(Minghui.org) Sichuan Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Leng Tao was arrested on January 13, 2001, for his faith and sentenced to ten years in prison. He almost died from inhuman torture that he was subjected to in detention centers and Deyang Prison. 

Mr. Leng recounts below his ordeals, as well as the suspicious deaths he witnessed in the police hospital that could be linked to forced organ harvesting. 

Arrested for Putting Up Falun Gong Banners

My name is Leng Tao. I was chief of the Aba Prefecture Tourism Bureau in Sichuan Province. I started to practice Falun Gong, also known as Falun Dafa, in 1995. 

On December 21, 2000, five other practitioners and I put up hundreds of Falun Gong flyers on electricity poles and hung banners on fences along a major highway that led to a tourist site. Many people praised practitioners for persevering in their faith. 

Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Zhou Yongkang considered this the most serious Falun Gong case in Sichuan Province and a major incident nationwide. The Sichuan public security systems dispatched a lot of manpower to investigate, search for, and arrest the practitioners involved.

Tortured in Three Detention Centers

I was detained and tortured in three different detention centers for a total of 23 months following my arrest in 2001. I was beaten, forced to squat, stand motionless against a wall facing a light bulb, and shocked with electricity. 

On one occasion, the guard instigated several inmates to push me into a pile of burning paper, as if I was set on fire, just like the CCP’s staged Tiananmen Square self-immolation hoax. As a result, my hair and eyebrows were burned and my skin blistered.

After I managed to escape on April 4, the entire county was put under martial law. They posted arrest orders countywide and dispatched thousands of police officers to hunt me down.

On April 12, I was recaptured and taken back to Wenchuan Detention Center. The deputy chief of Mao County Police Department confined me in a metal cage and shocked me with electricity for a long time. I passed out several times and almost died.

They put over-40-pound shackles on me. Those shackles were only used on convicted murderers. 

I was also force-fed with unknown drugs. Consequently, my legs went completely numb and I could only walk with crutches.

Inhuman Torture in Deyang Prison

I was later sentenced to ten years and sent to Deyang Prison on November 6, 2001. 

Deyang Prison guards employed all kinds of cruel and despicable methods to torture Falun Gong practitioners. They said things like: “Beating you to death counts as suicide,” “Breaking your arms and legs counts as self-harm,” and “I can do anything as long as it can ‘transform’ Falun Gong practitioners.”

Torture in Ward No. 2

I was transferred to Ward No. 2 of Deyang Prison on November 6, 2001. New prisoners were usually assigned to this ward first. 

My legs had become paralyzed from being tortured in the detention center. The paralysis was more serious after the hospital inside the prison injected me with unknown drugs. The hospital said that I had myasthenia gravis and would only live for six more months. 

For this reason, the hospital sent me to the “health center,” where I saw dozens of ordinary inmates get acupuncture treatments and die. Several practitioners also reportedly died in the health center and hospital.

I was also given the barbarous acupuncture treatments for more than a month. They injected me with unknown drugs, and I fainted after each painful shot. With firm belief in Dafa, I survived. 

Suspicious Happenings in Sichuan Police General Hospital

In June 2005, I was taken to the Sichuan Provincial Police General Hospital in Chengdu City. The fourth floor was designated for prisoners, so there were bars on the windows on this floor.

I was given a complete physical three days after I arrived at this hospital. They also tested my bone marrow. They ordered me to sign a statement, saying that I would take all responsibility for any accident that might occur during an operation.

I was dubious about the purpose of the exam and asked that they secure my relatives’ agreement and signatures for any operation. My request was turned down, so I continued to refuse to sign and they did not dare to operate. At that time, the outside world was unaware of the CCP's crime of live organ harvesting.

I was in the general hospital for more than a month. The following incidents I personally witnessed are evidence that the CCP used this hospital to harvest organs in Sichuan or used it as a transfer station.

One morning, my hospital roommate Qing Liecheng, former general manager of Shenfang Tobacco Company, was operated on to remove his cancer. He was still unconscious when they brought him back to the room. I noticed a hole in his lower abdomen. He woke up for a few minutes the next day, but he didn't recognize me. He said a few things to the nurse that I couldn't understand before he lost consciousness again. Three days later, he died in the middle of the night. The doctor came, took a brief look at his pupils, and left.

Two employees from a funeral home came to pick up Qing's body the next day. I asked them about two female Falun Gong practitioners from Sichuan Women's Prison who were on a hunger strike. They said that both of them were dead. 

Then a police officer came in and threatened me. He said, “You must not tell anyone what you saw and heard in this hospital. If you do, your jail term will be extended and you will be further sentenced for the crime of ‘leaking state intelligence.’”

One evening, a young man in his 20s started yelling horribly soon after he arrived on my floor. Three nurses held him down while a doctor gave him a shot. He immediately stopped yelling. They said he’d died and his body was quickly taken away. 

When I learned about the forced organ harvesting after I was released, I wondered whether this young man was one of its victims.

In 2006, face masks were put on 26 young healthy Falun Gong practitioners who were then taken away from the prison in six police cars. One of them died soon after he was sent home due to illness. The remaining 25 have never been heard of since.

Torture in Wards No. 1 and 5

I was sent to the No.1 ward after coming back from the general hospital. The guards in this ward always instigated inmates to attack practitioners who refused to “transform.” They hit our face with shoes, burned our faces with hot soup, hit our heads against a wall, made us stand, made us lick cigarette butts, and verbally abused us.

One day, I was caught passing Falun Gong lectures. They searched everything I had and put my head under the faucet and doused me with cold water. 

In November 2007, I was taken to Ward No. 5 and forced to work overtime. Like other practitioners, inmates hit and kicked my naked buttocks with their shoes. The wounds were so serious that I could not sit down for a month.

On one occasion, I was tied up with plastic tape and left alone in the room. I could not move or relieve myself. It was so painful that I almost lost my will to live.

I was finally released in July 2009. While most of my personal belongings were confiscated when the police ransacked my home, I surprisingly found a copy of Zhuan Falun, the main book of Falun Gong, among the remnants. 

After resuming doing the Falun Gong exercises, I was able to walk again a week later.