would soon switch to other stations. His temper gradually improved too. Later on, I put up the words for sending righteous thoughts on the front of the TV set. Now he almost never watches that type of movie.

My granddaughter stayed with us for a few weeks again this summer. One day she played with the cell phone that her mother left charging. “Grandma, I saw a fox jump out of the cell phone and run away when I opened it,” she told me. “Why didn't you send righteous thoughts to destroy it?” I asked. She said she did.

A couple of days later, she told me she saw a snake come out of her grandpa's cell phone. I told her that those things were scared of her because she was cultivating in Dafa. Also, Teacher was trying to tell her not to play with the cell phone since it has bad things in it and the technology was introduced by aliens to harm people.

I felt worried for the people of today. No one can part from his or her cell phone for a single minute. All I could do was redouble my efforts to remove the evil hidden in cell phones, televisions, and computers.

Recently, some incidents occurred around me. A fellow practitioner got up at 3 a.m. and began meditating because she did not want to disturb her young granddaughter. She said that she was clearminded but something suddenly pushed her backward. Her back hit a cabinet first, then her head, and she lost consciousness.

When she came to, she was sitting on the bed, murmuring, “Teacher, save me. Teacher, save me.” Her granddaughter was awake and scared. Her son heard her fall and rushed downstairs, only to see her sitting on the bed with her eyes closed and mumbling. “You're crazy,” he said and went back to sleep.

She sat there for two hours before she could think straight. Both her head and back felt numb. She didn't know how she got back onto the bed. She thought, “I am okay. I need to make breakfast for my child.” She struggled to stand up but gave up because her head and back still had no feeling. Her son made his own breakfast. She kept sending righteous thoughts.

I went to visit her ten days later, and she still hadn't fully recovered. She showed me videos of her granddaughter's performance on her cell phone. She was proud of her. My eyes felt uncomfortable, but I continued watching so as not to upset her.

The vision in my right eye was cloudy that night when I studied the Fa. I could not see the words, and it was itchy, as if bugs were crawling on it. I asked Teacher for help and sent righteous thoughts: “The Fa rectifies the cosmos, the Evil is completely eliminated.”

I knew I should not have watched the images on the phone. My vision cleared temporarily but became cloudy again. After I sent righteous thoughts and studied the Fa, my sight returned.

I told a fellow practitioner what had happened the next day. She said I should not have watched the video of the performance. A few days later, Teacher's lecture, “Fei Tian College Lecture on Classical Chinese Dance,” was published. I realized that a group of primary school kids in heavy make-up dancing on stage was quite inappropriate. They might have had bad things behind them.

I downloaded the lecture and shared it with the fellow practitioner, who showed it to her granddaughter. Her granddaughter cried after reading it and blamed her for taking her to the Chinese dance class. Teacher's lecture also reminded her not to play with cell phones.

Another practitioner was addicted to a Korean soap drama. She thought it was okay to watch since it was shown on NTDTV. She stayed up late watching it and ended up losing her vision in one eye. She also liked to use WeChat and didn't stop even after she was cautioned against it. She thought it was okay to watch it only when going to the restroom. She ended up losing eyesight in the other eye too.

Many practitioners are still unwilling to uninstall the WeChat app and are attached to their cell phones. I want to urge fellow practitioners to please listen to Teacher. What Teacher says is Fa. If one does not change now, it will be too late for regrets.