(Minghui.org) I practice Falun Dafa. This year I am 38. I have encountered many tests in my cultivation. I would like to share how Master Li Hongzhi helped my husband quit video games and began to practice Falun Dafa. 

I started to practice Dafa eight years ago. Soon after, my husband saw I had something to do and wanted something for himself, so began to play video games. I was busy with my Dafa practice, and since he did not interfere with me, I did not say anything.

I soon noticed that his playing was out of control. He played day and night, ignoring his work and our child. He often lost his temper, turned pale, slept little, and began to lose his hair.

It is truly as Master said:

“Video games are really harmful to people, and not just Dafa disciples’ kids. They really draw people in, and have had a negative effect on everyday people as well. They make you do poorly in your work, sleep poorly, rest poorly, and make you devoid of human affection or warmth of feeling, make you neglect your family, make students neglect their studies, and entice you and draw you in. They are contributing to humankind’s destruction. In order to promote video games, those business people constantly come up with new kinds and hype them up on a large scale. What are people to do after they’ve created such an enormous amount of karma? They are corrupting humankind.” (“Fa Teaching Given at the 2014 San Francisco Fa Conference”) 

One time when he was not playing, he said, “I want to give up video games but I just can’t stop!” I tried to help him, but nothing worked.

At the point where I was exhausted, I remembered Master's Fa regarding looking within. When he first started playing, I didn't stop him because I didn't want him to bother me. Then I wanted to stop him because he was ignoring his work and our family. Those were both selfish thoughts. Those were the principles of the old universe. Master asked us to cultivate based on Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance and not be selfish.

My husband supported me and knew Dafa was great. He helped me with Dafa projects. He was a good person. It is a special, predestined relationship to be the spouse of a Falun Dafa practitioner. I had to save him. Master teaches us how to use compassion to save others.

I calmly explained to him that aliens created video games in order to destroy humankind. I read the teachings to him and held group study at our home. When we read, he listened, and it helped his understanding of Dafa.

He gradually lost interest in playing video games and asked me to teach him the exercises. He was visibly moved when he listened to Master's voice. My husband has changed. Now he sleeps better, his rhinitis is gone, and he stopped losing his hair.

I dreamt Master sat next to my husband's bed and smiled at him. I still feel Master's compassion even now.

My husband told me in the spring of 2015 that he would not play video games anymore and would continue to practice Dafa. He sold all his games and used the money to buy a laptop for me to use for Dafa projects.

He said sincerely, “Thank you, Master, for saving me, for giving me this precious chance for a new life.”

He also asked me, “When I am not clear about this, please remind me and awaken me!”

Now, my family of three all cultivate Dafa. We study the Fa every night. My husband also listens to one chapter in the morning. He says he benefits from hearing Master's voice. He likes to hear me recite Dafa in the morning.

My husband got a chance to renew his life. I also took this opportunity to improve and eliminated the attachments of aggression, complaining, and selfishness.