(Minghui.org) Since the beginning of this year, I read many articles regarding the demise of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and became attached to its elimination.

On the other hand, I also know that, as a cultivator, I should not be attached to time or changes in the world.

I noticed that I was constantly hoping that the persecution would end this year. I sent forth righteous thoughts whenever the thought surfaced, but I couldn't always eliminate it.

After the trade war began in May 2019, I read many articles that predicted the collapse of China’s economy would lead to the CCP's downfall.

With the ongoing protests in Hong Kong against the extradition bill that began on June 11, I believed they could hasten the elimination of the CCP. I became excited again and closely followed events happening in Hong Kong.

My attachment of relying on ordinary people and current political situations [to eliminate the CCP] got worse over time. I could not wait to read news reports on those topics whenever I got online, even though I would visit the Minghui website before I closed my computer.

At the same time, my internet access also got worse. I could not open the web pages most of the time. I finally began to look within: Was it because my motivation and mindset were not right?

If many fellow practitioners have the same attachment that I do, isn't it going to become a group problem? Will that give the old forces an excuse to interfere and make the situation worse and more complicated?

The Minghui website is a platform for Dafa practitioners to share their experiences and improve together. I should spent more time reading the Minghui website rather than wasting my time browsing things not related to cultivation.

When the persecution began, we counted on the prime minister of the CCP, but then he turned bad. Later, we counted on the United Nations Human Rights Organization, but then it was co-opted by the CCP. Still later we pinned our hopes on certain leaders of the Chinese regime. We’ve had so many lessons already—why can't I learn from them?

My attachment to when the Fa-rectification will end is basically my human attachments: The pursuit of leisure, a comfortable life and happiness, and not wanting to suffer. Deep down, it's my selfish heart at work.

I learned from the Fa teachings that we cultivate not for the purpose of living a good life, but to elevate to a being that is selfless and noble. We are the guardians of the sentient beings of the cosmos.

I didn't think about about how many people are still waiting for us to save them, and was just looking for the persecution to end first. Isn't that a selfish notion? Aren't we supposed to cultivate to a being that is completely selfless and only thinks of others?

I asked myself, “If the Fa-rectification continues, will I still cultivate?” My answer is definite: “Yes, assimilating to the nature of the cosmos—Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance—is the purpose of my life.”

If I rely on others and count on changes in the human world, isn’t that dangerous?

I hope that any practitioners who have similar attachments will be alert to this. Let go of your human attachments and seize the time to do the three things well. We should play the main role in the Fa-rectification period. Let us carry out our responsibilities well and not let Master down.