(Minghui.org) After all these years of cultivating, I’ve realized that it is still very important to “follow the mechanism” (Zhuan Falun). When we enlighten to a certain Fa principle, we hang onto that understanding, but we forget that Master’s Fa is immense. The things we encounter are also immense, so we must walk our path of Fa validation very carefully. This process offers us opportunities to perfect ourselves and return.

Our journeys during the process of Fa-rectification do not have a culmination. This requires us to constantly use higher standards to improve our xinxing.

These higher standards, requirements, and principles can only be made known to us through regular Fa study. To meet them, we need to bear hardships and temper ourselves. This has nothing to do with the old forces. But if we can’t do it, the old forces will use our attachments as an excuse to persecute us.

Master gives us hints. If we can’t focus and study the Fa with a calm mind, or remember what we have enlightened to, we can cause ourselves unnecessary problems.

Save People with Compassion

In the early days of the persecution, due to my shallow understandings of the Fa, I did some things out of my attachments rather than righteous thoughts. During the Fa-rectification, the performance of all beings in the universe will be reflected in the human world. It's not something that the human mind can grasp. As Dafa disciples, we save people with compassion and upright thoughts, walk well the cultivation path Master has arranged for us, and do what we should do. This is cultivating righteously.

As cultivators, our human thinking will manifest. As we cultivate, we must eliminate it, validate the Fa, and save people. Even a small attachment may invite destruction from the old forces. We should be careful, pay attention to human thinking, and eliminate it.

Become Increasingly Diligent

We must have a correct understanding of time. Things can manifest differently in different times and spaces. The overall process of Fa-rectification is taking place within a huge time-frame. How it manifests here in the human world is in line with the world's principles. It cannot exceed people's understandings; otherwise, it would tear down the veil between the Divine and humans. Everything has been arranged in a way that people can understand. The concept of “final” is not as simple as people think. So we should have a correct understanding of time.

Gods have meticulously arranged everything. Everything in this human world is controlled by higher beings but people never realize this. Dafa disciples are not an exception. If we are not following the Fa, then we'll fall into the old forces' arrangements. We must not use human concepts to speculate on things concerning the Fa-rectification.

Don’t Simply Conclude That We Believe in the Fa 

Master’s teachings are immense and profound so it's difficult for us to fully understand them. If we can’t understand the high-level principles of the Fa, here in the human world it equates to not believing. However, due to the fact that we have understood and believed so many Fa principles, we are reluctant to admit any disbelief in the Fa.

If we fully believe, there will be no problem. Since we are cultivators with human attachments, we may have this or that disbelief. We must remove our attachments, and this is improving our cultivation levels. The old forces also attempt to interfere with this.

In fact, if we think about it, is it really difficult to completely believe the things that Master said? This requires us to work hard to elevate in cultivation so that we can believe, and that means we have really improved our understanding of the Fa.

View Everything with Righteous Thoughts

It's very important to think about things with righteous thoughts. Don’t be disturbed by other people or other practitioners. Set aside your previous understandings and other people’s understandings and use high standards to guide your thoughts and behavior. Gradually, you will be able to measure other people’s understandings clearly from the Fa’s perspective. Truly improving in cultivation means to constantly comply with the higher standards of the Fa. This is also very challenging.

Keep in Mind That We Don’t Know Much

In fact, we know very little of the Fa. We should let go of our stubborn human thinking and maintain a humble heart when we study the Fa. We should maintain a humble attitude when exchanging cultivation experiences with fellow practitioners. That will enable us to make progress in cultivation, and the great power of the Fa will manifest as we cooperate with one another.

Truly Regard Oneself As a Practitioner

It is not easy to do this. It really is a matter of one's cultivation level whether one is truly able to cultivate oneself and identify one's attachments. If one is truly cultivating, he will immediately see where he needs to improve, to see those areas that are far from the Fa’s requirements.

In the human world there are too many temptations and interference from negative factors. Achieving “...The Heart is Clear Like Pure Jade.” (The Great Way of Spiritual Perfection) is a temporary state, because our well-cultivated parts are immediately separated. As soon as one lets up, one will find oneself falling in cultivation levels. Cultivation is very difficult, we can’t slack off a bit.

I feel that we don’t have to have major tests or tribulations to raise our levels. Cultivating our main consciousness, something which was never part of previous cultivation ways, is difficult enough.

Another thing is that our cultivation environment today is very hard. If we can remain diligent in such a complicated environment, no matter what kind of situation the future universe encounters, the Fa will remain.