(Minghui.org) When Falun Dafa was banned in China in 1999, I went to the county government to talk to the people there about Dafa. I was arrested and taken to the town government.

After being released I carried on clarifying the truth about Dafa in various ways. I distributed informational materials, wrote slogans, talked to people face-to-face wherever I went, and after the publication of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party in 2004, I distributed the Nine Commentaries booklets door to door.

I bought an electric tricycle in 2005, so that I could reach more people. One day a woman left her bag on my tricycle. In it were two mobile phones, bank cards, cash, and various identification documents.

Shortly after I found the bag, the phone in the bag rang—it was the woman. I told her not to worry, and asked for her location. I believe that Master had arranged for me to talk to her about Dafa.

I sent righteous thoughts on my way to meet her. When I arrived, I found out that she owned a store, and was waiting for me by the entrance. She welcomed me, saying, “I really appreciate this. I am lucky to meet you today. There are not many people like you nowadays.”

I happily told her that I was a Falun Dafa practitioner, and that our Master taught us to be kind to others. I then went on to talk about what Falun Dafa is, and explained how the Tiananmen Square self-immolation was a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to frame the practice.

She told me that she had already quit the CCP, and gave me permission to talk to her staff about Falun Dafa and quitting the CCP. With her help, her two employees quit the Party.

Another time, I went to the public bathhouse to take a shower. A mother and daughter were there. I told them about Dafa, and they agreed to quit the CCP. The girl asked if I could quit for her father, but I told her that he first needed to agree to quit.

Master Purifies My Body

I started to practice Falun Dafa in the winter of 1998. When I read Zhuan Falun for the first time, Master started to purify my body. My nose and throat were bleeding while I was reading. I felt dizzy, but was not afraid. I believed that Master was eliminating karma for me. As a result, my health improved day by day.

I was constantly taking medicine before then, as I had severe rhinitis, an intractable headache, and an insufficient blood supply to my heart and brain. I also had long-term insomnia, stomach problems, and was always constipated. Less than one month after beginning the practice, I had recovered from all these ailments.

Family Tribulation and Karma Elimination

My sister had a stroke in 2009, and was taken to the hospital. The doctor told us that it could be genetic, and told us to watch out for the symptoms. She came to live with me after she was discharged. Her husband had passed away, and her son was still in school. My mother was old, so the burden of taking care of my sister naturally fell on me.

I became extremely busy, with four generations living with me. I needed to do the exercises and study the Fa every day, go out to distribute fliers, and clarify the truth. I also needed to look after my family, and my bedridden sister. Although I was very busy, I felt energetic since Master had cleansed my body.

However, I had problems walking in November 2013. Although I was in my 50s, I walked like I was much older. I had difficulty lifting my legs, my sight was blurry, and my head felt as if it was swollen. I sometimes had a headache and vomited. My family wanted to take me to the hospital, but with Master’s strengthening I didn't go.

Every time I returned home from clarifying the truth and distributing fliers I felt very uncomfortable. At times I experienced illness symptoms. A thought told me that I had the same illness as my sister.

I immediately sent righteous thoughts, and denied what the evil put into my mind. I continued to distribute informational materials about Dafa, sent forth righteous thoughts, and took care of my family. This illness state lasted for about six months, and then disappeared.

Looking Inward

I have been constantly looking inward, and denying all arrangements by the old forces. I found the sentimental attachment to my sister, and the pursuit of comfort, vanity, worrying, and resentment.

I told the old forces, “No matter what attachments I have, I will correct them in the process of cultivation. No one is allowed to interfere with me.”

At the same time, I strengthened my righteous thoughts, studied the Fa, read practitioners experience-sharing articles on the Minghui website, and firmly believed in Master and the Fa.

I experienced karma elimination for the entire month of April 2014. I have since no longer felt any bodily discomfort.

Master said:

“Dafa disciples are the hope of humankind—the one and only hope. It is our mission to save lives, and a tremendous responsibility. Only by cultivating yourselves well can you do well what Dafa disciples must do.” (“A Congratulatory Letter to the European Fa Conference in Paris”)

Going forward, I will keep Master's Fa in my mind and cultivate diligently and steadfastly.